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#1 Posted by isomeri (3118 posts) -

How are you duders liking your Switch experience after the first few months? Have you had technical issues with the Joy-Con, bending of consoles or scratched screens? And how happy are you with the software, both games and console UI, at this point?

Ever since the launch, I've sort of been waiting for the price of the Switch to drop below 300 euros (launched at around 350 euros in Finland) and for a steady software lineup to reveal itself. With slightly used systems flooding online auction sites and Mario looming, I think I might be ready to make the purchase if most of the technical issues have been resolved.

PS: Any news on cloud storage for saves?

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#2 Posted by ripelivejam (13158 posts) -

Loving it, only technical issue is the left joycon popping off easily but it was due to me dropping it like a bonehead on the bus. Playing stuff on it daily.

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#3 Posted by SloppyDetective (1599 posts) -

I've only had mine for a week but I like it quite a bit. Pro controller feels good, minimalist UI is nice. I don't like the right joy con that much. It feels like the stick is too low and far away from the buttons. I'm pretty used to it by now, but the stretch I have to make from one to the other still feels weird every now and then. Love playing Splatoon and Zelda while watching stuff on my tv though.

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#4 Posted by frytup (1287 posts) -

No technical issues with my Switch and the screen remains scratch-free. It mainly collects dust right now, though. I ran out of steam on Zelda, got bored with Mario Kart, and Splatoon isn't my thing. I've considered selling it, but nah. Mario + Rabbids looks cool, and I'm sure I'll want to play Odyssey.

An official price drop on the hardware seems really unlikely to me. Maybe next year?

No word on cloud saves. As usual, Nintendo works in mysterious ways.

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#5 Posted by viking_funeral (2881 posts) -

It's a great Breath of the Wild platform.

Jokes aside, I'm actually impressed by it. Feels good, decent graphics, good portability, etc. Now I'm just waiting for more games. Right now I only have BotW, Mario Kart 8, and Minecraft on it, and two of those games are not new to me.

The good news is that it's not my only platform for playing games and Mario Odyssey is coming out this year. Still, I would like to see more options in the digital marketplace.

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#6 Posted by wchigo (900 posts) -

No hardware issues although I had a left joy con sync issue that appeared once and never appeared again. Tablet portion is perfectly level and I have a screen protector on so my screen hasn't been scratched. One thing that has started cropping up a bit is that I feel like there is a bit of flex on the joy con where it connects to the tablet and I'm afraid that with enough prolonged stress on that area that it could lead to the joy con possibly snapping off, or at least ruining the 'tab' that keeps the joy con on the tablet portion. As Jeff has previously alluded to on the Switch launch stream, I would've much preferred if the 'tab' was metal rather than plastic. The pro controller is a nice bit of kit, albeit a tad overpriced imo, and was really nice to use when playing Zelda.

Console UI is minimalist and I do like it that way, but there are some minor things that would've been nice like better ways to keep track of playtime for games (a more accurate count would be nice, as opposed to the current "started playing recently" or "around xx hours"). As for software, I put over 115 hours in Zelda and since then I also purchased Shovel Knight and Mighty Gunvolt Burst for a couple of long haul flights. Against my better judgement I also bought Mario Kart 8 Deluxe a week ago when it was $10 off on Amazon, despite the fact that I owned the base game on Wii U, so I'm hoping the purchase pans out with me spending a decent amount of time with it and potentially playing it with the gf.

I never played Splatoon on the Wii U so it looks intriguing, but I'm a bit wary on pulling the trigger on it as the internet allowed to me generally doesn't hold up that well for online games in the past. I'm definitely looking forward to Mario + Rabbids and Mario Odyssey later this year, so thus far I feel like the Switch has been a good purchase and am glad I have it.

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#7 Posted by glots (4292 posts) -

I don't think the WiiU ever went below 300€ in Finland officially, but obviously some stores might sell Switch on a discount (maybe during Black Friday). Still "have to" add a Pro Controller, memory card, game(s) and whatever else to the console price, of course.

