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Hey guys! We're currently working on MASSIVE CHALICE here at Double Fine. It's a video game about legacy and mortality.

I want to include a special tribute to Ryan Davis in the game in the form of one of our Bloodlines in the game. Here's what I have so far:

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If you guys have any suggestions for what the names, motto, or battle cry should be please let me know and I'll modify it! :D! You can use our Bloodline editor tool to see what it might end up looking like:


Thanks for the help you guys! I hope this ends up being a really cool and special tribute to Ryan. :D!


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Thanks for this Brad.

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awesome! i think an also fitting battlecry would be "Ballertime"

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I have nothing to offer other than a hearty this is awesome. KUTGW smiley Brad!

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I'll mess around with the editor, see what I can achieve.

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I'd like to see "Baller Time" in there somewhere.

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Battle cry: "China Don't Care"

Motto: "Have a little pre-toilet pie!"

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Think its all great except that battlecry, maybe "Never" but that reference could be a bit of a reach or maybe something like " I'm taking this hot garbage out"

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You should put The Scholars of Summerjams in there somewhere.

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If possible, this bloodline should have access to abilities relating to Summer Jams and New Balance.

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I would throw out "UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!" as the battle cry.

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I'm so going to cry if it comes up in game for me.

Agree w/ "China Don't Care". toilet pie?

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I vote for Ballertime being the motto and I think China Don't Care would be a pretty solid motto. Also Cocaine Mountain could be an alternative Keep Name.

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#18 Posted by DevourerOfTime (707 posts) -

@toug said:

I would throw out "UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!" as the battle cry.

Yeah, this is way better battle cry.

Absolutely love the motto though.

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Thank you for this post!! It made my day. @mrmooear

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This is great, Brad!

I also like the idea of having "Baller Time" for the battle cry.

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This is great. China don't care.

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@toug said:

I would throw out "UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!" as the battle cry.

Yeah, this is way better battle cry.

Absolutely love the motto though.

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This is an amazing idea. Thanks Brad!

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I feel like there could be a better keep name but I haven't come up with one thinking about it...

@toug said:

I would throw out "UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!" as the battle cry.

Great call.

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#25 Posted by ShaggE (9269 posts) -

That's not just a fine idea...that's a... DOUBLE fine idea? Eh? I'm sure that joke has never been made!

F'real, though, I love it.

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+1 for 'Uh! uh! Uh! uh! Uh!' Battlecry and I like 'The Bomb Shelter' as a keep name! Thanks for this Brad! :D Miss ya Ryan!

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This is awesome! You're awesome! Video games are awesome!

@toug said:

I would throw out "UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!" as the battle cry.

@mrmooear This is the one. It has to be.

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This makes me happy. :-)

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I agree that Baller Time should be in there somewhere. Toss the narc thing, maybe.

This is fantastic, Brad. Good luck to you and Potato Day in the Rektreational!

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Just in case people don't get the reference:

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#32 Posted by Lukeweizer (3303 posts) -

It's all great! Good on ya, Brad! :D!

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I'd try to go more subtle so that it doesn't look too out of context within the game to those who may not know Ryan. I like the 'uh uh uh uh uh'

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#34 Posted by Veektarius (6410 posts) -

"Don't start the show with a show-stopper"

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#35 Posted by LaserJesus (136 posts) -

I feel like "Hey everyone it's Tuesday!" should be the battle cry, personally. I love the idea of Ryan yelling that as he charges into a fight.

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The uh uh uh uh reference also quoted in The New Yorker

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@toug said:

I would throw out "UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!" as the battle cry.


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:D Can't wait for the game! As someone who loves games like Crusader Kings/Rogue Legacy/Xcom this is like a dream game and from one of my favorite studios.

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Keep name should be The Giant Bomb Castle. Nudge nudge.

Brad Muir you are the best, you should join them for UPF sometimes.

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battle cry should just be a link to this video

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Okay, a link probably wont work. I really just wanted an excuse to post this video/rewatch it.

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House Davis

Motto: Summer Jams Forever


Keep: The Driveway

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This is heartwarming and amazing, I can't wait for this game. Great job Brad :D

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Now that is awesome!

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So awesome! Thanks Brad this is really thoughtful and cool of you guys.

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#45 Posted by pika_pika (74 posts) -

I'm just going to throw "Fort SummerJams" out there for the keep!

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Motto: What. The Fuck. Are. You. SAYING!!

Battle Cry: China Don't Care

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Here's my take at a banner:

EDIT: Went ahead and did my own motto/battle cry

No Caption Provided

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This is great, really brought a smile to my face. Thanks Brad.

Hopefully you'll be a Bombcast guest again soon, once Massive Chalice has been released unto the world.

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This is awesome dude! Here's my stab at it:

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