A friend of mine might be in trouble, what can I do?

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Edit: my friend is safe now, so thanks for the support!

I've reasons to believe that someone who I was playing with has suicidal tendencies. I have not heard of them in the last couple of days and I'm getting worried. I've tried to get in touch with everyone on his friend's list and even contacted Playstation support in hopes they can reach him.

I'm kind of scared right now and can't sleep.

Is there anything else I can do? He lives in France and I don't know who I can contact since I don't know him in real life.

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Without knowing his real name/address you're pretty limited I think. Messaging the people on his friends list was a good idea, but I think that's the most you can do.

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I think you've done all you can in the given circumstances, you've probably done more than a lot of other people would. Remember, sometimes people feeling very low will just take a break from the day-to-day things they do when they are trying to recover or work their way through it. This person's absence might just be them taking a bit of time away rather than the worst outcome. I have had issues with depression/mental ill health for periods of my adult life and when it comes back I tend remove myself from almost all online activity and gaming can be difficult due to lethargy, lack of an attention span or finding the subject matter challenging.

Keep keeping an eye out for them, hopefully they pop up in the near future feeling better - France has some good healthcare so hopefully they are engaging with a support service.

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Thanks for the tips guys, I'll just hold out for now.

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@oodli: Do not worry! You can not change anything in this case. Next time, if you see, take the phone number.

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@oodli: Make sure, when you do hear back from them, that this person knows how much they mean to you. Don't make them feel bad for worrying you, but make it clear you care. Sometimes that is all we need to hear to get us out of a depression. Hoping for the best!

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That's quite a bump!

Thanks again for the help. My friend got back after a week so I cooled down by now. They are doing much better now and I'm trying to help however I can.

Really appreciate the support, it definitely helped me keep my cool.