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Labo looks really cool, but even though I haven't seen the stream the West Coast put up yet I know it's just too expensive for my blood. Just because I'm waiting for a good sale this holiday doesn't mean I can't dream of what I'd make with the loose cardboard sitting around my house, though.

I want this but cardboard.
I want this but cardboard.

The main thing on my mind is a cardboard Negcon, beacuse Negcons were cool, and this seems pretty doable. Other things that come to mind are maybe a set of paddle bongos (if I could make sturdy enough hinges) and a cardboard guitar, one Joycon as the fret board and another for the strum bar.

What do you guys wanna make?

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A time machine where Labo doesn't exist. Ohhhhhh. Burn! What? Seriously though, I don't really want it, but it looks neat. I wonder how many kids will be into it. I'm looking at it from a strictly Christmas present kind of thing and how well it'd do.

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I kinda want to get it after the stream as it looks like a nice relaxing and different way to spend a weekend or two. But despite how complex this stuff can apparently get I don't have the brain to take advantage of it... though the piano and it's software seems really bloody neat and I'd spend a fair while messing around with that as someone who is partial to a bit of producing.

I think the Robot kit (and subsequent game) looks not at all worth the money. Especially in comparison to what you get for the cheaper variety kit.

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Pikmin 4?

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It is an interesting concept but the price is ridiculous... The material is made out of cardboard!?