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To be clear, Musou games are the (Dynasty) Warriors games of which, there are many cross over spin offs like Gundam, One Piece, Zelda, and even Fire Emblem in the near future.

I remember enjoying DW 2 & 3 back in the early ots but it has been a good decade and a half since I've played a Warriors game,

I've thought about picking up one of the One Piece games, having seen them super cheap but never ended up doing it 'cause I've only seen the 1st season and wouldn't really call myself a fan of the series.

I actually wanted to check out the first Dragon Quest Heroes but never pulled the trigger and apparently, they're not considered a Musou game?

I think I could see myself playing a Final Fantasy branded one. I wouldn't buy it full price but definitely would get it when it was cheaper. A lot of characters to choose, it's got guns, it's got blades, it's got gunblades, magic, and summons and all that. I'd be up for the fan service.

I'm sure someone's gonna say The Warriors branded Warriors game.

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Wasn't that latest Berserk also considered to be such a game? Anyway, I don't know because I don't care for these types of games as to me, it just feels too monotonous. I guess if I were to choose, you can turn any of the action/adventure type games into one, so God of War, Ninja Gaiden and/or Devil May Cry.

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Dragon Quest Heroes got me back in, Turns out all I needed to like one was a couple more layers of mechanical depth. Plan to do Hyrule Warriors, Berserk, And DQ2 at some point. I also picked up DW 8 extreme just to see what the core series is like these days. Still need to actually play those. Like you I've been off the wagon since DW 3

I don't know that DQH isn't considered a Musou game but it sure seemed like one to me.

Transformers would make for a great Musou tie in property I think. Turn into a truck and drive through big crowds of Decepticons. Sounds good to me.

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I want more innovation in the franchise than boxed in battlefields and casual button mashing. Hopefully DW9 will be that innovation.

To answer the question, Looney Toons warriors plz.

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Nioh with ~8-15 characters or so, first SW is still the best game overall if you're not counting Kessen 3 (which is more of a strategy game and is easily the best console RTS ever); simple enough to recreate that experience. First Fist of the North Star is super good as well.

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That said the huge cast of Orochi 3/Ultimate makes it pretty fun.

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One Piece did it for me. If I owned a Wii U, I would probably have tried the Zelda one as well.

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The last warriors game I liked was legends of troy, so I'd be up for more antique literature cross overs. Give me some de bello gallico or biblical stuff or whatever and make it real violent again.

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I might get Fire Emblem Warriors because I love Fire Emblem and hate myself.

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Kingdom Hearts Warriors. In this one you can play as all 13 members of Organization XIII (as well as the secret fourteenth member who only appeared in 358/2 Days).

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@slag: What did DQH add in terms of mechanics? Leveling and loot? Any story to speech of? It has a really nice look. I thought it was a Musou game and I still do but the producer of the game I guess Tweeted it wasn't. lol which Idk if he gets to decide but that is hilarious.

@shivermetimbers: Looney Tunes sounds pretty good.

@fredchuckdave: I think the most recent all star Warriors game had the Nioh guy? Maybe that's not enough for you.

@hans_maulwurf: Those are pretty cool ideas and I had no clue about Legends of Troy. Come to think of it, not big on the show but a Game of Thrones Warriors would be a money factory.

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@redhotchilimist: How does the One Piece game work? Are you mostly on land? Any ship stuff? How up on OP did you have to be? I've only seen the first 50-52 eps I think and I like the show but wasn't gonna commit to the 500 or so eps they had at the time.

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@liquiddragon: Yup there's definitely a story. I wouldn't call it a fantastic story, but it's serviceable and amusing enough for a fan service game. I liked the voice work a lot.

There's a ton of borrowed mechanics from the Dragon Quest games (not to mention spot on music and aesthetic), like minimedal collectibles, sidequests (most of them are get this many item drops or kill x creatures but still), recruitable characters, Secret Bosses (and boss fights for that matter), shops where you can buy armor and weapon to improve your stats, unlockable abilities in a tech tree gained through experience, saving your game with the clergy (like you would in a DQ game) and perhaps most interestingly you can summon defeated Monsters to fight for you if they drop their coin (which creates this almost tower defense like aspect where you can have your summons hold off the horde in one direction while you clear another). The Game has a linear level based structure but you can go to any previously cleared level through the world map at anytime from your airship hub to grind do sidequests etc. While most level objectives do basically boil down to kill all the things, there's just enough variety in the objectives to keep it interesting.

So yeah it's definitely got stuff going on for it that your typical DW game doesn't. It feels like a fusion of a JRPG and a Musou.

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A Musou set in the Nanoha series encompassing all the series, spinoffs and movies. Would have lots of characters to choose from and fighting styles between magic and melee combat. Use the Dragon Ball Fighters Z engine but adapt it to larger arenas.

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But also, that combat and level design needs work for me to ever think it's fun to play for more than 10 minutes.

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I enjoyed the one piece game. Berserk had me interested but looked really bad, which is a shame they couldn't even bother to make a good one of those games with that license.

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I want more innovation in the franchise than boxed in battlefields and casual button mashing. Hopefully DW9 will be that innovation.

To answer the question, Looney Toons warriors plz.

Holy shit that would unironically rule. Especially if they took One Piece Pirate Warrior's dedication to recreating the source material's bonkers fighting styles with character-specific mechanics!

And because it needs to be said: My Hero Academia.

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@puchiko said:

A Musou set in the Nanoha series encompassing all the series, spinoffs and movies. Would have lots of characters to choose from and fighting styles between magic and melee combat. Use the Dragon Ball Fighters Z engine but adapt it to larger arenas.

