Anyone else watch Documental on Amazon prime?

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This is a Japanese comedy show where a group of professional comedians are invited to compete for a million yen ($10,000). Each of the ten contestants must bring 100,000 yen ($1,000) and are then stuck in a room together for six hours.

The main rule is you can't laugh... actually you can't even smile because that counts, too. If you show any sign of laughter you will get a yellow or orange card. And if you get a red card (usually on the third laugh), you're out.

The last man standing wins. In later seasons they add some new stuff like "zombie time" where comedians who have lost can come back into the room for a brief time to try to get revenge.

It can be extremely crude and weird, but it's pretty funny. Most of the comedy still works even with the language barrier, but if you don't like subtitles you probably won't like it. It also looks like Amazon has a Mexican version of the show. I'd love to see an American version with American comedians, could be really interesting!

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Dan and Bianca did an episode of their podcast on this. Sounds like a fun show. Haven’t seen it tho.

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Thanks for the recommendation, watching it now. They each came in with a million yen ($10,000), but the whole time I thought they were trying to raise $1,000 which made all their jokes on their poverty incredibly funny.

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This sounds amazing, I will have to check it out! Thanks for the recommendation!

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I watched the first two episodes and bounced off. I love the concept, but I didn't find it all that funny.

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To me Documental just makes me wish Gaki-no-Tsukai got officially translated. Documental is like my third (or possibly even fourth on some days) favourite Downtown involved show.

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@retris: yeah, that would be great. I think the third season is the best so far, maybe give it another chance? The Zombie Time gimmick brings back eliminated comedians which really helps keep things moving as the competition enters its final phase.

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thanks for the recommendation, I would like to watch it

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I've seen 6 seasons now, waiting for the 7th to be released somewhere. Obviously, it's even funnier with subtitles, but there's so much stuff in it that works regardless of understanding the language or not, that I had a blast with all of them. My favorite being season 4.

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This is one funny show. Maybe it's just me, but anytime they try and adapt this show to a western format it just doesn't seem to be as funny. The japanese just have a sense of humor that kills me everytime.

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I watched most of the first season of it based on some recommendations given here. I was expecting to really love it but so far (3/4 episodes in) it's really not grabbing me, the first couple of episodes mostly just made me cringe and I don't think I laughed all that much until it ramped up a bit for episode 3.

I love the concept and I haven't given up on it yet but it feels like most of the screen-time is comics struggling to think of something funny to do/say and then doing something that falls flat. Still, it's been worth a watch and it's early days so thanks for bringing it to my attention duders.

EDIT: Watched up through season 3 and it gets much better once the comics know what they're getting into and start going balls out (so to speak) earlier and the rule changes to deter defensive play work wonders. Loved S2 & S3.

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I watched the first two episodes on season 1 and laughed a lot. Episode 3 had so many goddamn literal buttholes in it I had to turn it off. It surpassed my butthole limit.