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So here is the thing and this is driving me crazy. I'll usually leave my PC on when I go to sleep I have a 1hr sleep timer on it so it goes to sleep and doesn't waste too much power yada yada yada. Anyways, sometimes I'll turn it on and it will make this horrible whirring noise like one of the fans (I'm thinking possibly my GPU fan?) goes absolutely nuts and is way louder than it should ever be normally. So I'm sure the first thing that pops into many of your heads is that it might be dusty right? Fair logic.

Here is the thing though I got this PC last april from newegg this started doing this around I'd say 6 months in to owning it. 6 months is awhile but I don't think its long enough for enough dust to build up to cause any issues. Secondly, and this is most likely the oddest part this only seems to happen when it is cold and only seems to happen whenever the PC sits for hours at a end. The second odd thing about this is if you simply put the computer into sleep state when this whirring happens and let it go to sleep then wake it up the noise stops every time.

I've not noticed any signs of dust or GPU failure either. No artifacting or other odd graphical glitches. I can play games just fine and the PC never seems to get too hot. Once I quit the game heat levels go back down as they should. PC is still pretty snappy. I'm not sure what is going on here. If this were heat or the like I think I would be having issues while I'm using it instead of being only a issue when I wake my pc. Considering its on a good 16 hours out of the day every day I'd probably have noticed if it had heat issues. The fact that it only really does this when its cold is the oddest of all this. I haven't had this issue pop up for me for months. Like basically all summer. Now were in sept and the temps are cooling back down and suddenly problem is back again.

So anyone wanna take a stab at this? I'm not sure I'm extremely worried because I've seen no really troubling signs or performance issues but I have yet to actually find a reason for it.

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Well, I don't know about the whirring, which as you say, is almost certainly the fan, but I know that I previously had an issue with hard drive grinding when the computer was asleep. That was a function of Windows' background indexing process, which runs when the computer is not in active use. It may be what's making your computer work, too - it can be disabled, but if that's your problem, it at least would mean there's nothing wrong with the PC.

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I'd first confirm if its the fan, try stopping the fan or unhooking it as it runs (depending on what type of cooler it has). fan wise could be anything from a baring going out, a dust bunnie that was sucked into it, or even buildup on the blades to make it run rough. not really sure what to make of the temp other then it might be the medal contracting/expanding /shug

If its the hardrive thats sounding rough you can usually tell by just touching the case and feel if its whirring, HD are pretty noisey when they are reved up

if the card is equipped might get some fan controlling software and try it and various speeds to see if you can recreate the issue at higher rpm

Edit, this is all hands on stuff, lol i wouldn't go digging around inside the case if your worried about screwing something up :/

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@Veektarius: Huh. Well I'm not "for sure" that it is the fan but it sure sounds like one as you can clearly hear it spin down whenever you restart the PC or whatnot when its doing it. Thanks for the suggestion though possibly it might be that who knows.

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Sounds like the fan is moody. Look into the warranty for the GPU and consider RMA'ing it if that is an option.

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Teehee, ''crack''.

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Can you pinpoint which fan is the culprit?

Does the fan just burst on at full speed and then return to normal?

If it's a fan plugged in to the motherboard that's giving you the problem, then you could try plugging it into a different header on the board. When the computer wakes up from its sleep state, it'll see all the fans running at 0rpm. If there's a minimum setting in the bios, it might be sending full power to the fan to kick it on before reducing the speed at the next poll.

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@Zelyre: Interesting you say that because yeah its done that before.

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Open your case and try to figure out which fan is actually the problem by listening.

Could probably narrow down where the noise is coming from by getting a close ear.

Take it from there...

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@Aleryn said:

Sounds like the fan is moody. Look into the warranty for the GPU and consider RMA'ing it if that is an option.

Yeah this is my assumption too. I had the same problem before with one of my fans, it sounds like an identical situation.

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@Yummylee said:

Teehee, ''crack''.

I was about to say that I cracked it.

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Can you set your fan speeds? Set your fan speed to 85% and see if it recreates the sound.

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@teh_destroyer said:

@Yummylee said:

Teehee, ''crack''.

I was about to say that I cracked it.

Say "crack" again...

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One problem I encountered on one of my fans was that it had come 'loose' and was hitting the side of its casing. Maybe this changes as the plastic warms up and expands. When you pin-point the fan, try and tilt the PC when its running and see if that solves it, if it does, that's a loose fan.

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Is it a high pitched whine or a whirring sound like you said?

If it sounds like grinding or whirring gears, then its probably the bearings in one of your fans and you might want to think about replacing them lest your PC overheats.

If its a high pitched whine, then it's the coils in your PSU, which wont cause any problems beyond the annoying sound. This is a really difficult problem to fix as it involves opening your PSU and remelting the coating on the coils. Better off buying a new one if you can, or just ignoring it.

If its just the sound of one of the fans spinning really fast, then you just need to blow the dust out and check it over for defects. If its this, its probably your CPU, GPU or motherboard fan. Its unlikely that your case fans will get that loud unless you have a special case.

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Yeah, like has been stated - your first order of business should be to identify which fan is actually making the sound - guessing is not good enough. If you can manually set the speed of your fans, then that's a great way of testing it out. Otherwise, I'd suggest taking the side off and carefully listening to where the sound is coming from (making sure not to headbutt anything, or get hair in any fans).

A whirring sound sounds like it'd either be the bearings of the fan (in which case it's not good anymore), or there's something obstructing it, like a cable - which you should, obviously, move out of the way (and secure so it doesn't happen again).