It never occurred to me to have a Nanoha musou game before, but I really like the idea of it. Lots of pretty looking particle effects. The biggest challenge I can think of is getting the combat to work with three dimensions due to flight. I'd probably end up maining Signum just for Schlangeform and Sturmfalken.

EDIT: Or, go all the way with a lot of Nanoha's inspirations. A Super Robot Wars musou game.

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I'd definitely play a Serious Sam Warriors game. I mean, you're already killing hundreds and hundreds of guys.

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This is cheating because I already play musou games, but Disgaea Warriors. Especially if they keep reincarnation and endlessly-ballooning stats.

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I think the most off-putting thing about the musou games I've seen have been the kinda bland environments.

What if they got id/Bethesda aboard and made yet another silly spinoff on the Quake 2 Strogg conflict?

A World War II one could be a silly thing too.

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Hmm, I dunno, Gundam's kinda the most perfect for the way those games play. Hokuto Musou was fun, but the new Yakuza game'll probably be better.

Speaking of which, a Yakuza musou game might be fun and silly. I'd be down for running around as Majima racking up 2000+ "K.O.s" in a sitting while listening to a podcast or something. Could even do the Orochi thing but instead of switching between characters have you switch between styles.

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If EA would be willing to work with Omega Team, I think both "Star Wars" and Tolkien/Middle-earth could work as musou.

Out of left field, I also wouldn't mind Agent Francis York Morgan running around and using steel pipe and the unbreakable wrench to clear out masses of shadows.

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@fisk0: Heh. I was thinking about how an id/Bethesda Musou crossover could work. If anything, a Wolfenstein Musou game could work. Think about it, having Terror Billy kill hordes of Nazis Dynasty Warriors style would be pretty great (Will never happen).

I guess another franchise crossover that would be ideal but impossible is Saints Row. They could copy and paste the plot of Warriors All Stars where anthropomorphic animal people summon SR characters to save a magical water spring instead of Tecmo-Koei characters (The actual plot of Warriors All Stars). If they can get the good writing back from SR The Third and 4, there can be a pretty funny, self aware story about how freaking weird and stupid it is that the Saints were summoned by a bunch of furries just to save a spring that's key to their survival. Also having a penetrator would make for a good melee weapon for a Musou game.

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I've already drawn that line with Senran Kagura. It also drew the line for me playing creepy anime bullshit games. Two birds with one stone.

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If Zelda didn't do it, I don't know what will...

I might get Fire Emblem Warriors because I love Fire Emblem and hate myself.

Same. My resolve will be tested at least one more time.

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My Hero Academia is so good it's bound to have a Musou style game in the future. Most anime could, really. Jojo is probably a popular contender for a future Musou.

Warframe could easily adapt into a Musou mode since its almost an evolution of the basic style and gameplay.

I think I could dig a Pokemon Musou game.

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Persona would probably do it for me.

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Mario v. Sonic, of course

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Earth Defense Force Warriors

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Soul Calibur

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Kingdom Under Fire!

I used to love Mosou games a whole lot but I just need more from them at this point. That would work though.

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@slag: That sounds pretty neat,,,now I'm wondering why I didn't pick it up last year when I had it in my hand at a store for ten bux...I think it's 'cause I've never actually beaten a DQ game. lol another blind spot. I've played a few of 'em for 20-30 hours but I didn't want DQH to be my definitive DQ experience. lol I will keep it my eye on it tho 'cause it looks quite good. Side question: have you played DQ Builders? That looks super neat too.

@ronniebarzel: Don't know that much about them but I think they'd fit really well depicting big battles.

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I already like the genre but a Persona/SMT musou would be really cool

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As it turns out, Zelda was the one to get me to actually play one.

But I have nothing against the genre at all. I just have to enjoy them the same way I'd enjoy a game like Streets of Rage or Double Dragon: Beating the shit out of loads of dudes cooperatively with my wife. I don't think I would bother playing one alone.

I wouldn't mind a Star Wars one.

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I already check in on Musou games every so often, so it's not a hard sell for me really.

Having said that, my dream Musou game would have to have characters from Lunar 1 and 2. There's no getting around it, I'd love to see those characters in full 3D taking on herds of enemies from that universe.

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@liquiddragon said:

@redhotchilimist: How does the One Piece game work? Are you mostly on land? Any ship stuff? How up on OP did you have to be? I've only seen the first 50-52 eps I think and I like the show but wasn't gonna commit to the 500 or so eps they had at the time.

The game covers the entire One Piece story at the time of its release. There's no traversal stuff on your ship, the story mode is a stage select where you progress through stages based on the individual arcs. So for instance, for the first 50 episodes you get a Axe-Hand Morgan stage, a Captain Buggy stage, a Captain Kuro stage, a Don Krieg stage, an Arlong stage and a Captain Smoker stage.

I think you'll be able to folow along fine. They skip and cut down on plenty of the islands they visit, mind. The entire 50 first episodes/12 volumes or so in the manga gets the six stages I mentioned above. The next 70 episodes and 14 volumes or so? That story gets only two stages in the game, and naturally it feels a bit half-assed, compared to the beginning, and the ending is pure fantasy because the current story arc was only half done when the game was in production. But OP isn't exactly hard to follow, and for the most part, I was pretty happy with both the story and the game.

Edit: This was Pirate Warriors 3 by the way

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The only one I've played was One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 on the PS4 and that was pretty dang fun. I had only gotten through the first 3 seasons of the show by then (and haven't progressed mostly because I don't have the time), but the game was pretty good and fun. White Beard is the most OP motherfucker.

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Just becaus it's impossible:

Earthbound Warriors

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I can not believe there still isn't a Final Fantasy musou game. It's tailor made for it and they already have the relationship with Square Enix. It's free money.

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I'd definitely play a Warhammer 40k Musou game, although I don't know how that would work with all the guns.