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Anyone else buy a 40 today? I'm curious because I did. It has been a while, but the Beasties put a bug in my ear, and I had to do it.

I took Dans advice and bought two Mickeys for myself, and one ol E for my gf. I'm in Colorado, and getting 5.6 ABV :(. Horizon to follow. Should be amaze.

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As a Norwegian I have no idea what a 40 is. I have over time realized it's probably a bottle of 40 ounces of alcoholic beverage but I don't know what kind and why it's 40. It's kind of interesting to learn as it develops.

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@hellbrendy: A kind of beer that is supposed to have a high ABV. But 5.6% just sounds like a scam, why is it so low compared to other states?

Where I live there's an inexpensive and heinous-tasting beer with 10.2% ABV that I sometimes get for fun. It's like drinking two beers at the same time. Not something I recommend drinking without having thoroughly paralyzed your taste buds beforehand though.

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If you want high as fuck almost 9% alcohol rating and the taste of pure gasoline: Steel Reserve has got your back

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I wish I could buy 40s!

For those located either outside of the states or in places where 40oz are hard to come by what do you use as your replacement?

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I don't like spending money on drinking pennies, so I instead opted for a pack of budlight beer-itas which are a guilty pleasure of mine.

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There are craft beers with a higher ABV than 5.6%. You want an instant hangover in a can? Any of the Mike's Harder Lemonade/Sparks/4Loco malt beverages will do ya.

There's a beer that comes in a quart can called "Shipwrecked" that's a triple IPA that runs $8 and is 9% ABV.

As far as 40s go, Mickey's is the right choice, though.

@hnke: It's not really a scam considering how cheap it is.

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Not sold in Florida.

This state sometimes.

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Since I live in Florida, and there are no 40ozs sold, and since my local gas station didn't seem to have any traditional malt liquors, I got a large can of Watermelon 4 Loko and Apple Red's Hard Ale and watched 2 Fast 2 Furous and Tokyo drift with the commentary. The Reds was particularly vile, though I got used to it, despite being 4% lower in alcohol than the 4 Loko.

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So I managed to find a 32oz of Olde English and for my first real malt liqour experience I thought it was pretty good. I don't get why people hate on malt liquor as being terrible. It tasted like a Budweiser to me... yeah, it ain't an awesome trappist beer or nothing, but it was cheap and smooth.