I might think about buying one during christmas, if Odyssey sets the world on fire like Zelda did.

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#8 Posted by Sahalarious (765 posts) -

I absolutely live my Switch. Looking at the main list of games right now, this console has given me Splatoon, Zelda, Mario Kart and Arms, while providing me my preferred platform for games like Wonder Boy, Shovel Knight, Isaac, Tetris, and Gonner. I've used it in handheld mode maybe twice, but with the pro controller this is easily my favorite console since the ps2.

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#9 Posted by onyxghost (387 posts) -

I got one of the early Switch's with the broken left joy-con. I sent it in and in three days it was back.

Love the system. I want to play everything on it. I haven't turned on my PS or Xbox since I got it. It's in my backpack at work. I play it everyday. I've dumped 150+ into Zelda.

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#10 Edited by NTM (11741 posts) -

Actually, I just got the system on the twelfth of this month. The UI is easy to navigate, but it's too bare and boring. As for games, the only one I want to play is Zelda and a bit of Mario Kart 8 right now. My brother got Cave Story + but he wants to go through it first, so it's not something I am trying to play right now. Zelda was great but I'm disappointed in the UI and lack of games. I might try the Fast RMX. The things you can do with the system is very basic, so I hope that's improved on later. Like Wii U's ability to show the players the dates you played on, and for how long. That was really neat. You can't really do anything with friends on there except, accept it, deny it or favorite it as well as see what games they played and for how long (though not an exact number).

I just woke up, and I wondered if I'm done with the Switch right now; whether I should play more Zelda (which would only be to go through the master trials) or see what's available on the PS4 and Xbox One since I haven't been on those systems for a while as I've been playing the Switch. The system is fine, no real issue. I never wanted to play the console as a handheld, so I've only done it once, and it isn't comfortable. The placement of the joy-cons when attached feels like it fits little kids' hands. The screen is fine. The only 'glitch' I ran into is that when it's docked, I think if you don't place the system in entirely correct (even if the little dock shows green), you can get some glitches.

On and off red outlines around the UI on the main screen happened yesterday, so I had to take it out and put it back in, which fixed it. It kind of reminded me of old systems like SNES or Genesis that might mess up or something. I'm not sure if it was the system or Zelda, but there were a few times where a very quick, and slight line flashed across the screen on a few occasions as I played Zelda. With the Switch, the only games I want to play are the exclusives and non-exclusive titles that have some benefit on the Switch version, and I'm honestly hoping there are games like that in the way of content. I would feel weird to start playing another system already after just playing one game, but there really isn't anything I want to play right now on there other than maybe more Zelda. I guess Splatoon 2 is out now. My brother is going to get that, so I'll try that with him. It's otherwise not my kind of game.

Lastly, do they show all the games on the store? It doesn't show an 'all games available' kind of tab. Oh, and I use the Pro controller; it's good, though I could argue the trigger are worse as they're more 'clicky' than the PS4 and One's but right now there's no issue with them.

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#11 Posted by RetroMetal (870 posts) -

Love it.

My two wishes, that it were powerful enough to just get any/every game ported to it so I could just be a 1 console person and that the left joycon had a proper D-pad.

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#12 Edited by Bollard (8163 posts) -

Love the hardware, not playing a lot at the moment (I passed on ARMS and will probably skip Splatoon as the first test fire didn't do it for me). Looking forward to Mario immensely though, and I might go so far as importing/using the JP eShop to buy MHXX.

Oh, also fuck their online app stuff.

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#13 Posted by deactivated-5bb67033e3422 (1065 posts) -
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#14 Edited by bmccann42 (403 posts) -

It's fine, though I don't use it much after losing my enthusiam for Zelda, and there isn't much else that I am really excited about.

I don't have a commute, the battery life is pretty garbage, and other than that I don't really have much for the Switch. It's not a bad piece of tech, but I found it a bit disappointing for what it actually cost.

As well am not super-enamoured about spending 80 dollars (Canada) for a game when I could spend 80 dollars on PS4 game, and most of what is coming out seem to be carry overs from the Wii U but at full price.

