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#1 Edited by deactivated-5bb67033e3422 (1065 posts) -

Hi Miitomo just hit the apps store so lets become Miitomo GB friends!

Looks like you need to do this via twitter, I'm also justkamtoo on twitter.

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#2 Posted by MindBullet (709 posts) -

I downloaded Miitomo, but my biggest complaint is that you can only friend people who are standing in the same room as you or are friends with you on Facebook or Twitter. So unless you're willing to share your personal info on the internet or make a twitter/facebook account specifically for Miitomo, this sort of thing won't really work. It's a shame, but... I guess that's Nintendo for ya.

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#3 Posted by Dixperiken (133 posts) -

It also seems you might need to be following each other on twitter as I cannot find you!

Add me as @Dixperiken on twitter for Miitomo weirdness.

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#4 Posted by mjhwwbg (183 posts) -

This app seems pretty cool so far. It's weird that you have to link to a social account and then that person has to follow you back for it to show up in app.

Twitter: @mjhwwbg

Feel Free to add me and we can see how this all actually works!

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#5 Posted by SithToast (190 posts) -

My twitter is @sithtoast, let's get this party started!

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#6 Edited by squiDc00kiE (475 posts) -

I set up a temp account just for Miitomo on twitter. @squDcookE

EDIT: Just followed everyone who posted on here before me.

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#7 Posted by Danteveli (1441 posts) -

Add me me on Twitter and Miitomo as @danteveli

Really want to check what Nintendo plus mobile and online is all about

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#8 Posted by philberto (20 posts) -

Hey everyone! Really excited about Miitomo but my Mii is a bit lonely at the moment.

Feel free to add me on Twitter: phomburg

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#9 Posted by Amishzambie (3 posts) -

Figured I'd give this a shot.

Twitter: LegacyWood

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#10 Posted by TheFridgeGC (117 posts) -

Learn all about Mii

@TheFridgeGC on Twitter

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#11 Posted by malrock (186 posts) -
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Add me on twitter @malrock so I can add you back

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#12 Posted by Dixperiken (133 posts) -

@malrock: The QR code is only for creating mii's I think! Friends have to be added through twitter or facebook.

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#13 Posted by n00bs7ay3r (317 posts) -

My Twitter = @n00bS7AY3R

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#14 Edited by malrock (186 posts) -

@dixperiken: Yeah, I just like posting that mii :) sucks that it's a follow & follower situation on twitter. Makes it a headache to add friends

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#15 Posted by InstantRyan (528 posts) -

Can't remember if I ever signed up for Twitter or not so I made a new one

Twitter: instant_ryan

This seems like it could be interesting.

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#16 Posted by Cirdain (3797 posts) -

I set up a random twitter. For this. Hope it pays out in the long run: @KCrepeat

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#17 Posted by DarkShaper (1382 posts) -
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#18 Posted by rocketsurgeon (10 posts) -

Sure, why not. I'm @rahowardokc

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#19 Posted by n00bs7ay3r (317 posts) -

I followed everyone on Twitter. Still not sure how to add friends though?

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#20 Posted by malrock (186 posts) -

@n00bs7ay3r: After you follow them they have to follow you back. Then you go to the app and search for friends and it should pull them from your twitter

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#21 Posted by Romination (2853 posts) -

Throw me in the pile here - I'm @r0mination and people need to see my magical girl sweater

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#22 Posted by turboman (9893 posts) -


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#23 Posted by GreenLighter (35 posts) -

As good of a reason as any to start up a twitter, I guess.


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#24 Posted by Drakoji (392 posts) -

Add me guys @Drakoji on twitter if you want my rad dude.

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#25 Posted by buttle826 (281 posts) -

@Brettbuttle on twitter!

Follow me so I can actually give this thing a shot.

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#26 Posted by mrcraggle (3076 posts) -
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#27 Posted by mrnovember13 (26 posts) -

@trevoremetcalfe, let's get this party started!

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#28 Posted by StarvingGamer (11518 posts) -
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#29 Posted by eddiephlash (326 posts) -

I'm eddiephlash on twitter. Lets do this nonsense for a week and then delete it like Clash Royale and every other microtransaction app I've ever tried!

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#30 Posted by megaplushie (224 posts) -
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#31 Edited by TimesHero (973 posts) -
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#32 Posted by CynicalRodent (140 posts) -

Looks like I'm on board as well. @EternalCoffee

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#33 Posted by eddiephlash (326 posts) -

I just added all you duders

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#34 Posted by loki50187 (33 posts) -

I am going to start adding folks from this thread. @MiitomoShawn is me

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#35 Edited by peachesrcool (103 posts) -
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#36 Edited by MindBullet (709 posts) -

Whatever, I'll do it. @miibullet

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#37 Posted by BeardDuder (181 posts) -
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#38 Posted by Mij0 (23 posts) -

I'm in! I'm going outside my social comfort zone and doing something I almost never, ever do- post in forums! I'm really curious about this app so if any of you guys follow me @RMkoro I'll follow you back!

I'll be following everybody in this thread, as well.

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#39 Posted by ChrisTaran (2054 posts) -

Well this isn't exactly fun if you have no friends :/

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#40 Edited by Ravelle (3306 posts) -

I'm Ravelle on Miimoto :D

Edit: Nintendo is weird and works with twitter and FB it seems, I'm Ravelle on twitter as well!

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#41 Posted by ClairvoyantVibrations (1616 posts) -

@PatMichailidis on twitter if you want to Miitomo up.

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#42 Posted by Monis121 (4 posts) -

@Monis250 on twitter. Lets see what crazy social media nightmare Nintendo has unleashed. I put my Mii in a VR headset so there is that.

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#43 Posted by ChrisTaran (2054 posts) -

How the heck do you take pictures with you Mii like I've seen a bunch of? I don't think this is the most intuitive program.

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#44 Posted by Dragontern (21 posts) -

@bmecey on twitter, ready for the new social media of the future!

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#45 Edited by xanadu (2045 posts) -

Im at @EricElijahClark on twitter. Ill add all of you guys now.

Edit: This is a weird thing.

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#46 Posted by Quid_Pro_Bono (1130 posts) -

@christaran: That's in the Miifoto option under Menu.

I'm @QuidProBono on Twitter. Go ahead and add me! I'll happily accept :)

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#47 Posted by Ravelle (3306 posts) -

Is it just my phone or is the app super slugglish with everything? :O

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#48 Posted by Reuelthomas (16 posts) -

Damn, social anxiety is kicking in but this app looks stupid with no friends.

@reuelthomas on Twitter

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#49 Posted by johncallahan (898 posts) -

Yeah. Really hope they come up with a better way to handle the friend stuff in the future. Until then my Twitter is @jcallahan I'll go add all y'all fine folks.

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#50 Posted by Blannir (398 posts) -

@Blannir is my twitter name, let's do this!