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Hello Duders!

I noticed that Rorie added some books in his goty post and remembered there is already a GB group on goodreads, but the last activity was 7 years ago. I was wondering if people wanted to join and bring it to life. Discuss the books we're reading, maybe a book club. I'm always interested in seeing what other people read so I can add to my "to read" list. I already added a few of Rorie's recommendations.

Don't know if @rorie has a profile but I'd like to see more of his ratings.


Don't know if the group requires approval but I saw the admin is still active so it should be ok.

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This sounds like something I was looking for. I just joined Goodreads and I was looking for a group. Thanks for letting me know this exists!

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I honestly don't use goodreads all that much but probably still have an account from years ago before Amazon bought them; I'll see if I can look it up.

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Just joined! Made it a goal this year to read more books so I'll be using Goodreads quite a bit now.

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Sounds great. I hope it picks up some steam.

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I have a vague and passing interest in this.

My last favorite book that I read was Cryptonomicon over a year ago, and frankly nothing else has quite measured up or managed to keep my interest since.

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Working on filling my shelf of books i have read, but this looks cool.

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Sure - I hope to use Goodreads a bit more regularly - though I still don't write reviews

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I'm hoping to use it more this year so I joined.

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Signed up. Good idea, OP.

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@buzzard: I have that book on my kindle and I tried reading it last year but literally couldn't go past the first chapter. I've heard great things about it but it's so hard to read. Maybe its because english isn't my native language but I've never had problems of this type with any other book (and I only read books in english). I'll try it again sometime and maybe just read it slower.

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@cocabis: Cryptonomicon is one of my favorite books and from easily my favorite writer, but the first few chapters can be admittedly impenetrable. But, I will say that they're not at all representative of the latter 95% of the book. I know "it gets better later" is always a hard sell, but in this case it will get better very quickly and is very worth pushing through.

I'll also throw out a hearty recommendation of Seveneves, another long, era-spanning novel by Stephenson that most people who've read Cryptonomicon and/or Snow Crash never seem to find.

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@nnickers: Cool! I'll try it again then! I'm currently reading The Dark Tower series because a friend said that it really gets better because I just hated the first book. And if I can read tht I can power through a few chapters in Cryptonomicon.

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I went ahead created an account and began filling out my "shelf."

Just started reading "John Dies at the End."

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I'll join. I don't use goodreads much but I filled out my reading year goal on there for the year. There's a what-you-been-reading forum post on here that I started that gets some somewhat frequent use, fyi.

I also have Cyptonomicon on kindle but have yet to read it. I liked Snow Crash by him quite a bit though.

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Would have to resuscitate my goodreads account but might be worthwhile. I'm doing some re-reads (something I've never really done but for a couple of books) with every second book this year so I don't have time for a book club, but it would be cool to track it with others.