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So I can't not see this, I've tried but all I see when I see clay is a beefed up Russel Wilson haha.

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I can see it a little, but it's a bit of a stretch. Grab some recovery water and put on those Bose headphones and I'm sure you'll get the full Russel experience.

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If Wilson looked like him he would have been the #1 pick.

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I had the same thought.

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+1! The entire time I was watching the livestream, I couldn't stop noticing it.

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Exactly what I thought, maybe with a little mix of Blake Griffin. It doesn't help the guy has a physique of a football player already.

But yeah, totally had a Russell Wilson vibe.

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Oh son of a bitch. Cannot unsee. Thanks guys, you ruined it. /s

In all seriousness it's pretty close. It actually had me thinking of who the guy in Watch_Dogs 2 resembles, then the rabbit hole got deeper as to "who could play this videogame character" opened up. But a John Cena Wolfenstein would be alright...

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