Nintendo Reveals "New" 3DS With Updated CPU

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This October, Nintendo will ship an updated 3DS in Japan called "New 3DS." This tweaked 3DS includes a tiny analog stick on the right, built-in NFC, two additional shoulder buttons, and an improved CPU.

The updated 3DS isn't expected to arrive over here until sometime next year, but the new CPU is already creating some wrinkles. For example, Nintendo announced a port of Xenoblade Chronicles to the 3DS, but it's only for this new 3DS, as it takes advantage of the CPU. It won't run on the 3DS you own right now.


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Nintendo needs a new marketing team. They are terrible at making it evident when something is a separate console from the one you already own.

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There is going to be a game that supports this but not the older models, I think its Xenoblade

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Is there anywhere left to go after this?

Fuck I hope not, because I'm about to buy in.

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Do digital purchases from the old 3DS models carry over?

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@cheebahh said:

Is there anywhere left to go after this?

Fuck I hope not, because I'm about to buy in.

This isn't even its final form.

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#8 Posted by KaneRobot (2776 posts) - the hell has Nintendo not learned from the Wii/Wii U naming idiocy?

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Sounds like a good way to further confuse an already confused market. You would think that they would have learned their lesson after naming the Wii U.

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Definitely getting this. I like how this came right after Nintendo said that they are done catering to passive casual gamers. What a way to prove it! Can't wait.

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The SNES coloured face buttons make me happy

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The one on the left is giving me that SNES feel. Nice!

Maybe it's finally time to buy a 3DS for me.

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Um... what?

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I'm curious exactly where the other 2 shoulder buttons are?

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I'm guessing the approach might be similar to the N64 expansion pack.

Upgrade for definitive Turok 2!

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That second thumb stick looks *terrible*.

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I wish the XL's buttons were colored like the default is.

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Boy. I sure feel great about being a current 3ds owner.

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@cheebahh said:

Is there anywhere left to go after this?

Fuck I hope not, because I'm about to buy in.

Dual Joysticks?

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I'm curious exactly where the other 2 shoulder buttons are?

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Depending on the release schedule next year for 3DS, i may have to buy one cause my current 3DS has a chipping paint and the plastic of the analog slider seems thin.

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I really like my current 3DS. This one seems better.


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Dat nubbin'

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I can't say I like the idea of already making games that aren't compatible with the 'original' 3DS considering it isn't that old...

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I'm just gonna wait and see if any of those new "exclusives" are actually meaningful or if it becomes more like a DSi situation, in which case, meh. I still enjoy my launch 3DS and have not had a reason to upgrade yet, including that ugly bugger the XL.

@xyzygy said:

Definitely getting this. I like how this came right after Nintendo said that they are done catering to passive casual gamers. What a way to prove it! Can't wait.

Because nothing says "hardcore" like confusing marketing and branding strategies!

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With the Snes/Super Famicom style buttons they really should have named this Super 3DS. The marketing team that comes up with these names for Nintendo is pretty terrible.

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Don't really need a new one. Don't play my existing one enough as it is. Kinda worried about cool new games not working on my old one though. Hopefully most developers will not want to limit their audience and support all models.

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They need to fire their marketing team

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@cheebahh said:

Is there anywhere left to go after this?

Fuck I hope not, because I'm about to buy in.

This isn't even its final form.

The 3DS 3XL will be two Wii U pads on top of each other.

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Nintendo can fuck off when it comes to new iterations of existing hardware.

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Call it the 4DS. I mean, time is passing as you play the games. Also this makes me glad I didn't buy an XL as I was toying with the idea a few months ago.

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This is bullshit.

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This seems like a dumb idea on the whole but I'm not going to lie, those colored buttons almost got me. Damn you SNES nostalgia.

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Im in for that white one. I wanted a 3DS that was more like the DS Lite.

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This is so beyond dumb it enters the mystical realm of insanity.

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There is more to this than what Patrick quickly posted. For instance, it has built-in facial tracking now that adjusts the 3D when you view it from an angle. That is awesome. It also now automatically adjusts brightness based on ambient lighting. Kotaku has an extremely comprehensive list of the new features here. I'm not saying I'm going to immediately go buy a new 3DS to replace my XL, but by the time it comes out in the US next year that may sound like more of an option.

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"Hey folks, we just announced Shulk for Smash Bros., so how'd you like to play his game on the 3DS? Too bad, you gotta buy a new one just for this!"

Yeah, no thanks.

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let me guess, the new Pokemon is coming only for the new ds i am forced to buy a new one. fuck that.

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What are people gonna call these when the handheld models after them come out if those models are also 3DS derivatives? Or maybe these will be the last ones with the name "3DS".

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I'm so weirded out by all the negativity. I'll buy this day one because I own an original old 3DS and I had literally made the move to purchase an XL moments before this announcement (and promptly backed off that ledge because of it).

There are still weird design decisions, such as the second nub being teeny when it doesn't seem like it needs to be for either sized model, but where is anyone deriving a negative from Nintendo releasing a new handheld this far into the release and success of the 3DS? How many people complained about the Gameboy Color even though it was so close to the release of the Pocket? I think I might have been the only one, but only because my parents bought the Pocket for me even though the Color was the new hotness and the thing I had actually asked for.

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Nintendo needs to fire their branding team. The average consumer will never buy something they're confused about.

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If you thought the psp sticks were bad wait till you use this thing.

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I like the additions of an updated CPU, two more shoulder button (which means we might see some more 3DS/Wii U titles similar to Super Smash Bros, a C-stick (which is just a cop-out of a second analog stick without creating a new mold for the handheld), and replaceable cover plates (that's like printing money at $10 per plate). But seriously, they're calling it "New 3DS." Has Nintendo learned NOTHING from the Wii U and 2DS problems? It's baffling to me.

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If any of you feel bad about buying one, consider this, I bought a 3ds XL during the thanksgiving sale and sold off my regular 3ds. Last week I bought a new in box Animal Crossing 3DS XL off eBay for almost 4 bills. And I'll STILL prolly buy this new thing. There are bigger idiots out there than you, you're ok.

Seperate note, any news if this has wireless N or AC support? I've been trying to upgrade my network but the 3DS' 802.11G dependence is holding me back. DONT HOLD ME BACK NINTENDO!

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Any idea when we'll see the "New 2DS" and "New 2DS XL"?

Seriously, I think Nintendo might have more hardware SKUs than games I'm interested in playing :P

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Wii U , Nintendo 64, 2DS, New 3DS? Someone at Nintendo needs to take the guy who names their consoles and show them the door.

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I'm usually against buying multiples of the same console, but Xenoblade + Monster Hunter 4 with at least a semblance of a second stick might be enough to get me. Also those Super Famicom button colors.

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I think this is not going in the US until maybe next year sometime.

I am going to wait and see on this. Not really looking for a new 3DSXL or 3DS, but if it brings more I might pick one up, don't know yet.