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So I've played MGS5. I've watched others play MGS5. I heard about Quiet's controversy and was immediately interested to see what her character was about, beyond her image. When I saw Quiet's... figure I was not taken back, I wanted to know more about her. Jeff, on the last podcast, made some deal about Quiet. I beg the question: why even obsess over Quiet? Why not look past it? Sure, it's overdone, but don't you think it says something about you that you are so absolutely obsessed with how strange it is? I think Quiet's controversy is ridiculous, and making it an issue perpetuates that there is a problem with the female figure; even when over-animated.

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@anxioustube: I think the issue that people have is that her character arc is actually kinda alright, but is undermined by the part where she is dressed like a Playboy Bunny because Kojima felt like having a sexy character.

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Meryl butt and Naomi's "srip search" in MGS as well as various camera tricks and posters. MGS2 all the posters and the female hostage close leg thing if one were to look... MSG3 had plenty of Eva stuff and even the *grabs junk* part with Volgin which still cracks me up. MGS4 had the six axis jiggle Rose's breast, playboys, dance stuff even those crazy intro commercials had plenty of sexy. Honestly I'm shocked by how Jeff went on about it because pretty much every MGS game has had some stuff like it before. It's stupid sexy Kojima stuff we should always assume there will be wierd/sexy stuff in his games. Now one could argue that we maybe let him get away with too many things before (Konami seems to think they did) and we shouldn't have just brushed stuff off as "Kojima being Kojima" but this is the stuff he makes.

Whatever he makes next will have some stupid goofy things and some stupid sexy lady things and no one should be surprised when it does.

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There is already a long, 160+ reply discussion about Quiet and the issues surrounding her character over here. Let's try to keep discussion centralized in one thread instead of starting it all over again.


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Also, please post threads about a particular game in that thread's forum instead of putting everything in General Discussion.