Totally uninterested in ARMS, or any motion gaming. Mario Odyssey looks good, but I don't have much history with Mario games and really don't have much use for platformers. Mario/Rabbids is interesting, but not 80 dollars interesting. After that I have no idea.

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#15 Posted by BigSocrates (1966 posts) -

I like the hardware fine. I loved Zelda and I really like Mario Kart but I haven't been playing it that frequently lately. I will get into Splatoon at some point.

It's fine for a system near launch, when there's never THAT much to play. The hardware is well thought out and I actually like the barebones UI, which puts the focus on games and being snappy and responsive. The voice chat solution is literally the worst possible implementation possible, so I'm a bit salty about that, but Nintendo is going to Nintendo I guess.

I'm happy with my purchase but I probably wouldn't be if I'd owned a Wii U and been able to play Zelda and Mario Kart there. The Switch is a neat piece of hardware but software wise it is so far just playing the Wii U's greatest hits. We'll see what happens when those Mario games start hitting I guess.

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#16 Edited by jackal128 (3 posts) -

I love my switch but I do feel the console is in dire need of more games. With Odyssey around the corner, it will give me something else to play than BOTW.

I do have some other gripes with the console. The lack of bluetooth support is extremely annoying, as there currently is no way to use a wireless headset other than plugging in a bluetooth transmitter (which i've heard is quite unreliable and less than ideal). I find the battery life is not impressive, with barely 3 hours of juice to get through the day on BOTW. I wonder if there are any third party accessories that can extend the battery life whilst playing in handheld mode (most portable batteries are rather obtrusive and not ideal to use WHILST playing on the device).

All in all, i do love the console and feel it has a lot of potential. My wish is for Persona 5 or the wiiu HD zelda remakes to be released on the switch to expand the game library, fingers crossed (can any bombers give any hint of this becoming a reality?)

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#17 Posted by MezZa (3047 posts) -

Zelda is still amazing, Mario Kart is still a staple in my opinion (although it's be nice to have a new one rather than 8 again), and splatoon 2 is pretty cool. Haven't played arms yet but that seems neat. I'm looking forward to giving Mario a shot, but my main hopes are the Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and hopefully inevitable Smash Bros titles.

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#18 Edited by nicksmi56 (835 posts) -

Adore it. Definitely made the right choice.

Only been playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe so far since I don't wanna play Zelda until after I beat the others, but that game has already taken my spot of favorite Mario Kart ever. The game's silky smooth, driving and especially drifting feel more natural yet more challenging, it looks gorgeous, and the single player is just addictive as hell. This'll be the first Mario Kart where I complete all of the Grand Prix. I also love how the characters FEEL so much more different and unique than before. I actually feel compelled to try out and master different characters and karts rather than picking a favorite and using that combo forever. And playing through a whole round of races with my brother on a plane ride is just amazing. Also, playing on handheld is....surprisingly comfortable and still manages to look beautiful! It's actually my most played method since I'm usually taking it on the go rather than using the dock.

Sonic Mania's coming out in 3 weeks, which looks to be the best 2D Sonic ever created and will get my full attention. I've already got Odyssey pre-ordered and that'll probably take over my life as soon as it comes out as well. And Sonic Forces will be a Christmas present. New Kirby's coming out next year, which I'm super stoked for. Platinum's put out a tease for Bayonetta 1&2 ports, which were my number one most anticipated ports from the Wii U so I'm hyped as hell, and I'm hoping to see more of that console's best titles make their way over. My girlfriend and I are already anticipating plenty of co-op madness with Overcooked, and I may dip my toe in and try some other indies I've had my eye on. And just knowing things like a mainstream Fire Emblem and Metroid Prime 4 are coming makes me very happy.

So far, the Switch has done everything I wanted it to and more.

