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Recently I watched all of Re:Creators. It was fantastic, absolutely fantastic. Really shocked how much I enjoyed that. Wasn't until I realized all these Re:whatever shows are not connected in any way except naming convention that I gave it a chance..and I am glad I did, great show.

I also tryed to watch all of Devilman cry baby..and got about 3-4 episodes in before I realized what I was watching, skipped to the end and..was glad I didn't watch the whole thing. Spoilers to explain why but if you've seen it, you will know. I don't care for anime that go that style.

Also just got done trying the wixxcross selectors series and...see above Re:glad I skipped to the end.

Currently sitting around deciding if I should try and slog through the buu saga so I can start watching DB:super. And uh..I've been keeping up (mostly) with Boruto. Which remains my feel good trash but my kind of trash anime.

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@clagnaught: Cowboy Bebop is good? Say whaaaaaaaaat? Just kidding, glad to hear you liked it. The movie is really great too and has some of my favorite moments from the whole series, although it is still not as strong as some of the best episodes of the TV show. Also, Shirobako took a while to grow on me as well but by the end it became one of my favorite anime series from the past couple of years.

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Has anyone else been watching Darling in the Franxx? I seen it's first 4 episodes and I don't know, feels kind middling and expecting the viewer to know everything that is going on without really explaining anything. It's only got 4 episodes out right now but I kinda doubt it's going to amount to anything.

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@haunted: Episode 5 turned the series around for me. After seeing it I believe it's actually a real show and not them just fucking with the viewers.

Episode 5 doesn't exactly explain everything, but it sets up the world a lot more and you see just how different things are with this particular group of pilots.

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I've been watching Shirokuma Cafe. I love it. One thing led to another and found myself looking at Kuroshitsuji 3. ...Kuroshitsuji was never good.

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A Place Further than the Universe continues to be the best show of the season, possibly of the decade. It's evil how the show can be hilarious and charming, and still be heartwrenching.

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You'll Never See It Co--okay that's a lie, everyone saw this coming, but apparently it's confirmed for Spring.

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While we're on the subject, here's another amazing anime I'm looking forward to next season:

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And another though I'm not sure why they're throwing in Mao, unless they're going to blow past the early parts of the manga or if they're just going to sequence-break and jam her story in.

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How are people feeling about the current season? I'm watching some continuing series, but I've only picked up a handful of new shows. What should I be looking out for?

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#3659 Posted by DocHaus (2627 posts) -


  • Devilman Crybaby
  • Mitsuboshi Colors
  • Kokkoku
  • Pop Team Epic
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The live action Full Metal Alchemist movie was added to Netflix today. It's not a bad adaptation.

Oh and the ratings are full of glorious 1 star reviews full of salty motherfuckers angry because they had the read a movie...

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Finished the first season of My Hero Academia, and you internet people weren't kidding. It's not doing anything especially original, but it's definitely executing on that Shounen formula with confidence and skill... even if it feels like the story is only just barely starting, like if Dragon Ball Z took a year break after the Saiyan Saga. If I have an issue, it's with Bakugo and how much he's just every rival character with the bad attitude and superiority complex dialed up to 11 (it's not like anyone else gets a ton of dedicated screen time outside of him, Deku, and All Might) but I guess I still have a whole second season to see if he becomes less lame.

In the "Things relevant to this anime season" department, I think Darling in the Franxx might actually be turning into an entertaining mecha show? I'm not really sure if it was because things started happening or if the characters and world actually became interesting, but the last two episodes have turned me around from considering a hard drop. Dunno if it will actually end up being good, but there's a little more of that Studio Trigger crazy going on beyond the horny mechs and it fills me with hope that it'll turn out as bonkers as I want it to. Maybe.

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Sorry for not posting here in a while, too busy thinking about Hellshake Yano.

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Also someone did a really good job with this reference from long ago. Turns out it was a fake by a fan, but it might as well be real because it fits so well.

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@dochaus: I could not stop laughing during that sequence. Hellshake Yano has been on my mind ever since.

Also, speaking of upcoming Spring titles, don't forget Golden Kamuy:

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Been reading the manga and like it a lot.

@golguin: I may be the only person on the thread still watching this but After the Rain is still real good.

