Ant-Man (movie) Impressions Thread

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So Antman released yesterday (I believe) and my friends and I went to see it. I'm not exactly into Marvel as much as I am DC, but Antman was a sort of different hero that I was quite interested in seeing how it would manifest itself onscreen.

As far as action goes, the directing of the fights was great! The lead-up to the release kept me wondering how they were going to manage the flow of the action sequences with the constent size changing and yhey did it just right. What you were seeing on screen never felt drawn out or already done before. It always felt fresh and exilerating.

The story hits and sometimes it cheeses, but that's what I expect out of a marvel movie (or any popular low risk movie) nowadays really. There's the tear jerking moments that are boooring and some that are quite okay. The thing is though, the movie is not afraid to take advantage of the tear jerking and use if for a joke.

Which brings me to the comedy. The comedy of this movie was just on point. There were maybe one or teo spots early on that I rolled my eyes one, but they were eclipsed by the rest of the comedic bits. The parts that hit do so very well in my opinion.

With middling expectations, Antman was quite a surprise to me. I'm not a big movie guy myself and I always roll my eyes at the big screen flicks, but Antman hit its points very well. For every cliche or trope, there were teice as many good point about it. I went into the movie want to see how well they could really do with Antman, of all characters (because I like different and he just felt different, and) expecting a mediocre flick at best, but what I came out with was the opinion that this was a top-notch film. It does what it has to do to appeal to the broad audience but it also never takes itself too seriously, and that is one of the many reasons why it's now one of my favorite superhero flicks.

All of this is just my opinion though, of course, so I'm excited to hear what you all have to say about it!

P.S. - Paul Rudd fit it great. He didn't do anything special, he was just his typical role, but for this movie that role fit well.

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I saw it last night and really enjoyed it as well.

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Paul Rudd is an incredibly charming man. That is all.

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Paul Rudd is very good.

Michael Pena is the best "Doofus Sidekick in a Marvel movie" they've had so far.

Starts kind of slow, a lot of the jokes in the beginning of the movie have a hard time landing, makes you think this movie would have been great if Edgar Wright was still at the helm.

Last fight scene is pretty great. There's an inspired Siri joke in there that I really appreciate.

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I thought that Paul Rudd was underutilized, Michael Pena was unbearable, the spoken humor was poor, and too much of it felt like someone trying and failing to emulate Edgar Wright's style. Scott Lang was a boring character and Hope was a much more interesting one and I hope she becomes more prominent in the future - and not just in a sequel. The opening is terrible when Lang just rattles off his entire person to Pena in a van in like thirty seconds. The good things in the movie was the action, I appreciated how they had a battle contained to one location and still managed to have exploding items and the visual image of a city being destroyed like these big dumb action movies always have. The action was clever simply because the nature of Ant Man's ability meant they had to do something different with the staging. Pym was the best thing in the movie because most of the time he's just an angry old man getting annoyed at idiots. The actual continuity nods were also appreciated, especially the post-credits scene.

I'm glad Rudd gets a second chance to make an impression.

I didn't like Ant Man. It's a low tier Marvel Studios movie, right along with Thor 2 and Iron Man 2 and Avengers 2. Quality wise this hasn't been a good year for Marvel Studios imo.

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I pretty much only went to this because I heard somewhere that it's actually a heist movie. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would and I appreciate that they didn't make this just another superhero movie. I was initially turned off by one of the trailers that I saw because I thought it would be epic action played completely straight but would just remind me of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, but to my surprise they acknowledged this and even poked fun at it a bit. Overall, it was a pretty fun movie and I enjoyed myself. Some of the comedy falls flat, like some of the Michael Douglas stuff earlier in the movie, but enough of it hit for me.

TI's presence confused me.

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@donchipotle: Completely disagree with you about the quality of Marvel's movies this year but hey opinions man!

I think Rudd is a likeable dude so I enjoyed the movie.

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@donchipotle: I actually thought the discourse between Lang and Pena was concise and to the point. And again, another opportunity for a comedy to take a jab at emotional discourse. I thought they handled setting the character backdrop right off the bat well because after that conversation, I thought about all of the time they saved by being concise. I don't think it would have served this movie's style too well if they invested more time of the film into building the character up. Maybe that is something specific that you want to see in your films but I don't think every style of film needs it. But your points are very valid, nonetheless.

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I liked it, it had fun action scenes and Pena was freaking funny. Still it has major flaws, for one the drama is hit or miss and the story is very predictable. It has an awkward pacing at first but then it fixes it self.

All in all though, I liked it. It certainly delivers in introducing Ant Man and explaining why he is needed. The film would rank among the lower tier of the Marvel franchise tho( which doesn't mean it's bad) it's a above Iron Man 2 and Thor 2, but below everything else.

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I had a lot of fun at the movie. Funny and the action was fun. Also-they have come a long way with making dudes look young! Much better than X-men 3 or Tron Legacy.

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So its good. Its not the best movie it has some scenes that don't make sense but it was better than Iron Man 2 and thats my low bar. Also i had no idea their were two end credit scenes.

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My only real complaint was that glock suddenly having a hammer that could be jammed full of ants.

The pacing was pretty good.

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@reverendk said:

My only real complaint was that glock suddenly having a hammer that could be jammed full of ants.

The pacing was pretty good.

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I have long since stopped worrying about the efficacy of a lot of things in comic books and their movies.

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Quality wise this hasn't been a good year for Marvel Studios imo.

I would almost agree with you if Daredevil didn't exist, but Daredevil exists

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I'm not a moviegoing person so I won't see it for a while I guess, but being a fan of tokusatsu I was immediately into his suit design. Looking forward to seeing it, sometime in the future.

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I had a good time with it all around. Pretty fun. I did kind of question why someone with a Master's degree in Engineering would be confused about what the term "sub-atomic" meant.

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Just saw it last night, I very much enjoyed it. It wasn't by any means Marvel's best but I had a good time and it made me care way more about Ant Man than I have in the past.

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First Marvel movie worth seeing in 3D.

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It was a Marvel-ass Marvel movie.

But it was fine. Wish Edgar Wright had stayed on to direct it.

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@reverendk said:

My only real complaint was that glock suddenly having a hammer that could be jammed full of ants.

The pacing was pretty good.

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I have long since stopped worrying about the efficacy of a lot of things in comic books and their movies.

If I ever got to the point in my life where a detail like that would bother me then I hope someone would punch me in my dumb face.

OT: I loved the movie. I think the first 10-15 mins were weak, but it hooked me after that.

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Really enjoyed the film, Paul Rudd was well suited for the roll. Can't wait for Ant-Mans return!

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I was surprised at how good it was. Some really slick direction and solid comedy (though I rolled my eyes at Paul Rudd's schtick way more often than they probably intended), and I thought Michael Peña was a fun surprise (I've never seen him in anything before). It was at least a "fun" movie.