Anime & Cartoon Megathread V: Boogiepop Doesn't Post

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It took 3 or 4 years of off and on watching but I finally caught up to One Piece. I kinda got a love hate thing because the highs are some of my favorite of any shonen but good lord can they drag things out worse than Dragon Ball Z or Bleach. When and if One Piece finally ends I hope they give it the Dragon Ball Kai treatment because it really is amazing but they could definitely edit out a ton of useless filler. Have the 4Kids One Piece Pirate Rap because Jan is right it kinda kicks ass.

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It's strange, the last two years I struggled to think of a top 5 list of anime but this year I could probably make a top 10 right now if I wanted to, though be fair some of them would be rollovers from the year prior.

Vinland Saga is my favorite thing of the season. In some ways it reminds me a bit of Berserk though it's somewhat more enjoyable knowing that it doesn't become a cosmic horror series down the line. It's got just enough but not too much of that anime ridiculousness (heck historical fiction IS ridiculous in some cases) while also feeling very grounded thanks to the subject matter.

I've really come around on Dr. Stone in the last several episodes. It's just an extremely fun show to watch with a surprisingly smart approach to comedy that got some legit laughs out of me.

Carole and Tuesday is pretty cool though it feels like it moves at a weird pace at times. I very much dig the music and I think my favorite parts are the dance animations, not just with choreographed routines but also the way people are generally groovin' as they play and perform music.

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Oh right the anime thread,'s some random stuff I've been watching lately:

  • Symphogear: Finally finished the first season? cour? 13 eps of this wonderfully dumbass show thanks to an online-friend indirectly recommending it. Every character in it is a fucking moron and they nearly let the Earth be destroyed because they were so goddamned dumb, even by dumb non-comedy anime standards...and yet! I had a lot of fun watching this show about lesbian schoolgirls who fight monsters and each other with sentai-ish suits powered by J-Pop all because some lady wants to destroy the Moon to spite God. If you can turn off your brain you'll love it.
  • Cop Craft: It's a shame that the studio had the budget of a few thousand yen and a bus pass for this show. The story is great (I want to say "reverse-isekai" but fuck that) and the director is great but so many action scenes just turn into a complete slideshow of 3-4 frames total because they just do not have the time/money to animate it like it should, especially episode 3 was a hot mess. Having said that, it's like the Will Smith Orc-Cop Movie (Bright) but better. Don't @ me.
  • Fire Force: What if you could punch out fire? What if you could pray for the cities drowned by melted ice caps? What if the Fire Force world firefighters could budget to finish the firefighter suits instead of forcing so many to wear stylish jackets that only sort of cover their bodies from fire? I forgot where I was going with this. Anyways, it's more fun than I expected a shounen show about magical firefighters to be, but I'll probably fall off soon.
  • Demon Slayer: liking it so far, only seen a couple eps, but apparently everyone is going crazy for demon-sister
  • O Maidens in Your Savage Season: I love this show, it's a real good drama with bits of comedy about highschool girls dealing with new feelings being brought on through puberty, but of course if I say it like that I sound like a creepy fucking weirdo. Just watch it, it's good.
  • Magical Sempai: Why did I watch this, why would anyone watch this?