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#19 Posted by Bowl-of-Lentils (1117 posts) -

I've been having a great experience with my Switch, had it since launch day. My only problems have been my left Joy-Con sometime not responding for a few seconds, like what was reported by many people early on, but I've heard that the new releases of the system have resolved this problem and I could send my Joy-Con into Nintendo to get fixed but I just haven't bothered yet. The lack of software is also a problem but there are a lot of great titles coming out soon and many that have already been released, I'm getting my copy of Splatoon 2 today.

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#20 Posted by rethla (3725 posts) -

Its an absolute fantastic console which is really strange to say about something coming from Nintendo.

It is damn expensive though and i do want more than one game to play, im looking forward to some Mario.

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#21 Posted by Kieran_Smith5 (185 posts) -

It's great! Would recommend one for sure!

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#22 Posted by Zoidberg (232 posts) -

got mine in late april. really enjoying it a lot, though i've only got mario and zelda thus far. splatoon 2 is arriving tomorrow, though, and i'm excited to finish zelda so i can mentally justify picking up another single player focused game. have a wishlist on the eshop of like 8 games currently--can understand why people are frustrated by the lack of games, but as somebody who has been limited to basically ps3 games for the past few years, it's really refreshing to get access to newer games, even if a lot of them are indies or wii u ports.

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#23 Posted by ripelivejam (13158 posts) -

@ntm: the clean straightforward UI is one of the best parts. No bullshit, just give me games front and center.

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#24 Edited by Yesiamaduck (2544 posts) -

Aside from a few LOL nintendo design choices (namely online functionality or lackthereof) I think this console is great. It's arguably my fav handheld of all time and it's so easy to take the console + dock to other peoples houses that it's a great little multiplayer machine.

Games could be cheaper though

I play it more than my PS4 and as a companion to the PC it's bloody marvelous. No build issues as of yet.

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#25 Posted by hippie_genocide (2434 posts) -

Coming off the mostly tepid response of the WiiU, I underestimated the demand for the Switch. Hopefully I'll be able to get one before Odyssey drops. I wouldn't be expecting any price drops. At least in U.S., since stores sell out as soon as they get them there's really no reason for Nintendo to drop the price.

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#26 Posted by Wandrecanada (1011 posts) -

I like the system but with my lack of interest in Breath of the Wild I'm finding there is a definite lack of non competitive or single player titles that aren't just re-releases.

The first real game coming out of high caliber is the Rabbids/Mario game and that's still a while away. Even the only Mario platformer is available in months.

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#27 Edited by vizard1301 (233 posts) -

Ended zelda and have not used it since.

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#28 Edited by inevpatoria (7436 posts) -

Really enjoy it. It isn't my primary gaming platform, but it was never going to be. It has, however, become a much stronger No. 2 for my tastes than the WiiU ever was, and that's considering the WiiU's established library of games.

Being able to play this on the go fits my lifestyle extremely well. Zelda is a great escape, Mario Kart scratches my racing/local multiplayer itch, and Splatoon might very well be my favorite game of the year thus far. I'm locked in for the Pokken rerelease and Mario Odyessy already--which means the Switch already has a ton of value now and moving forward into the future.


EDIT: @isomeri I bought my Switch last month. New off the shelf. Haven't had a single technical hiccup. All of the new models have addressed the Joycon desync issue. The hardware itself holds up really nicely. I get good use out of all the mechanical parts--removing and reattaching Joycons, popping out the kickstand, moving the tablet from dock to handheld and back again.

I play in handheld mode alot. To me, the only essential sub-purchases you'd need to make include a good screen protector, perhaps a longer USB-C cable, and a nice carrying case with the space for your equipment. Using the screen protector, I haven't had a single issue with dock causing scratches. It's literally not even a thought or worry in my mind.

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#29 Posted by Octopusrocketmark (148 posts) -

200 hrs of Zelda, 200 hrs of Mario kart.

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#30 Posted by geirr (3758 posts) -

I'm torn.. I think the Switch as a console is not so good but
I love having it since I LOVE the games I play on it (Zelda, Mario Kart & Splat2n)
I personally don't care about the handheld mode and I would've preferred a box with easier cable management.
The tiny screen is nice and all but completely wasted on our use of it.
It is however small and easily hidden out of view if you don't like the "slate slid into a thing with cables shooting out" look.

