Nintendo Direct 3/8/18

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New Direct means new announcements!

  • Crash N-Sane Trilogy coming to Switch
  • Smash Bros coming to Switch featuring Splatoon Inklings as characters
  • Okami HD coming to Switch
  • Captain Toad Treasure Tracker coming to Switch and 3DS including Odyssey levels
  • Octopath Traveler releases on July 13
  • Hyrule Warriors releases on May 18
  • Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion with single and multiplayer content and the ability to play as an Octoling
  • Undertale coming to Switch
  • Little Nightmares Complete Edition coming to Switch
  • Mario Tennis Aces comes out on June 22nd, with a Pre-Launch Online Tournament for those who want to try it out
  • South Park Fractured But Whole coming to Switch with all DLC
  • Warioware Gold for 3DS, with over 300 mini games
  • Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido coming to Switch
  • Solaire Amiibo which gives you 'Praise the Sun' emote in Dark Souls
  • Oh, and Lugi's Mansion and Bowser's Inside Story are both being remade and coming to 3DS. Inside Story is getting a second campaign like Superstar Saga did, featuring Bowser Jr.
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Juuuust waiting for more Metroid Prime news... (Be it Metroid Prime 4 or Metroid Prime trilogy HD!)

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So the recent rumours of Crash coming to other platforms is true and that means that the rumoured Spyro Trilogy Remakes, which was a second part of those rumours is also probs true. I'm super hyped about that!

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Captain Toad and a Solaire's almost like Nintendo insist on keeping me happy.

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Side note: The Splatoon 2 DLC is the single player content and Octolings *providing you beat the game I believe*. The new cosmetics and multiplayer content is free.

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They announced a bunch of ports but no Tokyo Mirage Sessions, I am sad.

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Crash and Sonic on a nintendo platform.

it is almost as if my 7th grade console allegiances meant nothing

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2018's "Please Stop" should be 3DS exclusives

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@freakache: Super agree with this ?

Luigi's mansion and Warioware for the switch please! ? They even announced a 3DS game for *2019*

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It's not an announcement but "No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again" got a gameplay trailer.

Loading Video...

It doesnt really look like a proper NMH game but it was always pitched as something different. If this is a budget game like "Short Peace Rankos Tsukigimes Longest Day" I might bite but I dont think i'm going to pay full price for this and i'm a pretty big NMH/Suda 51 fan.

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Heyyyy, more ports! If I didn’t already own most of the games being ported I’d probably be more excited. I will be dumb enough to buy that Solaire amiibo, however.

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This is gonna sound odd, but I actually think I'm most excited for Captain Toad of all things XD had my eye on that game ever since it debuted on Wii U, but was never able to play it. Guaranteed buy, as is Octopath.

Crash in 2nd probably since I'm a sucker for platformers. I gotta give that demo at GameStop another go tomorrow. Didn't take to it the first time, but I was also super exhausted from the gym and only played for like a minute so that may very well be why.

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I'm ALL IN for operation Port Entire Wii U Catalogue To Switch (PEWUCTS)

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My thoughts: "Port Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE to the Switch you cowards (also Octopath Traveller is coming out, cool, and Okami HD is coming out, cool, I can buy Okami again and never play it, cool)!"

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As someone without a Switch I'm just glad I can play the new WarioWare

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Now I wish I would have held out for Okami HD and Crash.

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@fram said:

I'm ALL IN for operation Port Entire Wii U Catalogue To Switch (PEWUCTS)

It's certainly the way things are headed, since it seems like many of those development projects must've been a net loss when they were released on the Wii U.

I wish they would make good new Mario RPG games, instead of just remaking old ones for the 3DS. Somehow the stars aligned and Bowser's Inside Story had really funny writing/localization, so maybe I'm open to playing it again, but every Mario & Luigi since then has been kinda ho-hum, and Paper Mario has been bad for ages.

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Boy that's a lot of ports, can't say I'm in any hurry to get a Switch. Never got around to Bowser's Inside Story though, might check that out. Edit: Octopath does look promising though.

