Girl reached Pluto and we're headed for the sun next

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After 2468 days girl has finally reached Pluto unlocking what we thought was the final environment for the game.

It's not over yet we now begin to stretch girl the other way to have her reach the sun and doing so we'll unlock Venus and Mercury environments as well when each planet is reached with the end goal being girl stretched to the sun.

This game is weird and this level of continued support even weirder.

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Is it continued support or was that stuff always in the game waiting to be unlocked?

I should download this again.

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...So she has to stretch all the way back to Earth and then onwards? I guess I'll check back in a decade for the next update then.

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Now we're going the other way?

We'll reach the sun in time for my kids to check it out.

Thanks for the update by the by.

Noby Noby Boy is one of the first GB QLs I think and is effectively part of the site's lore.

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For video evidence of this miraculous achievement by mankind.

There was about a month after this came out where I spent 1-2 hours a day just stretching and was pretty high on the leaderboards for a bit. Should probably add no drugs were involved. Was also fun to show friends it for the first time and watch their confusion about it.

Looking forward to another ~7 years of it!

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This game is eternal, it seems. Can't say I knew what we were getting into in that original Quick Look.

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this is the most genius video game of all time

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I've provided y'all a little something for historical purposes...


Note that GIRL left the Earth on February 19th 2009, exact time unknown.

Moon2009 - February 2300040,000,384,400
Mars2009 - May 2300920,225,000,000
Jupiter2009 - November 2002750,550,390,000
Saturn2011 - January 1906980,655,000,000
Uranus2011 - December 3110931,448,950,000
Neptune2014 - March 618411,627,450,000
Pluto2015 - November 2324681,421,200,000
The Sun??5,906,380,000 (est.)?

Just as useful, the Jeff Gerstmann / Ryan Davis Studio B Quick Look of Namco-Bandai's Noby Noby Boy, one of the earlier quick looks on the site (#29 or 30 I think for you collectors out there! :P).

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And finally, a note from Wikipedia about the "multipliers" which are applied to BOY's reported length:

Every now and then Keita will choose specific weeks for "Lucky Week", which is a week where each day a random number is chosen and every time the player reports his or her length, it will be multiplied by that number. The first was from May 11 to May 22, 2009. There were rumors of another one in June as right after Lucky Week finished Keita wrote, "About Lucky week Thanks to everyones effort, GIRL has managed to stretch out a lot!! Still a long way to go in reaching Mars but we will see you in June for the time being!".[13] A "Lucky Weekend" was held on July 4 and 5, 2009 with all lengths multiplied by 99. During the weekend following New Year's Day 2010, the multiplier was 2010. Currently, the multiplier is 2015 indefinitely.

- Wikipedia's page on Noby Noby Boy
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I don't often say this for obvious reasons but a rerelease for this on ps4 I wouldn't mind...

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Game definitely needs a PS4 port.

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Um... the real dark souls starts here?

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This is important.

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Is this what watching the Moon landing felt like?

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All humor aside, I'm just glad to find this weird, creative thing still finding a way to stay alive after all this ridiculous time.

It's a strange constant that brings a smile to my face.

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@teddie said:

...So she has to stretch all the way back to Earth and then onwards? I guess I'll check back in a decade for the next update then.

I'm confused. Is GIRL stretching all the way back from Pluto, or is she just stretching from Earth? I thought it was the latter. Luckily, we're a lot closer to the Sun than we are Pluto, so...

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You gotta report your length to girl, boy. Show her how you stretch.

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I'm glad that the game that created the best Quicklook continues to have new stuff happen in it, That Parrot is on ICE!

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Time to re-upload my shop from five years ago. Good lord it's been a while.

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I like my girls long.

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This is amazing!

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oh man.... we need 3x the length we got for Pluto in order to get to The Sun... that's going to take some time.

Hopefully we get a re-release or something on PS4/PC in order to speed up the process a little bit. I must know.



So Girl has stretched 575850.9 KM per day over the past six years or so. In order to get to the sun Girl must stretch 5,906,380,000 KM. If Girl continues to stretch at her current rate, it will take 10,256.7 days to reach the sun.

So currently we are on pace for girl to reach the sun on 3/20/2037

I will be 47 years old when Girl reaches Sun.

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@turboman: OMFG! I too will be 47.

Thx for putting things in perspective.

Can anyone confirm if girl needs to now stretch the other way from earth or travel back to earth?

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Fucking A.

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I just wish they released the Noby Noby Boy app for Android! I would be giving Girl my length way more often if they did.

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Seems like it would have been faster to head to the sun first before heading all the way out to Pluto.

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Congratulations to Girl. Now to end your life in the Su- oh wait, we still have Mercury and Venus fuuuuuuuck!

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@dan_citi said:

Game definitely needs a PS4 port.

Absolutely. Watching the "Pluto touchdown" really made me want to go back and play it. The game had some awesome music, and all the style you'd want.

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One thing I've been wondering for a while now - Did I somehow manage to luck into being on at the exact right time to witness Girl's arrival at a planet the one time I randomly decided to check up on Noby Noby boy on a lark, or does it just automatically show you whatever progress has been made since you last logged on?

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@lork: it automatically shows you the most recent progress

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Lame. I should've just assumed I was absurdly lucky and lived in blissful ignorance forever.

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@l1ghtn1n: I forgot just how good the music in that game is. God damn those are some beats.

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So great that this is still a thing.

Is it a good idea for Girl to reach the Sun? Y'know, with how hot it is and everything.

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#36 Posted by jakob187 (22960 posts) - still happening?

This game is still a thing?

Sometimes, your faith in humanity is restored absolutely. This is one of those moments. Goddamn, I love that this is still a thing.

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i love video games because you can say stuff like girl reached Pluto and it means something important

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I'm just amazed someone keeps footing the bill to keep the Girl server online.

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So this doesn't seem to be posted anywhere else just yet, but the game now seems to be over? (h/t @hs21)

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From the video's description:

Published on Dec 14, 2015

Today, the in-game multiplier got increased from 20,015 to 2,000,015! Even with the previous multiplier, The Sun was only a month away or so, but with the new one it got finished in a matter of hours. So many meters were submitted so quickly (largely from one player who submitted ~3 million meters before the multiplier), that GIRL reached The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Earth all at once, triggering the end of the game!

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@dudeglove: Seems like a good way to end it.

What a weird wonderful thing.

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What a time to be alive.