Is it worth my time to play mafia 3?

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Posted by ValJean9430 (189 posts) 10 months, 17 days ago

Poll: Is it worth my time to play mafia 3? (158 votes)

Yes 47%
No 20%
I'm anti-establishment and prefer to change the system from within 31%

Mafia 3 is a PS Plus game of the month. I have the time. I have the money to get other games. If you've played this game, do you think is it worth my time to play it?

About me: I like playing games in this genre.

I tried searching for a similar poll but couldn't find one. Please forgive me and remove this if it is a duplicate.

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I played it all, taking turns with my friend. Honestly, no matter how good the beginning is that game made me want to actively stop playing. We got it free through PS Plus and honestly playing through still wasn't worth it.

The game has good shotguns though.

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I thought there was a thread like this not too long ago, but I can't find it. Anyways, I actually ended up replaying the game last year, and had a great time with it, again. While it absolutely doesn't do anything new, original or great with the gameplay it's still one of the few videogame stories that has stuck with me. The presentation in the game is just amazing and the story itself just straddles that line of being good, fun and entertaining really well.

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It certainly isn't anything special but I got it on sale awhile back on PC and enjoyed playing through. Fun open world action game with better stealth than I expected. I'm not someone who finishes every game I start but I did finish Mafia 3 so take that for what it's worth.

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I liked it a lot - it had great moments - but the repetitiveness of the mission structure at a point was a little too much.

I like the genre, though, so the pros outweighed the cons.

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The game is broken on the PS4. NO

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One of the better open world crime games out there. Definitely worth your time. Writing and characters that are far better than GTA, and shooting that feels amazing.

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It had more flaws than I could be bothered to count, and the main character -- the writing overall, actually -- ended up really grating on me in terms of how ridiculous and Scorcese-esque it tries to be, like it's telling some incredible tale you'd never believe could be true, when it's some generic revenge story that ends up making Lincoln Clay look like a total scumbag (even when you pick the better options).

BUT. My goodness, does that game nail the setting. My goody, sweet goodness. Driving around, soaking in the world, listening to the amazing soundtrack, and just the essence of being a badass black dude in a racially tense city at a racially tense time and kicking up a storm, despite its ultimate narrative failures, is pretty damn great. So I'm conflicted as you see, but I still 100-percented it, and that says something. It's a deeply flawed, buggy, but loveable mess. Play it!

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I enjoyed it. And once you get into the repetitive mission structure, it became a podcast game. The story is pretty good and the side kick character should have won character of the year!

Just fuck around and use the systems they give you.

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It has an amazing opening few hours but the quality very quickly drops off. The open world is even more pointless than that of Mafia 2, the stealth and gunplay mechanics are both unsatisfying, and the PS4 version is quite buggy (I've had it crash on me several times, along with audio and visual problems). If you have a decent internet connection (because the game is 50GB) it might be worth downloading for the first few hours, but beyond that I'd say not worth your time.

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I really hated how repetitive the "taking over" missions got and how you eventually just had to do them, if you wanted to progress in the story. I still pushed through, because the shooting had a fun, savage feel to it (topped with those crazy old western deaths), but it definitely began to knacker my enjoyment of the game. I still thought the story stayed interesting just about through the whole game and was the only other thing besides shooting that made me want to power that game through.

That said, if you got it with PS+, then it doesn't hurt to at least just try it. The beginning is great.

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Yes! I loved it! While the activities are a bit repetitive, the rest of the game is brilliant. Great characters, models and animation + cutscene direction, interesting story, good music selection, shooting felt nice and driving was fun too and one of the few games that managed to talk about racism in America in a good and respectful manner. DLCs are pretty good too.

This article from Waypoint (former GB member, Austin Walker is one of the founders) covers most of my feelings on it:

@marcsman Broken? When did you play it? I played it last year after all patches and didn't experience any glitches or anything I'd consider broken. There are framedrops here and there but performance (especially on the outskirts) was the only problem I can think of. It is far from broken these days.

