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I found i prefered FMA cos it had a more consistent tone i didn't mind that it took it self more seriously but overall Brotherhood is better.

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I just watched Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood again, it's probably the best anime?

Nah, that's either Cowboy Bebop or Wolf's Rain :P

Nope, it's either FMAB or Baccano. I can't decide which one I like better.

Ha, laugh at you choices! (actually I haven't Finished Baccano yet, i'll get back to ya)

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Anyone watching Kiniro Mosaic? It pretty much watching kittens on Youtube but with girls.

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Maybe we should get the mods to lock this one just to make sure that everyone will move on to the other one? Especially since this one is completely busted and you guys won't see this message for another 20 minutes?

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May the wings of angels carry you towards your new home. You've served us well, rest in peace.

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(I don't even want to think about how long it will take for a post with a video to show up in this thread.)

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Is this a good place to post in anime figurines, or not? I don't have many but I'm proud of them.

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My partner and I have been watching One Piece, we're slowly nearing the final showdown of the Alabasta arc and we are having a disagreement on who is stupider. She thinks Luffy is dumber than Goku because he keeps falling for obvious traps and takes him forever to figure out what to do if the solution is more difficult than punch something. I contend that Luffy is way smarter because he knows he's dumb and has built up a pirate crew to cover for his weaknesses. We can both agree that Tony Tony Chopper is a fun name to say and that while adorable in his small form he looks disturbing as a buff reinman/mandeer.

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anyone can suggest me a site to download anime and manga?

I would, but a lot of what's out there seems like it would violate site policy.

Sadly, seems like not too many place sell anime digitally itself, and most simply provide streams. Itunes definitely sells anime.

I've bought quite a bit of anime, what little exists, on Google Play and Steam. Though that's more on the streaming side of things.

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