XBOX One Kinect Issue with random voice commands triggering

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Hi. I was wondering if anyone else has been having the problem that I have where the game is picking up the game audio (and not cancelling it properly) and thinking it's me saying things like "show map" and "look behind/around." Every now and then it'll just randomly open the map for force the camera to look behind or around me. It's kinda annoying and has caused me to mess up a few times but I'd prefer to not have to pull the Kinect cable out every time.

Theres a message in the game menu saying if you have issues with Kinect to try turning the volume down. I kinda like my games to be loud. Not unreasonably so (I don't have complaints) but a nice toggle switch to kill that stuff or have to say "easydrive" before would solve it nicely.

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I am having the same problem. I also had the game at 70% and the next time I turned the game on I was back to 20%.

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Same problem, it just randomly opens the map or changes camera view, I've not had it register any other commands than these two.

Why the hell can't you turn off the voice commands, you can even do it in the other EA Games I have, like Fifa14 or BF4. It's stupid.

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I'm not sure if it's the same problem, but in our copy it'll constantly spin the camera around in a 360 for no reason at all and in the middle of a race. It'll also occasionally cancel events we've started. Maybe it's not the problem, but we just blame the Kinect. I suppose we should blame a badly designed game, but the Kinect is an easier and more obvious target.