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Hey everyone!

I had Patrick Klepek on a recent episode of my podcast to talk about his thoughts on a bunch of different topics: from his relationship with his fans – branching off from a previous article he wrote about the topic – to the current democratization of games criticism and media, as well as some of his favorite games he's played this year (spoiler: The Quiet Man did not make the cut). If you're like me and you've been a fan of Patrick's work since his time at Giant Bomb (or before!), I'd love for you to give this episode a listen and share your thoughts on our discussion!

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I will listen to this podcast if you tell me whether or not Patrick addresses why he refuses to let me watch him play horror games. Why, Patrick, why?

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@eurobum said:Youtube is replete with self-congratulatory narcissists, but only young people desperate to self-portray, find and define themselves admire that quality. Given the slightly more mature crowd, I'm not surprised he wasn't very popular here or so it seems. It's too bad really, because he has some interesting stuff to say on occasion. He hasn't changed much it seems.

Regardless how ambitious the people are you have assembled, if you make them record podcasts for hours every week that content will be just as lowbrow as anything else, though probably less likable. Good work just takes considerably more re-writes, effort, humility and preparation then say streaming or shooting the shit. Could this be the reason I bounced off so hard looking at Waypoint every time, even though I also kind of like Rob and Austin.

Given how much they write they should read each other articles, then quote them and rip into each other with vicious criticism. Now that's the waypoint-radio I'd tune in for. Instead of patting each other on the back and having the audacity to instruct their listeners to go and read their rants.

*never-ending fart noise*

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@htr10: Not much horror game talk, I'm afraid! I'm a big weenie when it comes to horror games, so I think Patrick's and my tastes don't have much overlap there. I think I tried watching a FNAF let's play of his once - alone at home and at night for some dumb reason - and I think I stopped halfway through cause I was too spooked.

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@eurobum: My dude, just because it's not 2019 yet doesn't mean you need to try and slide in with the worst take of 2018.

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The episode is exciting, I liked it. Criticism is misplaced

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I'm a crazy fan of Patrick, really looking forward to his return to this forum!