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Poll: Which full fledged Mario sports game would you want to see most? (132 votes)

American Football 6%
Basketball 8%
Cricket 3%
Dodgeball 8%
Ice Hockey 24%
Pro Wrestling 25%
Rugby 3%
Volleyball 7%
Other 17%

I have really fond memories of playing the Kunio (River City Ranson) hockey game Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey-bu: Subete Koronde Dairantou along with Nintendo World Cup so I'd love to see a Mario Hockey game. Even though ice hockey isn't the most popular sports globally, I feel like it'd have mass appeal 'cause it looks like soccer on ice and easy to understand for the most part.

P.S.: I don't know anything about cricket but apparently it's the #2 or 3 most popular sports in the world so I felt like I needed to include it. I also don't know jack shit about Rugby but I'm assuming it's at least as big as American Football overall, probably way more.

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There was definitely a basketball game already

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Ooooh, dodgeball could be fun. Didn't know that's considered a proper sport, but whatever, dodgeball's great.

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I’ve always thought Mario wrestling would be a good use of those characters. Something straightforward like the old AKI games...Throw in some big dumb super moves, Nintendo universe factions, and just keep it about the gameplay.

Plus, your bad guys would probably have super fun dirty moves, taunts, and mannerisms.

Mario Dodgeball would be my second pick, followed by Mario Basketball (that 360 NBA Jam game is playable on Xbox One and rock solid).

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@ajamafalous: I guess it was a DS game. I had no idea. I don’t really like playing games on phones or portable systems.

Tetris on Gameboy and Device 6 on iPhone are the only real exceptions to this generalization.

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I should’ve included lacrosse.

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Super Mario Underground! (or SMUG)

But yeah, Wrestling could be good.

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Soccer (football) would love a sequel to Mario super strikers

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Volleyball I think would be the best fit.

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Mario Football (Soccer) simply because I'm a fan of the sport and while FIFA is fun every year, something more arcadey like a Mario game would be fun too! I know Mario Strikers exists, but still. Pro wrestling sounds kinda hilarious and awesome, so I'd take that also.

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I'd be into another Mario Baseball game. I played a ton of the Gamecube one.

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@boozak: Mario is a pretty smug dude...

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I'd like to see what they could do with a wrestling game. The extended Mario universe is dumb, wrestling is dumb, it's a great fit.

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@boozak: I can see the cast of Mushroom Kingdom more on roller blades or roller skates. Mario X Jet Set.

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A disc-based tennis-esque game to jam to in the wind.

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Volleyball will be so exciting and thrilling

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I would play the hell out of a Mario hockey game.

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Only problem with a Mario wrestling game is what it might do to Dan's psyche.

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As much as I'd like to see a Mario wrestling game including a luchadore Toad (the Toad), I think Animal Crossing has more potential.

Same goes for basketball and hockey.

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Mario DOTA2

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I wish they would brought back football (soccer)

Hockey might be a good shout as well

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Give me a successor to Mario Strikers!

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Waluigi would be a monster spin bowler. Left-arm, naturally.

But also, I'd really like to see a Nintendo/Mario baseball game that wasn't farmed out to an inferior developer. It kinda seemed like Rusty's Baseball on the 3DS was designed to prime people for a more focused, competitive baseball game, but nothing ever came of it.

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