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Anyone here up for talking 'bout some Yu-Gi-Oh (the card game)? What kind of decks are you playing/ building? What are the best cards you've pulled from packs? I've got Madolche, Masked Heroes, A kinda generic Blue-Eyes deck, and I'm working on a dark world exodia deck at the moment. My best pulls would probably be an Evilswarm Exciton Knight from a pack today, and Slifer from BP2 a few months ago.

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I played when I was a kid. A "friend" of mine kept begging me to trade and of course I finally gave in and traded him the best card in the game (raigeki) for something like 28 shitty cards.

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Some stupid idiot stole my shiny polymerization. I knew it was him but he wouldn't return it. A week or two later it he ruined it in the wash. Karma.

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I do. I play Geargia and constellar and have dark world and blackwings. Best card I pulled was wolfbark when it first came out but traded it when it was at it lowest during the Dragon Format. It is funny since I wrote a question here last year wondering if it was a good idea for me to spend money on a meta deck, I didn't spend the money then but I got into yugioh during the summer and have been obsessed since.

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I'm not really into the collecting part anymore, though I did splurge on a shitload of cards with Christmas money earlier this year. I still play Yugioh on Xbox all the time though. Dueling my friends never gets old. Also I just found out today a new Yugioh game is coming out, so I'm stoked for that.

Honestly I couldn't tell you what my best pull was, but the mosaic rare Obelisk I got out of a Battle Pack earlier this year is definitely up there.

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I use to like 8 years ago, but I still got a binder full of them though.

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I don't anymore but still have my cards lying around.

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I can still remember my deck too.

These two working together, oh baby.
These two working together, oh baby.
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I do still play it once in a while, but I mostly use older cards (few years ago) and play with others that use older cards. I also wish they would put out more Yu-Gi-Oh games that use the actual rules of the card game and have more content then Decade Duels.

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I played it a bit in elementary school, but I was never very good and got my ass handed to me almost every time I played. Good times.

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I played a little in elementary school but stopped in high school. I think I still have my cards in a binder at my parents house... with my pokemon cards.

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I loved it as a child, because I was too young to realize how shit the 4Kids! dubs of the anime were, and as a result literally everytime the children's programming block in Ireland showed one of the shows (In case you're wondering, it used to be called The Den, it's now called tRTÉ, and it's about as fun as having your eyes gouged out with a ice-cream scoop), I collected those cards like there was no tommorow

Then I realized there was nobody I knew who actually played the fucking game and I stopped.

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I played it from primary school until half way through highschool entering tournaments, I had a fairly effective toon and dark magician decks. As I understand the game now its been consumed by power creep and old cards are now useless and a monster card is now worthless unless it has 4000+ attack and most decks are built around getting out one specific monster.

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I was more of a card collector than an actually player, mostly because no-one in my area knew how to play. I recently bought that collector's thing that came with the 3 god cards, but that was more of a nostalgia trip than anything else. Still, if someone wants to make a half decent yugioh game for the PS Vita, I won't stop them.

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I used to play way back when it was just new. Still have my deck. I wish there was a half decent video game but everyone I've tried just isn't that great.

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I'll admit that Yu-Gi-Oh has had pretty ridiculous power creep, but it's more about crazy effects than high attack power. This guy is one of the best cards in the game right now, and he only has 1900 attack.

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I used to play when I was about 11. Recently, I tried to check in on the game just to see what it was like, and even as a guy who plays MtG and Solforge, I just couldn't figure out what was going on in the current decks from forum chatter and a few videos. The game seems to have gotten really dense mechanically.

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Also, I just wanna say that Madolche is the cutest archetype, and this card totally makes me think of @rorie.

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I was too busy playing a real card game. Magic: The Gathering! I remember enjoying the manga in shonen jump, watching the anime, and enjoying the video game version of the games though.

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"it's time to duel!"

