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I myself want to drop 20 or so lbs, As brad has said this holiday was a lil too kind this year haha, Id like to support users and cheer them on this coming New Year, Just a thought. If there is an active thread on this, please link it too me as I would like to get involved. Thanks!

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I think there is an official GB fitness thread but I can not work the search on the forums for shit so can't link sorry man.

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I think I'll probably be doing...something. I've been in need of losing a bit of weight for years, and I've had some health problems lately, so I really probably should. The problem is just figuring out what to do.

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Yes thats why i wanted to start a thread, for tips, suggestions. Things that work for people. We all just need a starting point and motivation too. Personally I always felt less guilty about playing games for a few hours when i spent one hour in the gym before or after.

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Not necessarily a workout regimen, but I plan to start running in the new year. Could stand to lose a few pounds.

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I can jog 2 miles, but thats a struggle, I would like to actually run a part of that "jog" haha

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I'm going to continue doing what I'be been doing.Going to the gym, walking to get books, and attempting to dance.I might work out harder, though.

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I used to do shit loads of rowing and the did a dead stop for about two years so now I'm just in a terrible place. I just got back into working out about a month ago and its awesome, helps me sleep better and feel less sluggish. I've signed up for a tough mudder in the summer so that' something to work towards. You have any specific goals apart from losing weight?

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yes but not because of the new year, i still work out not, but i plan to at least try to eat better and more importantly drink better.
and each morning and before a go to bed just some stretches and very basic work out, at home. short ones.
also plan on stopping with smoking again. but all this has nothing to do with new year.

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My goal is tho cut the drinking out, Lose at least 25lbs. Bench around 290. And actually run a 5k. I also did a tough mudder when i was in shape 2 years ago, I loved it!

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Probably. I work out a bit here and there and enjoy the feeling, but watching Silva's leg snap like a twig made me all kinds of insecure.

Every day is Leg Day from now on!

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Yes. I got a fitbit for Christmas. Hopefully that'll motivate me.

This year's goal was to drastically reduce the amount of soft drinks I drink. I average about one or two a week now. Maybe I can get that to zero this year - or maybe just one or two a month.

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I started back in April. Starting in January, when weather around here is in the single digits and sunlight is in short supply, would've probably been disasterous.

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I tell you what man, if you run a mile or two three or four times a week, and you don't just 100% let yourself go, you'll lose weight whether you're trying to or not. Running is an awesome way to kick your metabolism in the ass.

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@empirepaintball: Yeah, right now I basically get no exercise. I figure the hardest part of running will be the getting into a habit of doing it. There's a few parks/trails near me so I'm optimistic. Last year was the first time I actually tried to stick to a New Year's resolution (quit smoking) and I actually managed to do it.

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I am, but just to lose the weight I have gained over the perfect storm that was the holidays combined with surgery (oral surgery so I couldn't eat proper food for a while. Way too many carbs during that time since pasta was easy for me to eat with a barely-functioning mouth. Of course when I could finally eat good food again I ate waaaaay too much of everything because there was so much baking and stuff that I had wanted to eat for a week). I have to lose about 8 pounds, which will be pretty easy. I lost over 50 pounds last year and managed to keep it off until I had my surgery so if I can probably get back to that point pretty quickly.

Most of my other new years resolution stuff is unrelated to health now since I am so much better on that front compared to last year at this time (where I was over 220 pounds and in abysmal shape. Now I am 175 and in better shape. I ran a few charity 5Ks in fall. I want to again this year. I would like to break a 25 minute 5K. I reached 28 minutes before I stopped training after my last 5K).

Also, people just starting, make sure to pace yourself and don't go too hard at first. I cut calories too much and exercised too hard when I first started last year and I messed my body up pretty badly for a while. If you lose weight too fast you can really mess things up, especially your gallbladder (you can get gallstones. I did and had to take medicine to get rid of them) and things like that. A pound a week is perfectly safe. Anything over 2 is dangerous. And drink tons of water. Aside from the obvious, like being dehydrated is bad, it will make exercising way easier. If you are properly hydrated, exercise is so much easier since you won't start feeling tired or dehydrated nearly as fast, and it will help with cramps. It may seem obvious, but when I was running my 5K events I saw tons of people have to slow down or take a break because they didn't hydrate correctly.