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So because of All Systems Goku I am reading through the entire Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z series. Up to the point where we are first introduced to Tien and Chiaotzu. Toriyama Akira sure loves drawing Goku's penis a lot like to the point that it is practically a character unto itself. It's pretty freakin' funny but man whoever told me that General Blue was the worst is spot on. The guy is a major buzzkill and was glad when he got tongued to death.

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The Great Saiyaman stuff might be my favorite part of Dragon ball Z Kai. It is exactly what the show needed after the Cell saga.

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I got the chance to watch Mazinger Z: Infinity on the big screen a few weeks ago. I never thought I would see these characters on a movie theatwe, so it was a blast watching them interact and battle together. Rocketo Punch!

After the movie, my wife decided to look at the anime section on Netflix and we ended up watching the available episodes of Case Closed/Detective Conan. Can you folks recommend any other good mystery/detective series to look into? So far, I am looking into Monster and want nothing to do with Death Note.

@bartok: I remember reading the old Viz Comics for Dragon Ball when they were just coming out as comic book issues and not the tankobon/graphic novel format. I think I got up to Goku meeting Baba and fighting her monsters. I always heard great things about the Tien arc, so maybe I will join you in picking the series back up.

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@jewunit: off the top of my head...

  • Kindaichi Case Files R (or any Kindaichi show, but this is the most recent one I found)
  • Un-Go (a bit more sci-fi/fantasy than outright mystery, but I loved it)
  • Subete ga F ni Naru / The Perfect Insider (a modern Locked Room mystery)
  • Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigation (basically the anime version of Bones, but I loved it)
  • Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers (another Locked Room mystery in the guise of a fantasy story, though it kind of ends on an open note)
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@golguin:this season is a gold mine for relaxing, pure shows like Laid Back Camp or A Place Further Than The Universe. I'd check those two out if you just want to put your feet up and feel good vibes.

@dochaus: Hellshake Yano might just be the most interesting, neatest thing I've seen anime done in a REALLY long time. I've never been that visibly impressed.

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Goddammit A Place Further than the Universe episode 9! I am a grown-ass man! Why am I weeping?!?

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@golguin:this season is a gold mine for relaxing, pure shows like Laid Back Camp or A Place Further Than The Universe. I'd check those two out if you just want to put your feet up and feel good vibes.

@dochaus: Hellshake Yano might just be the most interesting, neatest thing I've seen anime done in a REALLY long time. I've never been that visibly impressed.

I've started watching the first episode of A Place Further Than the Universe so I'll need to get back to that.

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Finished My Hero Academia season 2. Yeah, that's a hell of a show alright, and I think that second season is a pretty serious step up from the first. I feel like I could rattle off a bunch of highlights (Tournament Arc! Hero-Killer Stain! Final Exams! Todoroki's whole deal!) but honestly I think I'd just end up talking about everything except that weird filler episode with Frog Waifu. It packs more ridiculous shounen hype moments into 25 episodes than some other series do in twice the length (looking at you, Dragon Ball Super) and should be the poster child for why making ongoing anime adaptions seasonal instead of continuous works incredibly well. Still waiting for the inevitable tragic backstory that explains why Bakugo is such a piece of shit. I get that he's not supposed to be likeable, and the show has done a good enough job telegraphing that he's clearly got some deeper issues, but also man he's the worst.

Speaking of Shounen-ish anime, I should also mention that I'm a big fan of how this final arc of Gintama is blending the comedy and serious stuff a lot better than the last few big arcs. One of the most recent episodes managed to be both a reveal of a major character's backstory (because every single character in Gintama has had their backstory explained at some point) and also a constant barrage of incredibly dumb dick jokes. There's something weirdly artful about it.

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Dragon Ball GT - End - Since watching 5 episodes a week of Dragon Ball Kai so I can listen to All Systems Goku isn't very much, I decided to dive into that Dragon Ball GT. I finished it and well, it was weird. It's just this mish-mash of old Dragon Ball things, with a few new less-good things sprinkled on top. It also felt like the escalations in this lacked creativity, and it's not like DBZ or DBS set a high bar or anything. It was amusing to see the parallels between GT and Super though.

One Piece - Also watched a few more of the One Piece movies; #4: Dead End Adventure, #5: The Curse of the Sacred Sword, and #6: Baron Omatsuri and The Secret Island, specifically. #6 stands out as being the best of those 3, but it's the sort of story I wish was just in the series proper. In watching so many longer-form TV series, I feel like my tastes have shifted to preferring the more comprehensive storytelling style. I want the backstory episodes. I want the verbosity of TV anime.

