Fantasy draft: "It would be great on the Switch"

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If you've listened to anybody talk about video games over the past year, you've probably heard the sentiment: this would be great on the Switch.

So, if you could fantasy draft five games onto the Switch, what wold they be? It's a fantasy, so no limitations here. Exclusives and games that probably couldn't run on the Switch are open here. Let's also assume these Switch ports contain all updates and DLC to date.

  • Burnout Paradise Remastered
  • XCOM 2
  • The Sims 4
  • No Man's Sky
  • Super Mario Maker
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That Radiant Historia rerelease. Or basically anything scheduled to release on the 3DS when the Switch is already a thing.

Also Persona 5. And 4. And 3.

And Doom. Old Doom. The Doom 3 BFG Edition would be cool, actually, because then I could have all the Dooms in one nice portable package.

EDIT: Someone mentioned Tokyo Mirage Session below here and I really second that.

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Hat in Time, Shadow of Mordor/War without all the Shadow Wars "Please buy our microtransactions" nonsense, Witcher trilogy, Arkham Knight, Stories: The Path of Destinies.

Oh and Persona 3 so I can actually play it.

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Every Telltale game.

Speaking of Telltale, holy shit that Verge article.

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Fallout New Vegas (or 3 or 4), Prey, Persona 5, Grand Theft Auto V, Into the Breach.

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I would love to see these titles offeree as collections :

Snatcher and Policenauts

Ogre battle and ogre battle 64

Final Fantasy tactics series

Advance wars series

Jumping flash 1 & 2 and maybe a new game ?

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Considering they seem to be doing every 1st party Wii U exclusive, every time there is a Nintendo Direct, I wait on the edge of my seat for them to announce Tokyo Mirage Sessions for Switch.

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I would love:

Diablo 3 (or any Diablo)


Burnout: Takedown


Borderlands 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That Rhythm Heaven collection

An Elite Beat Agents collection

Spelunky 2

Persona 3

Steins;Gate and its sequel

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Xcom is on Android and runs fine.

And hell yes Diablo 3. Hook it to my veins.

Monster Hunter World. Bring it, Lang. *looks at his copy of borderlands 2 for Vita, weeps*

Mass Effect Thrillogy (though I guess that well's poisoned now for most)

Pretty much any 7th generation game should feasibly be fine on the Switch; that they ever actually make it there is a different story I suppose. In terms of power Switch > Wii U and Wii U > PS3 / 360. Which means we should backport DOOM 2016 on the PS3 / 360. And refrigerators.

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Hotline Miami with a bunch of weird amiibo masks.

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Every game so I can stop hearing the phrase or variation on the phrase "Oh man how great would this be on Switch....".

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As my 360 is drawing it's last and there's no Xbox One on the horizon for me; if a few of the Live Arcade games that didn't make it to Steam were out it would be nice. In fact, if anything goes, Crackdown, RDR, the Orange Box and Halo 3 would make my train journeys that much more pleasant too.

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Shadow Complex



FF7 Remake

Half Life 3

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Xcom series

Grim Dawn

Yakuza series

Dead cells

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Katamari Damacy

We Love Katamari

Fire Emblem Path of Radiance

Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn

Banjo Kazooie

Banjo Tooie

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OP, just a guess, have you been listening to All Fantasy Everything lately?

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A Giantbomb app, or at least an internet browser.

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OP, just a guess, have you been listening to All Fantasy Everything lately?

Hell yeah. I view everything in terms of fantasy draft now.

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Cheating a little with collections here but:

  • Resident Evil 1-6 Collection
  • Fallout New Vegas
  • Bloodborne
  • Castlevania Collection with SOTN and the handheld games
  • Persona 4 Golden
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Is there a Monkey Ball on the Switch? If not, then that. Would work well by tilting the tablet, imo.

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Xcom series for sure (Haven't played 2 yet but one is a must)

Pokemon series (I don't mean to just list series but the entire series should be on this too)

Geometry Wars Evolved

Zero Escape (also a series)

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1-4

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I boxed up my Wii U before finishing Tokyo Mirage Sessions, which is a fine game that I wish supported off-TV play. It's good enough that I'd be shocked if it never made the jump to Switch.

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@hatking: It's a damn good podcast. I spent Friday daydreaming about doing a proper E3 draft on these forums. Because I don't want to think about work at work.

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@personandstuff: I love it. I definitely support all fantasy drafts now. My buddy gave me the recommendation late last year, and I'm addicted. I've been thinking about going back to the episodes I've missed.

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If they put Persona 5 on the Switch I'd have literally no reason to buy a ps4.

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Level-5 recently put out a statememt saying they wanna put out pretty much all their 3DS franchises on Switch, but since this is a fantasy draft I'd like them to take that further. Ni No Kuni 2, anyone?

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NEW 2D Zelda

NEW Majora's Mask style Zelda utilizing the tech of BotW with a rad new game changing twist, but on a relatively quick development cycle.

NEW Paper Mario/Mario and Luigi/Mario RPG. A worthy successor to the Thousand Year Door.

NEW Animal Crossing

Psychonauts 2

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The Silver Case and The 25th Ward

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Better controllers.

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Viva Pinata Series

Diablo 3

Divinity Original Sin 2 or other CRPGs

Civilization V