Chat is broken but that new Mario looks AMAZING

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It's super goofy but also amazing and I don't know what to think but life feels good.

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That super simple gimmick of the toss-the-hat jump-on-the-hat did it for me.

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Yeah I went from laughing at how goofy it was to legitimately excited at exactly that moment.

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The part where it looked like a Mario game looked cool. The real world parts looked real bad.

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I'm glad Jeff said it because the New York environment definitely gave me a Sonic 2006 vibe with how out of place Mario looked against actual humans.

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I'm sure the "Real World" stuff is going to be contained to one world. I think I'm fine with it. I want to know whats up with the gigantic space/dimension hopping hat he's riding in.

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New Donk City, motherfuckers.

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put a donk onnit?

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I'm bewildered. I want it, but I can't fucking comprehend any part of those environments.

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Cant wait for the pimp bowser amiibo

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I'm simultaneously excited and thought the real world stuff was kind of cringey :/

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- Mario looks wwweird next to "real" people

- Bowser looking positively dapper in that suit and hat

- Wtf, the hat's alive?!

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that city stuff looked baaaaaad

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I can accept a Mario game where the gimmick is that he's now in the real world interacting with realistic human beings. I can also accept a Mario game where the gimmick is that his hat is now a sentient flying creature that he can bounce around on. I cannot, however, accept both at the same time.

Also I really dislike how Mario was constantly looking around at everything in amazement. Come on Mario, act like you've been there before.

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I love New Donk City, I love Pimp Bowser and I love jumping off of the thrown hat. This game looks incredible.

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Pimp Bowser sold it for me. I really want to battle Pimp Bowser. I'm also expecting Mario's hat to be a sidekick like a Minish Cap or Fludd style.

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I really hope that by the end of the year they have found a way to reduce the aliasing on the city parts because otherwise I thought it looked pretty neat. That city part just looked much worse than the rest due to how aliased it was. Nintendo doesn't traditionally do a lot of straight edges and there is a reason for that and you are seeing it in action here. That said, we are talking about a system with an Nvidia GPU and those guys are always coming up with crazy over the top new AA solutions so maybe they can work out some sort of custom AA support for Nintendo.

But looked pretty neat overall. Weird choice to set him in the real world for part of it, but as long as most of the stages are standard Mario style stages I'll be good.

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Mario's hat is pretty reminiscent of the sentient hat from Mario Party 8. Very exciting!

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Has anyone noticed that the only way you can tell this isn't a fake video game in a bad TV show is because it's got licensed IP (Mario) in it?

Like, that New Donk City looks just like a million bad fake games. From the lighting to the bad detail to the lack of care at rendering (ok, that's more a lack of power in the Switch hardware causing all osrts of aliasing issues). I expect copyright claims from a mobile game that's been using this literal screenshot to sell their F2P Skinner box game "about Wall Street" for 3 years, except without the Mario in the bottom right. Seriously, WTAF?

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Genuinely surprised at how negative some of the reaction to this is. I thought it looked gorgeous.

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All I see is Sonic Adventure.

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Holy shit son

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I agree it looks amazing. I mean, I get why people are focusing on the city part, but as one world in a game with a bunch of different worlds, I think it's pretty great. Also, everything in the city seems to be named after Donkey Kong Country stuff, for some reason?

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This is the weird Mario game I wanted out of Sunshine. Absolutely on board.

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Except for how creepy it is to see Mario next to realistic humans, I thought it looked cool. Galaxy was awesome, but I did miss the larger environments of Sunshine and 64. It's certainly been long enough.

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Too true:

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I really liked the look of that, it looks really weird and cool.

Really happy they are having fun with it and trying something new except just doing another Mushroom Kingdom.

The hat jumping was a legitimate "oh my god" moment for me. That looks awesome. Especially seeing how I felt Mario games needed more movement options.

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I was not impressed by anything other than NEW DONK CITY. The hat could provide cool mechanics, but I do not like the googly-eyes on it. The graphics overall looked a bit messy and less artistically planned out than 3D World or Galaxy. It feels like they're over-reaching a bit.

Hopefully it turns out great, but I can't say that I'm driven to buy a Switch just for this and Zelda.

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I loved everything that I saw!!!

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I wasn't going to get the Switch, but I'm getting it as soon as this launches. Been waiting years for a "sequel" to Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxy.