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@instantryan: I stopped watching anime up until Luffy arrived to save Ace. I stopped manga a bit after all of that. I just don't like the art style, how action scenes are drawn in manga and how busy some panels are. I know I am in minority.

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@edgaras1103: The sad thing is that I still prefer it over most other cartoons. It wasn't always this bad though it seems you might feel differently. I feel like I'm still better off than say, WWE fans, who are far more masochistic. Compared to that I think 12-15 minutes a week is a pittance. This other guy pretty much says the truth of it.

@edgaras1103: Watching One Piece every weekend for over a decade means the torture never stops. It's too ingrained into my soul

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@instantryan: @mezmero: I have to see this one piece arc through but oh my god is it terrible. No sense of pacing in the fights whatsoever. I'm now just skipping over 2/3 of every episode because it's all bullshit useless reaction shots and scenes with characters that don't matter.

After the garbage of the last 2 arcs I'm not sure why I expected them to turn it around in Dressrosa but I feel like this arc is somehow worse in some respects. Truly disappointing.

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@mezmero: Oh I don't think it's bad, I think it is really really good manga. I like the characters and abilities but like I said, the art style is not to my liking. And I binged anime for a straight month or so. But it just dragged more and more with each episode and I just lost my patience.

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@edgaras1103:See I've always liked how much the art looks more like a Saturday morning cartoon than the typical anime art style that has killed so many other battle shounen epics for me. I fully recognize how sharp the art in the manga is but for me I just like having the soundtrack and color treatment that have become prolific for me over the years. Right now the problem is that the plot and world building side of things has started to fall apart in addition to the crap production. An over reliance on devil fruits as plot devices and the increasingly nebulous nature of 'Haki' as a concept are only a few of the things that make it really hard to invest in anything that's happening anymore in the fight scenes.

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@seinenfeld:Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu is so good. I had no idea what Rakugo (the performance art) was until I was about 10 minutes into the first episode and found myself in a deep youtube hole. I especially liked that they used the 44 minutes well, establishing some strong characters and putting us in the audience for a full-length performance.

Decided to watch the first episode of a bunch of stuff this season and eliminate whatever I wasn't feeling by the 3rd or 4th episode.

Musaigen no Phantom World is first. I will fully admit to being a KyoAni fanboy but this show is testing me. I haven't found a single character worth caring about and whatever plot there may be hasn't reared it's head at all. The colorful pixelated treatment and Reina's Kirby-esque inhalation are the only redeeming qualities of this show so far. Ep 2 relied very heavily on a every character making lewd displays for little apparent reason. It felt a bit too voyeuristic for my taste. If ep 3 shows no signs of improvement I may drop.

Norn9. Not really into this one either. Seems very concerned about setting up it's concocted arcane mysteries and probably not much else. Design of the ship is cool but unfortunately it's filled with some bland characters. Probably dropping.

Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu. A female-led Saekano? That's probably okay, I liked Saekano and this seems to have a cast with a little more depth and less of a creepy harem vibe so I'm onboard. The straight-laced loner Sayuki is enjoyable. Will continue.

Prince of Stride. Male-heavy parkour school club, a Free! Running if you will (sorry). This show has a modern visual aesthetic that I am very much into. Lots of straight lines, clean serifs etc. Apart from that it's pretty much your standard sports anime albeit the sport is not one you often think of and the action so far is fast and frantic. There's the too-cool-for-school club president, the effeminate blonde, the unwilling nerd, the serious one, and the joker with a dark past. Nana a female student who pretty much restarts the defunct club and is ostensibly the main character is shoe-horned into a support role immediately which is disappointing. Despite it's flaws I'm enjoying the action so far.

Dimension W. I can see this show going either way on me. The cyber-maiden and brooding beardy bounty hunter are compelling and I am interested to see where their partnerships leads. Will gratuitous robo-cleavage derail an otherwise interesting show?

Boku dake ga Inai Machi. Welp this show seems to be a hit so far. A mature psychological thriller about a young man forced to relive any dangerous circumstances he happens upon. Time travel is something that is really tough to tackle and the show hasn't fully establish it's rules yet so we may still be in for plot-hole city but I'm totally willing to ride along and see where it goes before making any judgement. We have a frontrunner.

Not airing this season but I started watching Aoi Hana as it was recently added to CR. All aboard the shoujo express! A yuri-romance featuring the tall bookworm Fumi and spry sidekick Akira. Gorgeous watercolour backgrounds.

Watched a few eps of Ristorante Paradiso. Mistake. Thought it was more about the restaurant business in Rome and less about women with an older-gentleman kink. Also no one has any goddamn pupils in that show and it really started to bother me. The only redeeming aspect was a scene where all staff sat at a table after-hours, complained about their wives and broke each balls (as much an italian pastime as futbol), but when the 20-something female lead cornered and then mounted one of the poor grandfatherly waiters, I quickly asked for the cheque.

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Here's a list of what I've been keeping up with so far this season:

  • Myriad Colors Phantom: Too early to decide on how I feel about it, but has a weird mix of heavy fan-service and moments where it's pointedly avoided.
  • Erased: I like some of the visual direction, also the ED is pretty cool. The quality of the show will depend heavily on how the "case" is dealt with. Also it would be nice to know why he has those powers.
  • Iron Blooded Orphans: First Gundam show I've followed as it airs. It's OK. Some times it's more than OK.
  • Grimgar: Would've been great if it didn't have those strange moments of fan-service. Other than that, it feels pleasantly subtle in its approach to dialogue and visuals. Didn't want to watch something like this, but the first impressions coming out were filled with high praise. Gave it a chance and was pleased for the most part.
  • Dimension W: Again with the fan-service. I don't need loli robo-butt. Please. It looked nice here and there. Hopefully the main dude is a bit more complex than he seems at the moment. Has potential, but can't say much else without watching more.

Also watched some of Shouwa Genroku. I'm not really into it.

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Musaigen no Phantom World ep 2: I think I'll be dropping this show. The new character is not only a trope but has a lame excuses for her background and personality. Her character type has been used in more interesting ways so it sad to see them just use the baseline for her. Also the little fairy girl just got really annoying, far more useless than our MC. Also Main male character's useless info isn't really useless but just used poor, just too much explanation about the phantom.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi ep 2: Man the pacing of this show is great and so far been written very well.

Also One punch man OST is awesome!

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Well I've been bored out of my mind so read up on summaries for this season's shows. My conclusion: Anime is still shit these days; my feelings about it are still much like Jeff's on wrestling. Maybe I'll check back in with Gundam. (note this is after initially being excited last season but majorly falling off with those shows).

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Myriad Colors Phantom World proves that KyoAni can animate yoga really well. The show is great. Don't let haters stop you from watching an amazing show.

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@belegorm: good use of generalizations there buddy, especially based on summaries.

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@edgaras1103: I mean like every series is something you've seen before in multiple aspects, can you blame me for generalising? I partially take it back though, after watching a couple episodes of Musaigen no Phantom World, Gate, and Boku dake ga inai machi, I can confirm that Boku dake ga inai machi has a lot of potential and Gate is... well more I guess of what felt unique enough to keep me interested through 12 episodes before. Musaigen no Phantom World is the show that would have really appealed to the me of 3-5 years ago. Considering that I've both seen this same thing done dozens of times now, AND there being some cringey fanservicey stuff mixed in what would otherwise be a totally innocuous show I would hesitate to recommend it. Let the bloomers girl rub her chest to either get your yoga flame fired up, or eyes rolled down in disgust, before you make your judgement on that show.

Oh, I also watched an episode of Shoujo-tachi wa kouya wo mezasu, my thoughts are 1) that main character has the kind of ridiculously fulfilling life, right off the bat that makes me really not hang with those kinds of people, 2) the way this show starts seems incredibly familiar to me based on a couple other shows I've seen before (I forget the names, but one was about a fantasy amusement park and another was set in a school for learning farming), and 3) this art has somehow managed to both be an incredibly generic modern anime style totally devoid of all creativity, AND in a world where I'm usually okay with an anime looking like "pretty much every other moe thing coming out these days," it manages to look terrible!

If I find the time/am bored enough I'll try and check out whatever even remotely piques my interest. Actually I guarantee I will, by the end of this season, by the latest. But so far, based on what I've actually watched of the series most recommended to me so far, what I've seen has been totally parallel to what I had surmised from the summaries. If you want someone to talk to you about anime from the past decade, well I've been around the block and have seen much of it worth seeing. If I make a snap judgement based on some summaries believe me as I've been in this for some time I say it with some surety; not always correct, but frequently. I give more things than you'd expect, the benefit of the doubt, before writing them off (for example, I actually was intrigued by Rokka no yuusha, which many others just wrote off immediately; and also I enjoyed that show a fair bit though it didn't blow my mind). So far, whatever "generalisations" I've made have been borne out by what I've seen, but w/e I'll keep going and see if there's anything else worth watching, along with Boku dake ga inai machi (and I apologise, I actually do not know the English titles for series these days and barely remember the JP ones).

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@belegorm: Now that's a post I can get behind. I mean you have seen some shit , I get that. It is just silly to generalize when you have been "been around the block" and know how any form of medium works. Amusement park anime is probably Amagi Brilliant Park and the other one is Gin no Saji maybe. And hey I have been watching anime for a decent chunk of my life, but I always try too look past its flaws and get enjoyment where I can. Maybe I'm just too optimistic.

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@golguin: I think it is calastetics. But they did put in a lot of time into it.

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@edgaras1103: It's similar to when you've played a ton of games for most of your life and thought about them critically too. You know what this is going to be before it comes out. Hence why something that turns out bad it can be disappointing (if it looked better), or just match your expectations. I can absolutely get enjoyment out of what I consider terrible anime; hell out of every one I listed (aside from Boku dake ga inai machi), they both looked like something traditionally I'd enjoy, and also terrible and cliched. I'm at a point where just enjoying a show is often not going to be enough for me, I want a show that makes me think, or shows me something I haven't seen before. At this point I've started to burn out on "fun time-killer" shows.

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@belegorm: I'm 100% with you on this - and I'll add that even "fun time-killer" shows can do better than a lot of what you and other users here are finding fault with this season. Myriad Phantom is a really good example of this to me, since the fan service adds nothing to characterization or plot, and the plot/setting itself is something that's not really adding anything unique to the genre. At least a "fun time-killer" show like Dagashi Kashi can teach me something about snack varieties in Japan.

OK, sorry, rant time, thank you for your patience:

I think it's actually worth discussing Myriad Phantom from a number of perspectives here, because I don't think it's necessarily obvious what the critiques against it would be for someone new to the medium. From a certain perspective, it's a well-animated and even interesting offering from a studio with a good reputation. But... well, that's really about it. I mean, compare/contrast its setting and characters to something like Noragami (which to me is a good, solid, middle-of-the-road show; nothing absolutely stunning, but nothing terribly bad). Both feature characters learning about their powers for combating spiritual entities vaguely related to human psychology - but one of them has stunning animation spent in large part on breasts, and the other has much less impressive visuals and oodles of... well, characterization, really. And the difference is that I really like the characters in Noragami and feel compelled to follow it in spite of its lack of spectacle, whereas Phantom is just... bleh. I already dislike the protagonist (why should I like him, show? What are his redeeming qualities?), the mascot adds absolutely nothing (NOTHING), the main girl has had almost no role apart from eye candy (read: boobs, but seriously, it's a plot-point in the first episode), and the most interesting character to me only slides by because of her ability, not because of her writing (if she didn't have the Kirby attack, she'd be even less interesting than the dumb mascot). It's like an anime hot-pocket. It sounds great in theory and it's a convenient option, but in practice it's not very filling and is pretty bad for you compared to any number of other delicious (or even just "ok") options. But like a hot-pocket, it's totally fine to indulge in it once in a while if that's your thing. It just bums me out to know that this same studio was doing Euphonium last year and ALREADY DID A PRETTY OK SERIES ABOUT SUPERNATURAL HIGH SCHOOLERS A FEW YEARS BACK I mean come on, KyoAni, Kyoukai no Kanata was actually OK, what happened?!

(Anime is very serious business, you guys)

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@peregrin38: I thought gaming was supposed to be serious business? I am very confused.

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@edgaras1103: Can't both be serious? peregrin just compared an anime to a hot pocket. That's as serious as it gets

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@instantryan: But the GB universe would implode, or so I was led to believe.

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So "Gintama" is legit? Partner and I were look for a new anime to start and saw it was getting a lot of positive reviews. Doing some research on it and found a description that was essentially "vampires, aliens and even MORE breast fondling!!!" and decided to skip out.

Started "From the New World." Interested but not terribly invested yet, super weird ep breaks.

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@birdvsplane: it is as legit as it gets. But a lot of jokes come from anime and manga references and sometimes overall Japan culture mixed with political stuff.

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Hotaru-san is an insane person.

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@belegorm: Ever watch Casshern: Sins? I find that's always a good new-ish series for people to look into if they want something different that's a bit more serious but still stylish as hell. Not sure if it's streaming anywhere currently but it's worth a watch if you haven't seen it already.

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@mezmero: I can vouch to that. It puts the concept of robots to a interesting direction.

Dagashi Kashi 01: Man that show weirdly funny and it just involves snacks and a really bizarre girl.

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Well Mazinger Z had quite the unexpecting ending. Real good stuff with quite a bit of charm....a little messy storytelling but nothing too big.

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Guys. Guys. Watch ERASED. Holy shit this show was unexpectedly good. It got me hooked!

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Hey guys, thanks for sticking with this thread, but it is time to send IV on its way. Introducing the new and improved Thread V! Feel free to quote/carry on with any previous conversations you might have had there, as long as they don't add too much forum drama!

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Locked on request. Enjoy all the hanime.