Speaking of which, I'm also on episode 305 of One Piece and it's good stuff!

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@hamst3r said:

Speaking of which, I'm also on episode 305 of One Piece and it's good stuff!

You're smack dab in what most consider the best arcs of one piece. The next few arcs are pretty amazing. Thriller bark is great. Shabondy is probably my favorite in the series. The following 2 are also fantastic. That being said, when you get to the time skip (in like 200 episodes :P) I would strongly advise starting watching the show on One Pace. At that point the pacing takes a giant nose dive for hundreds of episodes. One Pace fixes that problem by getting rid of most of the filler inside each episode. You'll save yourself from hours of pointless reaction shots and other garbage that slow down those arcs to a damn crawl. The first few arcs after the time skip are kinda meh but they're worth suffering through because the arc that's airing now is the real shit. I'm kinda jealous. I wish I could reexperience the whole series fresh. Have fun while it lasts.

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Ironically since moving to Japan I've barely watched any anime aside from trying to start the original Dragon Ball. It was funny though, Japanese gf was like "I hate geeky shit" but could sing along to the original DB theme in karaoke perfectly, DB was what she grew up with, not DBZ.

More exciting, last year the manga I was reading was JoJo, and Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san. The latter was promoted in bookstores a while back and actually a bunch of my middle-school students knew about it. And also it was turned into an anime this season.

Which I didn't start watching until... I realized that the second ending is a cover of HY's 11:AM, probably my favorite Jpop song. My favorite manga with my favorite band in its anime? Count me on fucking board.

I still prefer the original, but judge the original vs the cover for yourself:

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Is it just me or did this weeks episode of Dragon Ball Super remind you of Asura's Wrath? It reminded me of the quick look on the site where the main character is being squished by a hand the size of the earth. The spectacle and over the top-ness is off the chart. Only 2 episodes left so no epilogue I guess.

This week's episode of Grancrest Senki really was disturbing. They took one of the strongest female characters (Marrine) in the show and turned her into a sexual prize. It made me sick watching it and ruined what was a good show so far.

Mitsuboshi Colors, Hakumei to Mikochi, Sora Yorimo Tōi Basho - A Story that leads to the Antarctica, Karakai-jozu-no-takagi-san, and Yuru Camp are my hidden gem favorites this season.

Sora Yorimo Tōi Basho - A Story that leads to the Antarctica in particular has brought me to tears in a lot of the recent episodes. I can relate to the awkardness and fears these girls have and Shirase's back story is so sad combined with HanaKana's lovely voice...

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I love Gintama so much. The most recent arc hasn't had the most consistent animation quality but it more than makes up for it in the writing and comedy. It's hard to think of this as the end arc, even ignoring that it's "ended" like a dozen times in its entire run. At the very least it feels every bit as epic and climatic as some of the best story arcs in the show (which are most of them). I'm not looking forward to living in a post Gintama world but I will cherish the memories and the laughter it's brought to me for all these years.

Still watching Yowamushi Pedal. No seriously kids, DO NOT TRY this shit at home, or wherever you ride your bicycles. No matter how much you scream and monologue at the top of your lungs it won't actually make you go faster.

Dagashi Kashi continues to be weird and ridiculous. I will say I didn't expect to be quite so tickled by the past few episodes as I was.

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I know it is anime fandom's favorite punching bag, but goddamn was Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale a really good movie. I marked out hard during the final battle.

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Just wanted to mention that there's a new Hinamatsuri trailer okay thanks:

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Back Street Girls is getting an anime this summer. What a world we live in.

Also, surgery fucking sucks. Stay healthy, duders.

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Just this afternoon binged watched, well, episode 1, 2, 5 and 7-8 of Darling in the Franxx. as I read a synopsis after the first episode (it being the kind of series I need to know the mysery is worth the pay-off). I went in hearing "OMG the fan service!, didn't even realize it was a mecha show", and my thoughts on it are such.

First, yup, fan-service, but it doesn't strike me as 'too much'. Overt, yes, but I feel like the quality of the art (given the studio behind it) ends up being a kind of "Though the amount of fan-service per episode puts it on the low end of high (or the upper tier of mid), the quality makes what is there stand out. If you can't stand a lick of such, avoid, but if you liked Kill la Kill..well this is no-where near that.

