This story is so odd. It's literally freaking me out.

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Beyond Mission 12 spoilers (pretty light as far as story spoilers go honestly, I don't really know anything more than I did at Mission 3)

I'm on Mission 12, and there's something so incredibly off about this entire game that I can't put my finger on. I'm about to leave for Africa for the first time and this story feels so jumbled together - almost dreamlike I guess would be the only way to describe it. It's honestly just so bizarre and nonsensical at this point that it's really kind of weirding me out how different it is from every other MGS in the fact that they're not explaining anything like they normally would. Nothing from the intro is ever explained, and Big Boss never brings up again what happened in the intro and the entire thing is just dropped. It gets even weirder how he recovers from his coma in like two weeks and suddenly they're repeating everything they're doing from Peace Walker again. Yes, I've listened to the cassette tapes that I have available so far, but honestly it just fills me with more questions than answers.

It's like Big Boss is having a fever dream or something and it's tripping me out hardcore. The best I can liken it to is some kind of weird dream - events are occurring and the plot is moving forward but no one is stopping to ask or explain the how's and why's of any of it. Huge things are getting glossed over and things aren't being explained, hell, even the characters are not really making sense - especially after Ground Zeroes. It's legit hard to explain, but like there's a huge feeling of uncanny valley that I can't quite place my finger on.

I've already gotten Quiet, Huey, D-Dog, and it seems like I've already unlocked a good portion of the things they were showing in the lead up to the game's release. Honestly with the way this is progressing I'm half expecting a huge MGS2 level twist in the game. I'm not asking for spoilers, but can someone please tell me if this specific kind of storytelling is intentional or not or am I just losing my mind/glossing over something huge? Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Honestly a yes or a no will work.

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have you listened to the tapes? a lot of the old metal gear long winded expository dialogue is in those, if that's what you feel is missing

e: i can't read apparently

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Tripping hard on dat metal gear ac!d.

Yeah the story is weird. Im only a few missions in though.

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Its because a lot of the cutscenes were unfinished.

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@spectrea: My dood, maybe put a warning that your link goes straight to a cutscene from a VERY late portion of the game

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They lost me at the flaming whale.

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I've never played any of the previous games and I don't have much patience to go through intel in stuff in games, so I guess I'm up for a pretty crazy time!

@marcsman said:

They lost me at the flaming whale.

I feel you

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@humanity said:

@spectrea: My dood, maybe put a warning that your link goes straight to a cutscene from a VERY late portion of the game

But those cutscenes arent even in the game? It's a bonus disc.

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@everettescott: I don't know, it said episode 35 or something and then I saw something like a cutscene begin and turned it off.