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For those who don't know in this game you'll be able to call in a helicopter that will be able to play custom music. So with that in mind I've been brainstorming what I want to have it play. Right now I'm leaning towards Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen, someone can surely out-do that though. Have at it!

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Accept no substitutes.

It's admittedly not especially stupid or anything, but... by gum I simply could not resist.

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Flight of the Valkyries

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Not only because "lol flying, geddit", but also because I needed an excuse to remind the world that Sugar Ray was a thing. You're welcome, world.

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This is actually what it supposedly defaults to if you don't use custom music.

@crithon said:

Flight of the Valkyries

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Not really ridiculous, but someone had to post it.

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What's that song we used to play? It went a little something, like this.

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Oh I don't know, a Metal Gear Rising track, the old WWF RAW is WAR theme, Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend.

I feel these are all correct answers.

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For everyone's information; Creedence, Little Richard and Wagner present no ridiculosity and in fact are a definitive indicator of good taste in both music and film.

If you want ridiculous you want:

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how will you play your own music on xbox one and ps4?

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Oo, OO! I thought of an even better one!

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Well, I guess it'd have to be tightened up a bit to be just the big bombastic part. You know the part I'm talking about.

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Or you can have the MGS incoming codec ringtone.

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Why does the thread title say (Game) in the list of threads?

Am I to infer the thread is not a (Blog) nor an (Article) but a (Game)? What the hell is that about...

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@egg: That's a good question

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Tiny tim - Tiptoe through the tulips

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The music from the Hind fight in MGS.

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Yellow Fever-The Bloodhound Gang

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"Custom music" means audio file, right?

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@bigjeffrey said:

how will you play your own music on xbox one and ps4?

This. I know PS4 has it's Music Unlimited service to play music over some downloadable games at least, but that's 15 euros a month after the free-trial. So unless they're planning on implenting that MP3/MP4/etc support before that, that's a pretty salty price to pay up. No idea about Xbone.

Edit; Walkman too, eh? Kinda amusing. Too bad if it gets limited to 360/PS3, since those already have a support for custom music.

@mooseymcman and I can't believe you made that quote, but didn't link this! (Has a link to the song, even!)

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