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We can all appreciate both the visual and functional design of consumer electronics. Which products would you put in the top tier in these two categories? Obviously, Apple's success has been greatly helped by their design work. Also, I'd say Fuji has a handle on making some good looking cameras.

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What jumps to mind?

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I think that the Samsung Galaxy S8/S9 with their curved screens look pretty incredible when they're in black.

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It's pretty old and doesn't do a whole lot now but visually I adore my Apple Power Mac G4 Cube. The aesthetic and the way you can just lift out the hardware is still so elegant (even if it is largely pointless as it's barely upgradeable -- typical). Clearly form over function..

And no. I don't ever plan on turning it into a fish tank!

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i'm a big fan of outboard music gear where you manually dial in your parameters. presets be damned!

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Just look at that thing! It's a cube! It has a handle!

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I still think this has a 'classic aesthetic'. It is not as functional today as it seemed in 1984, but the shape just evokes "a computer".

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I love the look and feel of the Vita. Playing Spelunky on that thing still makes me feel wonderful.

The Switch has been a good way to play modern indie games, but it can't match the handheld perfection of holding a Vita.

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The Apple Newton.

It was crappy as an actual piece of hardware. The greyscale screen was hard to look at all the time and the handwriting recognition was crap.

But damn if it didn't make you feel cool holding it. For my money it felt better to carry around than an iPhone or iPad, which were its natural successors. Like an actual piece of hardware rather than the over-designed, overpriced, ubiquitous devices Apple spits out today.