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Was really holding out for a Tokyo Mirage Sessions port announcement but all these other Wii U ports bodes well for my hopes. Octopath continues to look really nice and it looks like Mario Tennis might be good again except for the weird racket break mechanic. The Solaire Amiibo is something I didn't know that I wanted until now.

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I was kind of expecting Smash, but seeing Wario Ware return makes me so giddy. I'm glad its a 3DS game because the stylus feels like such a perfect fit for that style of game, it's still a great handheld. Also, I love Dark Souls and Solaire but not touching that amiibo with a ten foot pole (legitimately looking forward to that network test though).

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Stoked for some Smash Bros and Mario Tennis!

Aw yiss :D

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The Luigi's Mansion port is the only thing that got me excited.

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The new Wario Ware being a 3DS game is a bummer. But, being able to play as Chain Chomp might have sold me on Tennis. I always wanted to play Captain Toad too, and that Solaire Amiibo is something I probably need.

Given their continued efforts to bring Wii U games over I really hope the next port is Mario Maker, I need it in my life.

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Excited for Toad and Tennis. I've never really liked Smash...

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Every time i think about smash brothers i think about it's fantastic community and that guide a female member wrote on how to converse with girls...... Fuck i hate smash so much !

Also more power to Wario !

Also i kinda hate amiibo's but that Solaire one might get me into them Y.

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Cool to see Octopath coming out so soon, looking forward to picking that one up.

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I'm very disappointed with how No More Heroes looks. I was hoping for a full game but it looks like essentially a mini game collection.

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You had me at "Solaire Amiibo."

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Welp, looking at my predictions in the prediction thread, I didn't do so hot. Only got 2 predictions somewhat right which were Octopath Traveler basically taking out the Project name and getting more info and Dark Souls Footage. Otherwise, I really enjoyed this Direct. Though I'm jealous of my brother who has a 3DS because he's lucky he can play a new Warioware and a Luigi's Mansion remaster on that system.

Yes a good amount of games announced for the Switch were either ports of Wii U games or ports of third party games, but that serves as a good opportunity for someone like myself who only has a Switch and finally has an opportunity to try these games out. Also I say the more 3rd party support, the better.

Mario Tennis Aces looks like a major redemption story for Camelot after what was suppose to be a barebones package in Mario Tennis Ultra Smash. Instead of going to Wii U port route with more content, they're making a new game with a complex tennis system, a meaty story and a playable Chain Chomp. I'm in.

Going back on Octopath, I was already in after playing through the demo and the game looks even more promising. Espechailly with characters getting 2 jobs in battle. I'm looking forward to turning Olberic the stoic war veteran man into a sexy dancer. Also the fact that this game is coming out in July is a little earlier than I was anticipating and I can't wait.

I'm with Ben in that I'm disappointed they didn't declare whether Smash is a port or an entirely new game in the announcement, but that trailer was still hype and I can't wait to see what it looks like in game.

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@mocbucket62 said:

I'm with Ben in that I'm disappointed they didn't declare whether Smash is a port or an entirely new game in the announcement, but that trailer was still hype and I can't wait to see what it looks like in game.

Well, they brought Sakurai back for it and he's apparently been working quietly on it for a while. Plus it has its own new site and they say they can't tell us the title yet. All signs point to it being a new game.

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I'm so hyped for Octopath, but I'm being swiftly reminded about how Nintendo handles collector's editions. I want to support the devs for this game as much as possible, but I had to go through the following to nab it: days of searches since the Direct, an un-searchable product on Amazon (you had to have the direct link to the product to find it), finding out it was sold out through the direct link in like a few hours, contacting Amazon to get it added to inventory so it was a searchable product, then getting absurdly lucky through email alerts when it got restocked in the next few hour window.

It's anxiety I wish I didn't have to deal with. I feel so spoiled with how Atlus handled Persona 5's collector's edition run: keep preorders completely open for like 5 months and just make enough as were ordered plus some to stock the shelves. Nintendo continues to be a scalper's paradise.

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#35 Posted by MezZa (3058 posts) -

@joedangerous: Yeah it's stuff like that which makes me glad there really aren't any Nintendo collectors editions I care about right now. But if Fire Emblem gets a pretty good one this time around I may have to deal with that stress.