Second, the story....kinda falls apart for me. I'll spoiler-explain why but in short, I don't think I like where it seems to be going, been burned by too many series the last few seasons that start with an interesting premise (as this one does) but pans out to be either too predictable, preachy, or just plain stupid (spoilers to explain which I think this is.)

So, spoilers ahoy.

Too me, the series comes off as trying way too hard to be mysterious..without really leading us to a mystery worth solving. Honestly I think the show would be better if it turns out to be just about the TnA/Fan service more then it currently is and just becomes that kind of show..or if it cut-out the 'teenagers explore their sexuality' angle and try for something a bit less heavy-handed.

More over, we are going to get a sad ending and some kind of shock, but not shocking reveal. All the kids are clones, or test-tube babies. They are infertile or otherwise incapable of growing into adulthood. Ala maybe they all die at 18 or maybe there is some dark secret about the robots/society "The adults have to eat the children to survive" or some horrific twist like that.

More over the whole 'we are flowers yo' mixed with the kids (and even their minders) having code-names, not real names, leads one to obviously assume there is genetic testing going on. Which explains the theory going around that these flowers might both be incapable of pollination due to the process that makes them sterilizing them, or being straight up forbidden from doing so. As anyone who knows much about gardening will know that if your trying to cross-breed plants to get the qualities you want, you don't want cross-contamination to screw things up. Re High-school/college biology 101 stuff.

Honestly, its gonna be a pass for me. I'll peek back in to see how it ended, but I feel like the message its gonna end up with is something sad like "Youth is fleeting" or "Humanity is cruel" or "Man delved where he ought not" or "religion is evil" etc. If your up for well written tragedies with enough fan-service you have to be ok with it or else be distracted..but not need a lot of it to stay engaged, keep watching. Otherwise, well. Sad ending foreshadowed/foreseen. Roman and Juilet, Hamlet. And a twist/mystery reveal that isn't going to be as amazing as people are hoping for.

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So I watched the first episode of the new Netflix anime, A.I.C.O., and the show itself seems interesting so far. However, I watched the episode with the English track and oh wow is it one of of the worst anime dubs I've heard in a long while. Netflix Original anime usually have at least an average English option but A.I.C.O. is Tokyo Vice levels of bad. The dub even keeps the Japanese honorifics, which is a practice I thought ended in the early 2000s. Here's a scene I found particularly memorial:

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For reasons unknown I started watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. In a further look at the series I discovered Diamond is Unbreakable. Now, I can't stop thinking about it. It's so wild and I love the visual style. Also, delinquents are rad. Then, I saw that there was a live action adaptation of it directed by Takashi Miike. I like Miike so I'm super excited about this movie.

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@dochaus: My apologies for the late reply, but thank you for the suggestions! I will run them by my wife and see what she thinks.

In the interim, we have watched The Irregular At Magic High School. Irregular had a relatively interesting plot and supporting cast, but the brother and sister leads were very unlikable. It didn't help that the story leans into how much they "love" each other. We are getting to the end of Puella Magi Madoka Magica now. I am obviously very late to the party on this one, but it has been fantastic. The story and characters are great. The mixed media being used for the witch worlds is very eye-catching. I have also enjoyed noting the parallels that the series draws to magical girl anime like Sailor Moon. It makes me want to go back and watch old episodes of that series as well.

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@jewunit: Hope you enjoy at least some of those picks! Also, Irregular at Magic High School is garbage. It's like if Ayn Rand wrote a Japanese Light Novel series and was really into incest despite not having any siblings.

In other news, I'm told Chio-chan has been pushed back to the summer season, which explains why I haven't seen any more recent trailers.

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#3688 Posted by BabyChooChoo (6852 posts) -

I looooove Irregular at the Magic High School because it's so dumb that it wraps back around to being entertaining. Like any complaints or criticisms one might have about the show are more than likely 200% valid, don't get me wrong, but I can rewatch it all day long. I just can't get over how OP Tatsuya is. It's hilarious.

Anywho, apparently Oh!Great is doing a manga adaptation of Bakemonogatari which...fucking yes, please. I think he's a mediocre writer mostly because his works usually turnout needlessly complex and large chunks of certain arcs are just full of pointless characters, conflicts, and sometimes entire chapters, but his art is stellar in a lot of cases. Some of his pages get a bit too cluttered and confusing, but more often than not I would say his work is a joy to look at.

