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Hey folks,

I was a big fan of F1 in my youth when Jordan flew the Irish flag for F1. The ALT+F1 podcast has rekindled my interest in the sport, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the podcast. I watch the new season when I can, but I find myself either watching the race after the fact or watching the excellent BBC highlights show.

I think a lot of people are probably in the same situation as me in that they record and then watch the race when they have time. Here is my suggestion : A commentary track! The Double D's could hang out and watch a race together, and record a commentary track to go along with it... in real time. The track would just be an audio file, which people could sync up with and listen to as they are watching the race. The syncing could be easily done by timing it with the race start signals.

I know this sounds kind of crazy, and I wouldn't expect this to be the way they do the podcast, but I think it might be kind of fun as a once off. Just an idea! What y'all think?

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That would be great!

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@kibafang666: The idea came to me as I was watching the Bahrain race alone and screaming my head off. It was incredibly tense, I was literally grinding my teeth. I would love to have heard the Double D's (I am never going to let go of that @drewbert@dannyodwyer) reactions!

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Well one problem that jumps out at me is that it seems near impossible to get a copy of the race with "natural sounds" only, legally. So you'd be listening over the other commentators.

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I think it's a great idea! Maybe only for special, or final races in the season? Putting myself in their shoes, I would find it challenging to justify recording something that requires the audience to jump over such a high barrier of entry, ex. syncing the audio track to a recorded version of a race that has already happened. I know, I know... it is not hard at all, but how many people would actually do that? A live commentary (as live as it can be, latency and all) would also be pretty cool.

Whatever, either way my vote is a resounding "yes".

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Didn't they try this with Alex and Rorie at screened and got into a whole host of legal problems?

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@dudeglove: hmm I don't know why they would, as long as the track is just the commentary only. The comedy button podcast has some great movie commentaries on their site, they even sell some of them. Aint no law against talking!