Favourite Job Combinations?

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Loving this game so far, having finished everyone's chapter 1 and now looking to get all the secondary jobs since the difficulty is spiking for chapter 2.

What combinations have worked well for people? I gave Tressa (my main) the Scholar job because of the Merchant skill that halves SP, plus she already has Wind, meaning one character can cover most of the elemental weaknesses.

So I was wondering what else you have found powerful or synergises well, particularly for H'aanit and Therion because I see both of those as pretty valuable.

Presumably it helps to keep the jobs aligned between Elemental or Physical damage, so you don't have to compromise on equipment?

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@gerrid: On top of compromising on equipment, you also get bonus stats from the classes (you can see the numbers change color when you try to swap) so staying magic/magic and physical/physical will complement each job better with stats.

I haven't had time to play much in a bit so I dunno if you get new jobs later or what, I only have the base classes. But for me making Therion a hunter seems really good, you can hit every physical weakness except spear and the passives work well together for the most part. He's my primary physical damage dealer.

I made Cyrus a Dancer which has worked really well since you increase the amount of elemental weakness he can hit, and casting peacock strut on himself while you wait for boost points is a fantastic way to set up some huge burst.

Ophilia is a scholar, because having two scholars is just supremely useful. I can't tell if it's just the best class for early game or if it's gonna be like this all the way through, but goddamn she and Cyrus are messing everything up like it's nothing.

My fourth character has been rotating depending on the chapter I'm doing, but it's usually Olberic with alchemist. It fills out the team nicely because I have all the most relevant overworld commands in my team. And in combat he can use spears and cover to fill out my weakness exploitation and defend the very squishy rest of team.

I've also primarily been making the low level "insert other member here" warrior and give them the beefiest hp accessory and high defense armor etc. Means they won't just die from their awful level and in a pinch they can take a hit with cover to save my useful party. :P

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@tobbrobb: Ophilia as Cleric/Scholar and Cyrus as Scholar/kind of anything else does pretty much steamroll most things. Seems like Therion as Thief/Hunter and Olberic as Warrior/whatever else you need pretty much satisfies any combat need you'll have throughout the game. That also lets you do all four path actions, though two of those are the Rogue versions and two are the Noble versions so that might bug some people.

Tressa is also a pretty great character if you're getting tired of Therion or Olberic. H'aanit can deal a ton of physical damage as well - though both of those latter two just don't fill as many niches as those four I listed.

Alfyn and Primrose are fine, but their primary classes aren't terribly useful outside of boss fights so I just tend to not use them all that much. Even Alfyn's Concoct ability, after exploring it some, hasn't made him that much more useful in combat. I don't feel like they cause that much damage, either, so this is a game where the medic is also one of your most indispensable damage dealers.

At least in my experience, I've played the game for 43 hours. I haven't finished everyone's chapter 3 yet, even though I could go do just that at any time.

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Alfyn as a thief is a really fun combo. He can access two new weapons in swords and daggers and with the ability to do armor corrosive to reduce the defense of an enemy of a boss, he can precede with a maxed out amputation or last stand to deal some serious damage. Plus it opens up for the rest of the team to land heavy weapons. Plus him being able to reduce physical attack power and stealing SP so he can rehabilitate or heal the team is real nice too.

I also have Tressa as a Warrior and she went from being a good support character to now becoming a tank in her own right. Being able to do incite to encourage enemies to hit her while they're stunned and then do a sidestep makes for a good defensive counter on the enemy. Plus she can max out her own physical attack and that can be handy for tenderizing enemies before you collect.

Also Cyrus as a Dancer is the best. He can either buff himself with Peacock Struts or he can buff physical members with lion dance and their attacks can be ridiculously high. Sometimes the Mole Dance has saved Cyrus from complete destruction too (He has the lowest health on my team).

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@justin258: Yeah I kind of fell into my habits of trying to find the most jack of all trades set up I could find. Having all four path actions was intentional. The noble/rogue action stuff is just thematic right? It's not some dark side light side shit?