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I never finished it, but I never really gave it a fair shot. When I had to go back to the same location to do basically the same thing, I stopped playing. I really do think the majority of the time spent on this game were its themes, which to its credit are probably well done. I'd say go for it and see what you think.

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No. I mean, maybe. I don't know. I don't think anyone really does aside from you, so yes try it out, but it's a no for me as the game was way too repetitive, had a couple of side missions broken and the story just didn't go anywhere interesting enough to me. I couldn't finish it, and I really wanted to. The gunplay is fine, voice work is fine, and the visuals are fine. It's just too repetitive and not enough interesting parts to make up for it. The games first several hours is good and then delves into the repetition. There are some good dialogue moments with NPC's talking about Star Trek and things like that which was fun. The radio music has some good choices, but it soon becomes clear that there should have been way more tracks. Lastly, I wasn't that big a fan of the writing, to be honest. It wasn't bad, but the style wasn't for me, and the Irish dude (Thomas Burke as I look it up) swears a lot unnecessarily. I don't mind swearing, but when I feel like I have to turn the volume down so I don't have to hear it or others in the house don't have to, that isn't a good thing to me. It's really unfortunate because I really wanted to like all the Mafia games, but they all fall short at some point and I could never finish them.

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I played it on PS4 when it came out and had no issues with it.

Definitely worth a play. The opening couple of hours are absolutely brilliant. I think the gameplay is pretty solid throughout though yes, it is repetitive. The story ending is really good too.

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#15 Posted by bassguy (334 posts) -

One of my favorite open world games of all time.

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For a sale/discount. Definitely!!!!

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its really bad. they built a pretty barren world with mediocre combat and clunky driving. spend time with another game or go read a book.

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As a fan of Mafia and defender of Mafia 2 up to a certain degree.. I’d have to say no, Mafia 3 is not worth your time.

On consoles it runs like a dog and is extremely repetitive with a cast of largely unlikable characters. If the story was good or went somewhere that might be a light in that monotonous tunnel but it isn’t and it doesn’t. I begrudgingly finished it because I actually paid for the thing, full price at that, but I'd probably would have been better off using my time in a more productive way.

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#20 Posted by TheKramer89 (553 posts) -

I couldn't even make it to the actual gameplay loop before I put it down. Glad I didn't technically pay for it...

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Game looks like fun. With it being free on PS+ you might as well try it.

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It's not a super deep world, but it can be really fun. The flashback/documentary style presentation is one of the best I can remember. I played a decent amount when I bought the gold/definitive/platinum/deluxe bundle during last Thanksgiving's PSN sale, picked it back up recently and I'm now 1-2 missions from the end cleaning up the DLC and doing some other fun things. I would recommend if you can manage to switch for a few days to another game that you enjoy it helps this game not feel, as Alex would probably say, like a slog.

The three DLC packs include the same style, which expands the mechanics a bit and if you play with those during your regular campaign can break the repetitiveness of the main story as one adds Sinclair Parish, the other adds an island you travel to (it's a linear mission) and the third DLC adds a rather crappy investigation, though the story in each DLC is pretty good and involves characters from the main story as well as new characters and new weapons/support.

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Yeah, I'm constantly asking myself the same question when looking at the game. Especially since it was free on PS+. I like everything about the game (music, era, mood, gameplay etc.) except the supposedly extremely repetitive mission structure. At his point in my life, I just have no patience for this shit anymore.

Thanks for confirming guys and saving me some valuable time.

And oh well, sounds like I played the best part of the game in the demo already.

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I liked it enough to playthrough 3 and a half times to get the Platinum on PS4 and i have it on Xbox One also.

I really liked the atmosphere; the 70s theme and music really drew me in. I found the open world to be fine, I also really like Sleeping Dogs and it feels like these two are distant cousins; for the feel and open world.

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The opening sequence is worth a play through, but once it goes to open world it gets tedious. I put in probably 15ish hours and enjoyed about 13ish of those and then gave up. There are some great set piece missions but the rest is too repetitive.