Also the pack-in controller(s) are terrible and the pro controller pretty, pretty good but horrendously overpriced.

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#31 Edited by JohnTunoku (418 posts) -

I don't have one, but I've gone from not wanting one to wanting one once Odyessy hits the platform. They really need to update that interface though. Looks like placeholder UI they just didn't bother to update.

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#32 Posted by spamfromthecan (129 posts) -

I like it enough, it just needs more games (that I want to play on it). I only own two currently. Waiting for others.

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#33 Edited by Casepb (671 posts) -

I'm enjoying mine for the most part. For a while all I had was Zelda, then I got Fast RMX. Now I finally have another game which is Splatoon 2, and I'm playing the thing a good bit more. After I beat Zelda I didn't touch it for weeks. I did have one technical issue that freaked me out though.

It was the issue with game cards not reading correctly. I had just received Splatoon 2 and I popped the game in and the game icon showed up on the UI but, when I tried to play it I got an error saying "the game card could not be read". I popped the card out and back in again and still the same issue. So I restarted and another error message popped up as soon as the UI loaded but, then an update on the game started. Oddly enough once that was done the game started up just fine. I popped it out and put in Zelda to see what would happen and it worked fine. So far it hasn't happened again. I'm hoping that was a one time thing but I doubt it.

Guess I should mention I've had a few odd occurrences with the UI not working right in some way. Restarting it always fixed whatever problems though. One was with the wifi refusing to work, another with not being able to load anything what so ever in the menu. I could move the UI selector thing around but when I hit A to start any game or even option nothing happened.

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#34 Edited by NTM (11741 posts) -

@ripelivejam: I understand that view, and I agree that games should be front and center, but it's too bare to me still, and it doesn't have to be. I don't need things like Netflix or what have you, that's not what I'm talking about at all. Like I said as an example, the Wii U had the one thing where it'd give the date and amount of time played, that was cool. Switch's version of that is bad. Pretty boring overall. Even the store seems bare. Not even cheery music plays which has been a staple with Nintendo for the last couple of consoles at least. It needs improvement or just more games that I want to play. I'm also hoping they release older-gen titles, like GameCube games. I have most of the games that are worth having on the system, but if they could put it in HD, then that'd be awesome. Also, Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime trilogy HD, with the use of the pro controller. I'd even re-buy Skyward Sword despite it being my least favorite latest Zelda game if it was in HD and used the pro controller.

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#35 Posted by sfw44 (274 posts) -

I think it's great, it was worth the buy for me. The games are great and the library is coming along. I am looking forward to Mario Odyssey and Metroid.

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#36 Posted by Captain_Insano (3497 posts) -

I've only had mine for a couple of weeks but am really enjoying it so far. I haven't had much time to sink my teeth into any of the games as I have been quite busy with work lately and have been exhausted when at home. I have put a few (maybe 5) hours into Zelda. Splatoon 2 is pretty addictive, I've put probably 5 hours into that but in a much shorter space of time. I'm liking being able to play games while my son watches something on TV. I do like that I can play games on the TV when I feel like that as well. The controls are not as odd as I thought they'd be, and I weirdly prefer the feel of the joy cons (when attached to console or their holder thing) to the Pro Controller, which actually feels a little chunky, or at least the buttons feel chunky.

Looking forward to Mario v Rabbids and Odyssey.

Still remains to be seen if 3rd Parties do much of anything, but it's been a long time since I've had a Nintendo Console (3DS excepted), so I'm looking forward to diving into the greatness that generally are Nintendo first party games.

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#37 Posted by AcidPops91 (110 posts) -

After the initial setup are you ever required to use the Joycons again? I want to sell my Joycons because I only play on the TV with a pro controller.

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#38 Posted by isomeri (3118 posts) -

Thanks for all the insightful answers you all! Looks like I might be on the hook for a Switch.

