Any huge differences between the Tropico games?

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Here I am with a new Steam sale and wonder if I need to buy Tropico 5 if I only played Tropico 3 and haven't touched 4 yet. Are there game mechanics or things that would warrant a playthrough? Otherwise I'm thinking I'll just take my time with 3 and go to 4 at some point. Any Tropico players can weigh in I will appreciate your input.

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I don't think you have to get all of them, they tend to play very similarly and, having played 4 straight after 3 myself, it did feel very samey. I've played most of the way through all of them and they tend to hold your hand through the early stages to show you any of the new mechanics for that version. Personally, I find the games are at their best once the large number of expansions come out - they tend to hold most of the new features/new zones anyway, the base games does feel a little light if you step from a fully kitted out version to a new one without expansions.

As you can pick up 5 with all the dlc quite cheap in this sale, I'd say go for that if you don't already own 4. It looks nicer and I seem to remember enjoying the dlc a bit more than some of the ones attached to 4. They are definitely the type of games, that unless you are a huge fan, can take a skip of a version here and there.

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It’s been a while since I’ve played them but I remember 5 being considered inferior to 4 by the community. I was definitely disappointed by it. The game is generally the same with some new features but they also cut some stuff from 4 for reasons unknown to me. I wish I could be more specific but that’s worth looking into.

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@nateandrews: Reminds me of what happened to the newer Sims games missing things from the previous versions.

At any rate, looks like I'll continue with 3 and if I really want more I'll get 4... or play the gazillion other games in my backlog.