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I swear this is my last topic tonight. :-) I was gonna play FSX on my pc but here I am.

On Topic: I personally cannot stand this show. Bill Maher once said that this show takes six months just to pick the next Disney Cruise Line entertainment director.

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I hate it as well

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I loath American Idol. Yuck.

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Yeah I kind of loathe it. >_>

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I only watch it during the first episodes where the people are laughably bad.

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i'm not a fan

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I really don't like the show either, my parents seem to like it, though.

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I just watch the beginning, so I can laugh at the crummy or stupid people.

The rest is trash, in my opinion.

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i just..dont care for it for some reason.

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There are people here who actually like it?

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The only sometimes entertaining part of the show is the auditions. Other than that, I don't watch it at all. It doesn't seem like a very professional competition to me, most Americans watching the show just vote on the contestants who are good looking, usually without taking the quality of their performances into account. And after all is said and done, no one really remembers the winners afterwards.

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I watch the auditions then I'm done with it.

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I do enjoy the auditions, that's about it.

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It got old after the first season. The only good part is the auditions.

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I watch the show.

...............I mean its not great but it is a bit entertaining

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They cancelled Titus for this show . . . . . *room gets silent*  . . . . . no one remembers the comedy on fox by the name of titus?!? That show was hilarious.

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The only thing reality TV is good for is not only reminding you but showing you the people you are better than....

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At first it was amusing. Now its just repetitive.

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I will admit that for the first season I watched and enjoyed. Now I have come to realize how its a machine churning out generic pop singers.

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Sorry to be a douche-y hipster for a second, but  I pretty much loathe American Idol for what it does for the popular music industry; just clutters the airwaves with crap music from forgettable singers.

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I cant say i hate it cuz i enjoy watching at some of the auditions, but i could care less to know who wins.

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But I do agree, the auditions are much more interesting.

But that Dave Cook guy was pretty great

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This show is stupid, the winners of the show dont even get far as far as music careers go. The only one who did was kelly clarkson.

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I think that some of the winners do get success, as long as they find their niche. I mean, I don't listen to country, and I don't think many of you guys do, but there are some 3 million people out there that bought Carrie Underwood's album.

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I loathe the show.