One more question though. How many of you are just using the Joy-Con controllers with the included grip, and have not bought a Pro controller? The Pro controller is just so dang expensive, and I'm not sure if I want to invest that kind of money on a console which I'll likely only play 3-4 games a year on.

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#39 Posted by FLStyle (6629 posts) -

Love it, although I've barely touched Mario Kart 8 Deluxe I played Breath of the Wild multiple times per week and now I'm playing Splatoon 2, multiple times per week. As long as the games keep coming in I'm going to stick with it for a long time.

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#40 Posted by nicksmi56 (835 posts) -

@isomeri: Put me in the "No Pro Controller" camp. Heck, I haven't used the grip that much either actually.

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#41 Posted by pjgut (56 posts) -

I bought mine a few weeks ago with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and now I have Splatoon 2 and I've been really enjoying the time I've spent with it. I don't have a pro-controller but I've yet to really feel the need for it.

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#42 Posted by inevpatoria (7436 posts) -

@isomeri said:

Thanks for all the insightful answers you all! Looks like I might be on the hook for a Switch.

One more question though. How many of you are just using the Joy-Con controllers with the included grip, and have not bought a Pro controller? The Pro controller is just so dang expensive, and I'm not sure if I want to invest that kind of money on a console which I'll likely only play 3-4 games a year on.

The Joycons are perfectly enjoyable. My preferred way to play is via nunchucks. It's worth looking into one of the charging grips though, especially if you're going to be using the Switch a lot in Dock Mode.

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#43 Edited by Sinusoidal (3608 posts) -

It still hasn't been released in Korea. The Wii was the last Nintendo console to come here. The WiiU was planned to be released, but quietly canceled after it flopped. We've gotten all the handhelds in a very timely manner, but there's still no word on the Switch at all.

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#44 Posted by Shaunage (933 posts) -

No tech issues at all.

I played BotW for a week straight, finished it and basically haven't touched the console once since.

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#45 Posted by azuresama (103 posts) -

Having a good time, accidently generated a few Nintendo advert moments when playing Mario Kart on the train with friends. Splatoon 2 is also good. I see a lot of weird-ass Vita type games on the horizon so if those really do start hitting it'll be perfect.

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#46 Posted by HatKing (7450 posts) -

I like the hardware, but I'm getting impatient for games that aren't just re-releases of Wii U stuff and indie darlings. Mario Kart and Zelda are cool as hell, but not enough to justify the platform on their own. I also move on from games fairly quickly. Mario vs Rabbids is coming soon, and I hope that keeps me happy until Odyssey, but it looks a little bleak after October. How popular it is hopefully will get some third party attention. I'd love something like a Civilization Revolution or Sim City on that platform. It has the horsepower to do that right, and the portability would be clutch.

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#47 Posted by TheFlamingo352 (336 posts) -

Never had the WiiU, so just having access to Nintendo games again is exciting. I got my switch a month ago, and man I forgot how much I like handhelds. Waiting at the DMV yesterday was a fun hour and a half of playing Mighty Gunvolt Burst, and Zelda is...well, it's a good Zelda.

My only qualms right now are the hardware, which often has weird little problems with weird (but doable) solutions. A few weeks ago my joycons were loose, so I put a little tape inside the rail for a snug fit. Two days ago my left analog stick was clicking properly, but WD40 fixed that. I don't think owning a console for a month should warrant so many issues, but I'm happy as long as I can fix them.

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#48 Posted by Hosstile17 (844 posts) -

@isomeri: I haven't touched mine other than to put the neon yellow joycon on it since I beat Zelda months ago. Just waiting on that Mario.

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#49 Posted by nmetzger (2 posts) -

As someone who loved the vita for playing indie games, the Switch to me is the successor to that, with the added benefit of all the fantastic Nintendo 1st party games. Suffice to say, I'm in absolute love with it and play it daily. Two things that aren't huge complaints, but more wishes, are 1. More indies, and 2. Some achievement/trophy system

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#50 Posted by Shindig (4910 posts) -

Waiting for a catalog to build up but I wouldn't feel screwed if I bought one now.