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I have interesting fond memories of MediEvil. I remember getting a Playstation for Christmas, and going through the games on the demo disc over and over. Some demos, like Spyro, and Metal Gear Solid, I played more than I can count. The only demo I didn't finish was Medievil. It creeped me out...I was young!

Anyway, after enjoying The Crash remasters, and looking forward to the Spyro Remasters, the idea of returning to give MedEvil another try on my PS4 is exciting! it just kind of worries me that we haven't heard anything else about it since the announcement. I was thinking an October release was obvious, but now we're so close to that, and have heard nothing. What are your thoughts?

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Can't wait the remaster/remake too! Yeah kinda sucks we haven't heard anything which makes me think that maybe they are going to do a "shadow drop" and just announce that "it's out today" at like PSX or some other event. It might also release in mid-late 2019 because not only was the announcement teaser super short and showed nothing but they also used some fan-made graphics (the big sir Daniel skull under "coming to PS4 etc." was later discovered to be fan made and possibly used without the knowledge of the user, but then again sony owns the IP so not sure how that works)

Anyway, I wanna be optimistic and say that we're hopefully gonna get some info soon or no info and the shadow drop happens instead! Honestly I'm just happy so many classics are gettings the remake/remaster treatment, Crash, Spyro, Medievil, Shadow of the Colossus among others.

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It would be awesome if they just announced it was out.

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I was excited when the announcement happened, but like you said, it basically vanished after that. Maybe we'll see something at PSX, assuming that even happens this year.

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Totally forgot about this remake.

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As much as I want this (loved both Medievils growing up) I think this is one of those remasters that is going to stay in limbo for a while.

Crash, Spyro, Shadow of the Colosus, and so forth all had pretty good control schemes. Even Shenmue had an "okay" scheme. Medieval was kind of crap even at the time, and the camera made the platforming even harder. So rather than "just" redoing the graphics and engine, the Medievil remaster will need actual thought to gameplay/input and how to capture the feel/style people remember without being too far away from what they actually played.

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@gundato: I went through it again a handful of years ago and was pleasantly surprised at how well it played. It was a bit meandering but it didn't strike me as particularly difficult due to its controls or anything. I don't think it's as substantive an experience as the Spyro or Crash, but it's certainly not a bad time.

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I remember playing a demo for this game quite a bit, but never the game itself.

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Hopefully we hear something soon. I’d definitely like to know what’s going on with it.

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Honestly, I preferred Maximo on PS2.

They should remake that. I wonder where that IP sits... Can't be bothered googling it.

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Looks fantastic, but may not have aged well as it seems to be a 1:1 remake. hopefully they make it feel as good as it looks. The game came out when i was too young to get good, I'd like to go back and get past the first level finally haha.

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Haha it creeped you out? That’s legimately cute. I remember channeling my inner Dan Ryckert in thinking “this game is too goofy and childish looking for a mature teenager like myself”

Therefor I probably missed out on a legit classic, since a lot of people seem to think highly about this games atmosphere and humor.

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People were shitting on this trailer hard over on another site, saying it looked ugly, crappy, and expressing general confusion about why it's loved. Pretty depressing some people can't enjoy simple pleasures without contextualizing when it came out (that sentence made no sense, but you know what I mean). This cartoony, spooky, Rare-style charm wasn't exactly a dime a dozen in 1998, and I think it looks delightful in many ways, even excusing my fandom bias. I'm glad there's a bit more hope it'll be good here, even if some of you might still end up not liking it (which would be totally understandable).

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PS1 games have a simple charm that would make them fun for a new audience if the PS1 wasn't so hard to go back to visually. I can still play it because of nostalgia, but spicing up a fun formula like this, Spyro, and Crash is a trend I like.

So... how about some classic Twisted Metal and Jet Moto?

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I don't see why people were being so negative about the new trailer, I think it looks fine. Sure it's not on the level of Crash or Spyro, but it still looks good. Watching it made me want a new Maximo as well.

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I think this looks fantastic from the trailer and I am legitimately excited to get to play this again (and possibly even finish it this time)!

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I don't know. It looks super, super floaty to me. The environments look nice and very nostalgic (almost how I remember Maximo looking like back in the day) but yeah, that combat and platforming looks flooooaty.

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I'm looking forward to this having played the first and enjoyed it and I'm glad it's still getting released given it hadn't been shown since it was first announced last year. I wonder if this remaster will be based off the ps1 version and not the psp version given the visual comparisons in the video.

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Looks good.