One thing I've noticed is that there's a few bird enemies in a couple of areas that are only weak to wind and bows.... In those encounters Therion has had to do all the work and my double scholars have been absolutely useless. If there's ever a boss with wind and physical as it's primary weakness I might actually have to rethink the party for that. XD

EDIT: I actually like Alfyn or a subclass alchemist on the party even with Ophilia. The single target heal is very good for bosses that don't do AOE, and having an on-command esuna/status deleter I's very useful. Though for all intents and purposes he could be replaced with items if you just spend the money... I'm just a lil cheap I guess.

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So I had a lot of success with:

Prim: Dancer + Scolar

H'annit: Hunter + Warrior

Alfyn: Apothocary + Dancer

Theryon: Thief + Merchant.

Theyron is a MP battery, regains basically all MP with each boosted MP steal, then uses that to keep Prim and H'annit MP ready, H'annit is doing between 3-8k depending on boost, and around 22k if she uses her ult skill, which she can do multiple times as long as Theryon keeps her MP up. Heal with alfyn as necessary, Prim is primary DPS using two hit magic each time.

This is halfway through chapter 3.

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@mesoian: I was going to say that I made Primrose a scholar for prepping her for Ch 2 (since I switched out Cyrus) and I was pretty unimpressed with her power. Maybe it was just her relatively low level but she was not doing much damage at all.

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@matatat: IIRC - I had stolen a soul knife off an NPC at the time so her magatk was very high. I can't remember specific numbers ATM, but it was definitely higher than Cyrus'. Currently half way through chapter four and she's doing between 8-10k without boost, but there's a lot of gear involved there. Granted, she's my protagonist so she'll always be the highest level anything.

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For my main party I just equipped new jobs as I found them, so this is what I ended up with:





Not the best job distribution if you want to maximize weapon access, but I felt like it fits the characters, and it's worked well enough for me. If I had to do it all over again though, I would've made sure to keep at least Olberic/Haanit and Therion in my main party for their path actions.

Now that these classes have been maxed out (except for their secondary Divine skill), I'm focusing more on getting them the right Support skills. Both Dancer and Merchant come with skills that add to survivability and decrease SP use, so I'm giving everyone Merchant skills first, and if there's still time, Dancer skills later.

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My main is primrose and I've had her pretty much always seconding as a scholar unless I have cyrus in my party in which case I switch her to cleric. I focus on her elemental attack/evasion stats and she's delivering exceptional elemental damage.

For olberic I almost always have him seconding as hunter and ha'aint is always seconding warrior. Their health and damage output plus weapon diversity makes them excellent.

For ophelia I have been making her a merchant, but I leveled up her dancer skills to where she gets the sp heal every turn. So I have her sp usage halved, her sp level is raised, and she recovers sp every turn.. shes basically a non stop healing machine capable of casting "heal more" every turn without ever losing any sp.

Therion and alfyn are tricky. Therion I usually have as a hunter unless ha'aint is in my party and then I switch him to apothecary. Hes basically my stats guy. He lowers armor, slows enemies, increases my peoples accuracy and crits. This also works well with the dancer for even more stat adjustments especially when equipped with the support skill to make all stat adjustments last an extra turn. I just rarely use it because prim is my main. Otherwise I make him apothecary for the axe and rehabilitate. Alfyn I have second as a warrior generally as well because his health gets very high, and he does exceptional damage with that axe. But he also works well as a cleric, though I find it is better to have 2 people capable of healing in case one goes down or becomes incapacitated so I'm not a huge fan of this combo.

Tressa is also excellent as a warrior, and her battle cries make me very happy. The voice actress was excellent for her. However I've recently been playing around with her as a cleric and thief from time to time which have both worked out well.

Finally cyrus... cyrus is dull. I think his class is essential to have, but for me, primrose does his job better than he does. When I have to have him in there I make him a merchant so that he has all the elemental magic as his disposal with sp halver.

I'm about 80 hours in and I've finished olberic, ophelia and therion's stories and I'm still finding fun new combos for my party which is one of the better parts of this game.