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I'm looking to move away from Comcast and it looks like Frontier has FiOS available in my area.

My question to you guys is if you have any experience with this company and their customer service. Also, how's the internet speed and reliability?

Thanks duders!

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I've only dealt with them on a business level, specifically test and turn-up and their business grade customer service sucks ass. When I get a client and learn that I will have to work with Frontier I am not a happy person. I would assume that the consumer grade customer service wouldn't be any better.

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Anyone else? I am really not happy with how much Comcast is charging me and I really want an alternative. Maybe someone has a better one?

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I have it. It works as advertised with no bull crap caching "speed boost" garbage like Comcast, no caps, and I haven't had an outage since I had it.