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Recently I watched all of Re:Creators. It was fantastic, absolutely fantastic. Really shocked how much I enjoyed that. Wasn't until I realized all these Re:whatever shows are not connected in any way except naming convention that I gave it a chance..and I am glad I did, great show.

I also tryed to watch all of Devilman cry baby..and got about 3-4 episodes in before I realized what I was watching, skipped to the end and..was glad I didn't watch the whole thing. Spoilers to explain why but if you've seen it, you will know. I don't care for anime that go that style.

Also just got done trying the wixxcross selectors series and...see above Re:glad I skipped to the end.

Currently sitting around deciding if I should try and slog through the buu saga so I can start watching DB:super. And uh..I've been keeping up (mostly) with Boruto. Which remains my feel good trash but my kind of trash anime.

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@clagnaught: Cowboy Bebop is good? Say whaaaaaaaaat? Just kidding, glad to hear you liked it. The movie is really great too and has some of my favorite moments from the whole series, although it is still not as strong as some of the best episodes of the TV show. Also, Shirobako took a while to grow on me as well but by the end it became one of my favorite anime series from the past couple of years.

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Has anyone else been watching Darling in the Franxx? I seen it's first 4 episodes and I don't know, feels kind middling and expecting the viewer to know everything that is going on without really explaining anything. It's only got 4 episodes out right now but I kinda doubt it's going to amount to anything.

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@haunted: Episode 5 turned the series around for me. After seeing it I believe it's actually a real show and not them just fucking with the viewers.

Episode 5 doesn't exactly explain everything, but it sets up the world a lot more and you see just how different things are with this particular group of pilots.

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I've been watching Shirokuma Cafe. I love it. One thing led to another and found myself looking at Kuroshitsuji 3. ...Kuroshitsuji was never good.

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A Place Further than the Universe continues to be the best show of the season, possibly of the decade. It's evil how the show can be hilarious and charming, and still be heartwrenching.

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You'll Never See It Co--okay that's a lie, everyone saw this coming, but apparently it's confirmed for Spring.

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While we're on the subject, here's another amazing anime I'm looking forward to next season:

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And another though I'm not sure why they're throwing in Mao, unless they're going to blow past the early parts of the manga or if they're just going to sequence-break and jam her story in.

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How are people feeling about the current season? I'm watching some continuing series, but I've only picked up a handful of new shows. What should I be looking out for?

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  • Devilman Crybaby
  • Mitsuboshi Colors
  • Kokkoku
  • Pop Team Epic
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The live action Full Metal Alchemist movie was added to Netflix today. It's not a bad adaptation.

Oh and the ratings are full of glorious 1 star reviews full of salty motherfuckers angry because they had the read a movie...