No Longer For Sale on Steam

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Not much to say besides I saw a posting that the game was no longer available for sale digitally so checked on Steam (link) and found that it appeared to be true. I'm unsure of other platforms such as Xbox Live or PSN but will assume that its same for both and likely due to the licensing of either the Playboy magazine or music running out.

That is all but is it worth tracking down a copy as I never did play the game?

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It's aged somewhat poorly, but I enjoyed it at the time. You can't do much in the open world, but I personally mostly saw it as a cool backdrop for the missions anyways.

Weird that it's not on sale. What is that about?

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I still have it through Steam since I bought it a while ago. You can probably get it through GoG or maybe Amazon.

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As pointed out on reddit, this happens with every major 2K game (including bioshock 2, Mafia 1), exactly 5 years after release date. Most likely a licensing issue with music.