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I recommend the Monster Hunter Beginner's Guide that is featured on Culty, it is a well-done look at everything that you need to know to make things interesting in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Even though the guide is light on some topics that I feel need to be investigated further, it is a great guide to have with you for your first 15-20 hours of play. They are releasing another set of guides called Monster Hunter Gunner's Guide: Bow Edition OR Bowgun Edition which will dive into the really complex world of projectile weapons.

They have a really good layout and art to accompany the first guide and I don't imagine that the Monster Hunter Gunner's Guides will be any different. Since I only use hammers, switch axes and hunting horns, I have only used a light bowgun to knock Bnahabras out of the air. So I am pretty excited to see what they have to offer with these new guides. Heads up, on the front of the guides say "For Advanced Players" so keep that in mind if you are going to order these guides.

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Anyone else going to pick these up? Did anyone else use the Monster Hunter Beginner's Guide?

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That bow looks like it is made out from a braid of hair.

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I really enjoy a lot of the stuff Roy has been doing with Kotowari for years. He is one of the first people that got me semi interested in Monster Hunter. Really happy to see him having success with these guides. I loved having the Monster Hunter Beginners Guide to pass to friends who hadn't played the series before. These will be no different, I will buy them right away for friends who I hope to get them into Monster Hunter.

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@jking47: That is the Zinogre bow (Usurper's Rumble path).

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