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It seems the full roster of the new game has leaked. While there are many staples, 5 of the 8 new characters introduced in X are returning (Jacqui, D'Vorah, Cassie, Kotal Khan & Erron Black) more than I thought would return. There are two new characters: Cetrion and the Kollector. Cetrion is supposed to be a plant based character while the Kollector looks like something from Avatar. Besides this character select screen there are a few character customization screens showing off a MK1 style Kano, Kotal Khan, a young non undead Liu Kang as well as fan favorite Noob Saibot. Finally there was a roster list that was making the rounds last week that nailed all of these characters as well as 3 more including Shinnok (who will find a way to reattach his head I guess) and Mileena and Shang Tsung who are unlockables (probably after beating the story mode like MK9 and X). I'm a big Johnny Cage fan and I like what I've seen oh him so far. Kung Lao is another main so I'm glad he's here but there are a lot of characters people want like Smoke or Sindel or Fujin that are MIA (dlc maybe?). Just wondering how people are feeling about this potentially/probably final roster.

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Seems plausible, but this sort of screenshot is faked all the time. I'll believe it when I see it.

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Not going to lie. Really happy to see Kotal Kahn back.

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Those seem like the smart choices from X’s originals to bring back. I honestly wouldn’t mind a last MK on this generation that brings back every fighter from IX, X, and XI, even if it doesn’t wind up making much story sense.

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Is that dramatically smaller than the MK9 roster? Maybe I'm overestimating it in my memory, but in my mind MK9 was the Smash Ultimate of MK games.

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@bisonhero: MK9 base game was 28 characters (everyone from MK1-MK3 + Quan-Chi), 4 DLC characters and Kratos for PS3 so 33 total. From this leak MK11 is looking to be 28 base + 6 confirmed DLC + maybe a second character pack so they're comparable.

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@bisonhero: MK9 was just all the classics from first three games, so you're probably overestimating because you know that roster so well.

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This is good news. Judging from what I see online, I feel like I'm the only one that actually liked the "kombat kids". I thought they all had interesting playstyles/designs. Yay for D'vorah and Kotal Kahn too. I always seem to play a new MK at release then trail off super hard, but I want to stick with it this time.

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I'm so happy Kotal Kahn's back, and everyone else being happy he's back makes me even more happy. If there's any justice in the world, he'd be a series mainstay from now on, D'vorah too. They're the only characters added since MK3 that truly fit the series and feel entirely unique within it at the same time.

I'm really interested in Cetrion. There's a lot of fucked up things Netherrealm can do with plants, and I guess that hasn't really showed up with any other characters before either. A creepy plant person could be really neat.

Otherwise, it's a pretty damn good roster. Not quite as good as MKX, but as good as it can be while still being refreshing. DLC might get us there, though.

I'm disappointed they have Jacqui, Jax, Cassie, Johnny and Sonya all in the game again. I thought the point of the Kombat Kids was to allow Netherrealm to switch up some classic movesets without completely erasing, replacing or redesigning the classic characters, passing the torch somewhat. In MKX, Jacqui and Jax already felt like they had the least interesting variations, as if they ran out of ideas between the two robot arm characters, so hopefully they don't get shortchanged again. Sadly Kung Jin, the only Kombat Kid that felt truly unique, isn't returning. It's just so much roster space spent on characters that are meant to be similar to other characters.

Netherrealm's marketing pace is going to feel even worse if they don't get ahead of this leak in some way, though. We're not that far out from release and this wouldn't have been such a big deal if so much of the roster wasn't still a mystery.

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Glad Cassie and Jacqui are back. Kotal Kahn was cool to play but super fucking dull/useless as a character. Erron Black straight up sucks. Disappointed there's no Ermac (naturally the one time I actually have a main in a game), but I'll probably end up playing Skarlet.

Despite my gripes, it seems like a good roster overall. Can't wait for the DLC to be half ninjas (Ermac, Rain, Reptile).

Edit: Oh, and I guess if Shinnok, Mileena, and Shang Tsung are unlocked through the story, it's a bummer that that's probably spoilers I guess?

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Jacqui was super cool, I was hoping she'd be back. Kitana, Kabal, Baraka... man, I'm gonna have some trouble sticking to a main.

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Wheres Waluigi?

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Glad to see Kotal Khan.

Sad to not see Kung Jin.