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Hey, I heard Danielle Riendeau mention couple weeks ago how underrated this game was, how much she liked it. I know her tastes a little bit and the kinds of games she might champion and highlight.

Did any of y'all play this game? What did you think? Also, it was John Carpenter's Top 5 game of that year.

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Love it in a B movie way. It’s dumb as nails and kinda clunky (but never unbearably so). It seems self aware enough that you’re kinda laughing with it.

A friend of mine described it as a shitty haunted house that you go on for stupid, no investment enjoyment, and I think that’s pretty apt. With the right mindset it’s a super fun game, if you want production values, amazing gameplay, plot and characters, this is not it.

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I played an hour or two. It seemed cool enough. I have no idea if it goes anywhere super interesting. I think the adventure and puzzle elements were cool. I played long enough to get some early combat, which didn’t feel like something the game really needed... it was early, still, but that’s what I thought at the time.

There are just too many good games out there to give them all their due.

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It's a solid B/B- game. Think Evil Within on a budget, a knowingly cheesy plot, and a Crime Scene Investigation puzzle mechanic.

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It was certainly better than people gave it credit for. I was surprised how well its detective mechanics worked.

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Every time I see this thing for 3 bucks on PS4 I look into this exact question (and at this point that feels like twice a year or so). Always seems like something I'd enjoy, but my apprehension about the gameplay being too clunky and the story potentially not paying off always manage keep me away.

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I played through it a few years ago. It's not a terrible game, but it's not great either. I'm not even sure I'd call it a B game, at least, not in the same way Singularity is a B game. There are a few scenes that stick out in my head, which is more than I can say about a lot of games, but I also remember it was very clunky and the combat sections were all pretty bad. If the concept sounds interesting to you, I'd check it out for $10 or so. It's hard to go wrong at that price.

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I'll join the chorus of a pretty solid B game,

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It's one of the most average, 3-star games I've ever played. Nothing super special about it, nothing glaringly terrible about it, perfectly competent but quite forgettable.

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It was decent, i think B game is the best way to describe it. Didn't hate it, didnt' love it but i finished it.

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@theht: If you have some interest in it or even just curiosity, I'd say $3 is worth even just satisfying that curiosity. At the very least, it's definitely interesting.