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So, I had never played this before. But when I saw the sale (midweek madness, so still up), and the fact that all my friends say it's awesome and why-the-fuck-haven't-you-played-it, I thought why not. And now I just finished it. 12 hours down, NG+ started, and all objectives completed in normal playthrough. I love stealth games, and this had me seriously hooked. I think I played for five hours straight first sitting.

So, any other newcomers to Mark of the Ninja? The game is gorgeous on PC. Especially during the old castle part in the lightning storm (location spoiler).

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Cool. Yeah, I too just played through this for the first time not too long ago. Great game, and I don't necessarily love stealth stuff. Seems like it can really appeal to pretty much anyone.

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I played this game 3 times over on the Xbox. All the achievements are mine. Amazing game.

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Yep, Mark of the Ninja is super fantastic. On NG+, I used nothing but the stealth suit as an added challenge. Going through the whole game without being able to take out guards or dogs puts the game in a different light. You really appreciate stuff like the smoke bomb. Also it helps that you can just run constantly, and there are a lot of sections you have to just take a running jump off a rooftop and then glide over as many of the guards as you can, and that is the most ninja shit imaginable.

That game is so effing good.

Not that I want developers to rip off Klei Entertainment and Nels Anderson, but this is more or less how any 2D Batman game should play.

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Just played a bit of it, and didn't have a lot of fun, maybe it's because I played with a keyboard and mouse..

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On an unrelated note, I got Magicka during the deal. I'm off to do crazy combo magic shit.

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I purchased it during the sale as well, though I can't say I've been enjoying it as much as you seem to have. While it's a perfectly fine game, it feels more puzzley than stealth-actiony, and I found the controls to be sort of frustrating with certain things such as which direction to press + A to hop onto the side of a platform (down in most cases) or pressing B to try and pick up a body just to dive into cover or activate a switch because they were nearby. There were also numerous occasions in which I wasn't quite close enough to someone to stealth kill them, so I ended up using the melee attack move instead, alerting them and everyone nearby.

Small, nitpicky things, mind you. I'm not saying it's a bad game. I'm just saying as far as stealth action games go, it isn't one of my preferred.

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@jacdg said:

Just played a bit of it, and didn't have a lot of fun, maybe it's because I played with a keyboard and mouse..

Yeah I can't imagine playing this without a controller.

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It's a great game I just wished the levels were broken up a little and weren't so dang long.

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I finished this game last week and I liked the gameplay a lot.....it's just sometimes the checkpoints frustrated me and the story wasn't interesting at all so I skipped everything, which made the ending choice make no sense but that's on me.

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One of my top 5 games of last year and one of my favorite stealth and XBLA games by far. Glad more people are getting to enjoy it.

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@colourful_hippie said:

@jacdg said:

Just played a bit of it, and didn't have a lot of fun, maybe it's because I played with a keyboard and mouse..

Yeah I can't imagine playing this without a controller.

My friend played Mark of the Ninja with mouse and keyboard and said it was fine and he enjoyed it, but he also played Bastion and Batman: Arkham Asylum with mouse and keyboard and said they were fine, so fuck that guy.

It's not 1991 anymore. Good gamepads exist for PC, and the control schemes of some games are just way more coherent on a gamepad.

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Currently on my NG+ playthrough and stealthing the fuck out of everything. Not carefully murdering everyone makes it a completely different experience! Well worth 75% off.

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I got to the second level and stopped playing, I really need to pick it back up maybe next weekend i'll finally start playing again.

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This was on my top ten of last year. I really dug it's stealth mechanics.