Since this is an adaptation of an already pretty good series though, I don't think I'll have to be too worried about the writing. Assuming he's not gonna rewrite the whole thing or something crazy, it should be mostly solid.

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I just finished Sword Art Online II last night and sobbed during the final episode. I used to be one of those people who thought this show was crap too but now having watched it I am very attached to the characters.

Most people probably quit the show after the first season, but season 2 takes it to a whole other level. Sinon and Yuuki's story are very tragic and relateable. I'm planning on watching Ordinal Scale this weekend and looking forward to the GGO anime as well.

I know it is anime fandom's favorite punching bag, but goddamn was Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale a really good movie. I marked out hard during the final battle.

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Ep. 10 of Violet Evergarden had me in tears at the end. It was surprising since you can see it coming a mile away, but the delivery at the end is excellently executed. And just when you think you've gotten over it, the scene with Violet at the end pushes you over the edge, showing how much she's grown as a character.

Glad I had Yuru Camp right after that to wrap myself in a cozy, proverbial blanket.

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#3692 Posted by Zeik (4967 posts) -

@puchiko: The first arc of SAO2 was pretty garbage, and the second was kinda throwaway, but the final arc definitely got in me in the feels pretty good. It's too bad the show isn't more consistently on that level. It would probably have a better reputation.

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#3693 Posted by AlKusanagi (1543 posts) -

There's only one episode of Laid Back Camp left... Farewell my happiness.

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#3694 Posted by ArbitraryWater (15185 posts) -

@lentfilms: I know this reply is a week late, but that clip you posted is something. Namely, something from like 20 years ago. From my (admittedly limited) experience, it definitely seems like your average English dub will at least be okay these days, and there are plenty out there that I would consider legitimately good. Guess we still need our outliers, right?

I'm kinda half-hoping that the last episode of Pop Team Epic is just the fake romance show they tease at the end of every episode. That seems like something they'd do, right? It's been a crazy ride regardless. I don't think every joke was a winner, but there was enough weird experimental or troll-y shit going on that I was mostly entertained throughout.

In the world of reversals, I think I'm on the cusp of saying "Darling in the Franxx is good, actually" though that comes with the caveat that there are still 14 episodes to go. From this most recent episode, I'm getting some real Brave New World/Evangelion vibes from the world they inhabit, as well as continuing the trend of not so subtle metaphors about Japan's demographic problems and also boning. Also some hints that things might finally start getting nutso crazy, which is what I wanted out of this show in the first place.

Since Spring season is only a few weeks away, are there any shows that people are particularly excited for? Other than finally being able to watch Violet Evergarden legally in the United States (thanks Netflix) and the obvious Steins;Gate 0 and My Hero Academia Season 3, I dunno what's really out there.

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@arbitrarywater: Yeah, from my cursory research the dub for AICO was done by a company called Studios VOA whom mainly seem to have experience working on French anime dubs. Also some of the actors only other roles in anime are for Portuguese and Spanish dubs. So I think some of the people involved in AICO's dub are not native English speakers.

In terms of spring shows that I am excited about, not including the ones you already mentioned, I am looking forward to:

Golden Kamuy

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Megalo Box

Loading Video...

Lupin III: Part V

Loading Video...

Hisone to Maso-tan

Loading Video...

And maybe Cutie Honey Universe and Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory after I've finished watching the original series. There is actually quite a bit of cool looking stuff airing next season. Might not watch all of these week to week but there is a lot to choose from.

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#3696 Posted by TheRookie727 (186 posts) -

So watching montagari currently, just watched the toothbrush scene, what the hell did I just see. Overall though I can't say if I like the series or not. But I will continue to watch it see where it goes.

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#3697 Posted by Zomgfruitbunnies (1243 posts) -

Went through both A.I.C.O. and B: The Beginning over the weekend. Both have stellar visuals and noticeable writing problems, so pretty much what is expected considering this is Netflix's first real foray into episodic anime. Overall, I prefer A.I.C.O. more because it's a tighter package than B.

Having said that, can someone who has also watched A.I.C.O. explain to me the reason behind the Burst? Maybe I'm dumb, but I don't get it. Technically, both Aiko and Aico have mismatched fake bodies, so why does Aico's body freak out and turn into mega-cancer while Aiko's is completely fine? I guess maybe only replica bodies will turn while human-based augmentation is safe? I don't remember this being mentioned, though. If that's the case, why does Kanzaki/Yura not turn?