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i stopped smoking exactly a week ago today and i know il never smoke another cigarette again.

i read a book called 'the EASYWAY to stop smoking' and was very skeptical. but was a non-smoker by the time i put my last cigarette out at the end of the book. its was amazing and since giving up i feel soooo much better.

so if anyone out there is struggling or trying to give up give it a try as it WORKED for me who was a 20-30 a day chain smoker for 15 years.

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congrats, keep it up

i have one a day and i'm quite happy with that to be honest. did think about stopping entirely for the new year, but it's pretty much all i've got to look forward to each day at the moment.

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@jetsetwillie I really want to and plan to at some point, probably after I finish college is what I tell myself. I'd love to quit now, but I just busted my ass over the past year with running and diet to lose 95 pounds. I'm pretty afraid that if I quit I'll gain all the weight back
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Good for you, I dont smoke or drink, but I decided to drink only water and black coffee this year, just to see if I can do it.  
Since I didnt drink alcohol to begin with it`s been pretty easy.

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Congratulations on the quitting! I have not smoked anything myself, but so far my lose weight resolution is going pretty well with lean cuisines and 0 calorie green tea(which I assume is what ass tastes like).

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I'm still smoking but decided to stop being such an asshole... So far so good...

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my resolution was to eat more and smoke less worked well up until about the fourth when i realized i could have a meal for one night or cigs for the week.

why the hell would you stop drinking tea? i cant have that many calories?

oh yeah if you want to lose wait go vegetarian i did it years ago and lost about 3 stone over a year.

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@jetsetwillie: you should probably photoshop that cigarette out of your avatar pic's mouth :P

i an on/off smoker. i never really felt addicted to cigs and also theyre expensive as shit in europe so that doesnt exactly help

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Best of luck man, I hope you manage to break the habit. I've read Nicotine is one of the toughest drugs to kick, harder than Heroin even. The only reason I don't smoke cigs is because I know I'd never be able to give them up, my personality is too addictive.

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Badly. But I decided I don't have to go cold turkey, I just have to quit by next year.

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Isnt that the Allen Carr book?
I read that a while ago as a non smoker just out of sheer curiosity.

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I wasn't stupid enough to start, where's my parade?

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Good keep it up. And keep this in mind, if you smoke one, you'll probably get addicted again in a matter of days. Speaking from experience here, stopped smoking for a year and then on a drunken night decided to have one "just for old times' sake" and ended up getting addicted again. Best of luck!

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Never smoked a cig in my life, but for a year straight I smoked synthetic weed to help kick a bad drinking habit and crippling depression. I was as bad as 1 pint of hard liquor a day and within a week of starting to smoke the synthetic stuff I had zero desire to drink and haven't since. As of 2012 tho the stuff is illegal so the party's over and luckily I have no desire to go back to drinking or substitute the fake stuff with the real thing. After smoking hardcore (1 oz a month) for a year straight non-stop, there are zero withdrawls at all and I look / feel amazing. Best shape I've been in my life and even lost 85lbs in the process simply from kicking the booze and using the synthetic weeds ability to make everything taste amazing to get me hooked on fruits and veggies. You just have to be smart and use it as a tool/medicine. Idiots who get high for fun I still can't stand to be around.

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@Buzzkill Are you talking about that shaman herb stuff? That stuff is fucked.
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@wmaustin55: I'm in the same boat. It's weird to think that you're smoking to get healthier, but I know what it feels like.

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I used to be occasional smoker, but I started to get addicted and now I only occasionally smoke weed

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@laserbolts said:

@Buzzkill Are you talking about that shaman herb stuff? That stuff is fucked.

No I found a reliable consistent guy who was not only transparent with me but we've had a few dialogues on the phone together. He used cold water filtering and not acetone to break down his product then apply it to lush lobe-leaf Damania plant which is a natural aphrodisiac and part of the fox glove family. It's strong and lasted about 30 minutes which was perfect for me so I could continue my days without being a pile of jello or slobbering fuck. Also at 108 an oz it was the perfect price compared to what people tell me real stuff costs. The latest sweeping ban on synthetics tho now uses very broad and vague language stating "any chemical producing a cannibis or canniboid like effect" so that pretty much screwed it for everyone. Since I'll never willing do anything illegal that was the end of it for me, but it was perfect timing as I'd already kicked the booze, gotten back in shape and feel amazing. It genuinely saved my life.