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I played like 12-13 years ago with a small group of friends but it was very short lived and the cards were hard to come by and thus expensive. Tbf this was before the tv show even properly aired here in the UK. Hearthstone reminds me a lot of it though but in social circles, I'm all about that CAH.

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I got my 5-year chip last week.

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Yup. Talk about pay to win.

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I remember when this and pokemon were popular as shit. Personally I never found the appeal of them or got into it.

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I was pretty much responsible for starting the craze at my grade school when it first came out. It was pretty much all Yu-Gi-Oh all the time there. I even played in some tourneys. I played up to about the Magician's Force set.

Early Yu-Gi-Oh was very interesting game metawise. In that that there really was not any set meta strategies. There were few 'themed' decks that were viable at the time. The only viable one was Exodia. Toon was never good enough to be anything but a gimmick. Fusion decks were eventually pretty good but it took awhile for that to happen. Which from what I know about how the game as changed it sounds like nothing but theme decks now. Instead the meta was pretty much throw all the best cards you pulled together and make a deck. That meant that any good cards you pulled could pretty much be used instantly in your deck without too much fuss.

That also doesn't mean there was not strategy to the game. Deck building was still important. Also the game did have the essential cards needed in every deck to be good or at least the cards that could drastically improve any deck. Those were your Raigeki, Black Hole, Change of Heart, Monster Reborn, Pot of Greed, etc. I'm pretty sure I totally quit the game when those cards pretty much got mass banned. I know a lot of people that did the same since it essentially was a completely different game at that point and ruined everyone's deck. It was also around that time that they started pushing more standard meta theme decks.

As far as my top pulls my most memorable pull was my Jinzo from my thanks for playing pack from a tournament I went to. I easily consider it to be better than the full Exodia that was the grand prize. If you don't know Jinzo was the 6 star 2400 atk monster of a card with maybe the best effect in the game at the time. When Jinzo was on the field trap cards could not be activated and already activated trap cards were nullified. It was also a machine type, which had all of the best equip cards. With Fairy Meter Crush, Hit life points through Defense, Limiter Removal, Doubles the attack of your machine monsters and destroys them at the end of the turn, Megamorph, doubles attack power of your monster if you have less life points, and finally some 7 completed, 700 atk to a machine. He would basically become a God card when those were banned.

Also my first edition secret rare Blue Eyes White Dragon was cool until a kid bent it. I still remember that blood vendetta I have against that kid.

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I used to play a lot back in middle school, but then I got a Slyfer the Sky Dragon (sorry if that's spelled wrong, it's been a while) and would beat everyone I played with handily, and so no one wanted to play me anymore. I still have all the cards somewhere in my room at my mom's house. Never really saw the point in selling them as I didn't imagine I'd get a whole lot for them, and they are probably worth more as a "yup, those were cool when I was a kid" thing.

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I used to play it back in the dizzle. I never had a particularly killer deck, it was just a fun game to play, and I thought the artwork on the cards was cool. I remember I got one of those Japanese decks from a local comic shop and it had a Dark Paladin in it and I was like THE FUCK IS THIS BADASS DARK MAGICIAN ON STEROIDS.

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I do have cards, I was excited at first but eventually the game looks boring..

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No! I'm not a loser like you guys!

Oh, man! If I had someone to play with, I'd totally pull out my old cards! I have boxes just sitting in my closet at home! GOD, WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME!?

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There was a few years there after I turned 18 where I couldn't find a job and could only afford to go to school half time. With my friends in similar boats we were kind of just bored all the time, so since we already had a lot of our old cards lying around, we just decided to start playing again one day. I believe this was around the time they introduced synchros. We didn't really play any outsiders, but there were like 6 of us and we each had multiple decks, so we had our own little meta game going. Eventually we got sick of it, but it was pretty fun while it lasted.

My signature deck was a fire deck (Flamvell Firedog + Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective + Spirtual Fire Art Kurenai was my favorite combo). Other favorites were a Spirit Deck, a Fiend Deck, and a Simochi deck.