You see I was depressed, so I drank, so my health became poor and I got really fat. I'm normally a 180 guy and I was up to 265 at my worst drinking a pint of hard booze a day. I wasn't about to go to a hospital for detox because it came with all sorts of bullshit AA programs attached so they can milk your wallet with bullshit therapy. I researched on my own and came to the conclusion that the chemical THC has an amazing effect on killing one's desire for drinking. Then I had to consider the possibility of a medical MJ card which they do allow in my state, but since the feds still consider it illegal, I wasn't going to give the feds any excuse to enter my personal life for any reason at all. This left me with one last choice, the synthetic market of spices. I started with K2, a grown man never having smoked anything at the age of 32 trying to roll this pink potpouri shit into a paper and it literally took me about a month and an OZ of product before my virgin lungs could properly take one good hit. That K2 Shit is really harsh and not safe for you tho which eventually led me to my good supplier.

Once I got the hang of it, the very next day I only wanted a few drinks, the day after that zero. I'd try to stop drinking on my own before but my body would SCREAM for calories and keep me up in the middle of the night with a gurgling stomach and mild shakes. I never got as bad as tremors but for someone not use to shakes I could notice it in my hands. Also when you have booze in your stomach for years it pickles it, so after stopping the tissue of my stomach lining would be bruised and ache worse than the worst bends you can imagine. This made it impossible to try and quit on my own until I got the Synthetic weed due to its mind numbing effect to help make sure that wasn't an issue. Munchies WERE an issue, but again I was not only on a plan to kick the booze, but to lose weight to help kick my depression so I would use light smoking sessions to control when I would be hungry, then when anything I ate would taste AMAZING I made sure to eat filling healthy things such as fruits and veggies. Last but not least, smoking dehydrates you so it became the perfect excuse to drink 6+ glasses a water a day which helps you feel full and burn calories like crazy.

I dropped 85lbs without exercise which left me a bit doughy but now I'm at a healthy weight I can do the proper cardio to strengthen and tone my body without having a heart attack. I can't suggest people follow in my footsteps because it's illegal now, and due to the alcohol industry / amount of bars in this country it likely never will be, but if the day does come and you need serious help without all the judgement and bullshit attached, mary jane is the way to go. It saved not only my health but also my sanity from the downward spiral of booze making me fatter, which made me more depressed, which made me drink more and get fatter ect..

Best of luck to any of you who are in my former situation.

Here are some before and after pictures. Remember, 1 pint of hard liquor a day and almost clinical depression. To fix that it required no exercise, just a relaxing smoke and proper diet.

2011 before1before2 2012 after1after2

From these days onward I warn all my friends that alcohol is the worst poison you can put in your body. I'm living proof.

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Booze is worse than smoke and I want to kick both, but damnit if it isn't the biggest wall I've ever seen. Sometimes I throw rocks at it to try and make it feel bad, but it just seems it will always be on the horizon.

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Good luck and try to survive the physical withdrawals. One of the most addicting things out there.

@Buzzkill: As someone who has some experience in this field: Smoking ounces of synthetic cannabinoids is not healthy, especially if you can get a MMJ card.

Which chemical is specifically in your mix? JHW-XXX?

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@froesti: None now, I quit as soon as the ban happened. I refuse to do anything illegal. JWH-114 was banned in 2010 so through 2011 it was something similar but not in the JWH family. That's all I'll say, besides it worked great and even friends who use the real thing would bum some off me. It was that safe and that smooth. Now in 2012, everything is banned so it's moot.

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@Buzzkill Damn dude that quite a story. Luckily I quit cigarettes cold turkey a couple years ago. Nice to hear you pulled out of it because that sounded like a vicious downward spiral.
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@laserbolts: It was, and to people struggling I do suggest professional help. I was in a unique situation where I have the resources and privacy to experiment on my own. Not everyone is as strong, but I'll never fault them for that. I'm just one example there's always a natural way if the will is strong enough.

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That was last year's new year's resolution. I quit cold turkey, and I haven't had a cigarette since 2010. The first month or so is the worst. But I seemed to get over it pretty quickly.

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I have that book, read it an quit smoking for a couple months. Then smoked for about a year. Then they released a DS version of that book, tried that out and quit again for a few months. I am smoking now, could care less.

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I don't set new years resolutions anymore.

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Sheeeeit. I STARTED smoking this year.

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I quit as of New Years as well. I wouldn't recommend quitting, though. It's really unpleasant. Frankly, smoking was kinda awesome. However, my fiancee and son are awesomer. The family trumps my vices any day.

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Governments have poured millions of dollars a year into helping people stop smoking. New research, however, shows that taxes and bans are better at helping people stop smoking in the long term. I guess it's better to use electronic cigarretes because nicotine patches and gums does not work to stop smokers quit smoking. Article source: Patches and gums do not help smokers quit long-term.

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Nah, but I'll bring it down to 1 cigarette a day on my birthday, in a month or so.