Are You Going to Betray the Family (aka see Hobbs and Shaw?)

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Posted by liquiddragon (3553 posts) 1 month, 26 days ago

Poll: Are You Going to Betray the Family (aka see Hobbs and Shaw?) (139 votes)

Absolutely! (F the Fam) 19%
Yeah (Sorry Fam) 28%
Yeah but I have dumb friends and I'm a good friend. 1%
Probably / Maybe / Thinking about it 6%
Probably Not / I Doubt it 12%
No but because the movie looks awful. 13%
Hell No! (Family is Everything) 9%
Poll 12%

I like The Rock from the wrestling days, though I'm much less enamored with his movies and I've liked Jason Statham for a long time from Snatch to The One to The Transporter to Crank. I'm happy they have a big summer movie coming out but I just can't go along for the ride.

I saw the 1st Fast and Furious movie, The Fast and the Furious, just at the right age and a FF movie without Vin Diesel is no FF movie at all. We all know this. We've been through this. This is why we pretend like 2 Fast 2 Furious never happened.

Also, the whole "Fast & Furious Presents" thing is weird and the drama around it is weird so it's a movie I don't even want to get near.

I kinda wanted to know how this movie is "tracking." What are your thoughts on this movie? Are going to see it? Is the F&F Presents thing too weird?

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Few things get me into theaters these days and this isn't one of them. However it looks more fun than any of the Fast films despite pretty much showing the entire movie in its trailers.

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Hell fucking yeah

The Family brought it on themselves by inviting Shaw to the end of movie BBQ in the first place. Yeah, Shaw is the mother fucker that murdered Han. But ain't like the family is all that innocent either. They got their friend, and his girlfriend, murdered on a hundred mile runway. Then they let him wander off on his own without anyone even keeping an eye on him. Shaw picked him off because he was vulnerable and then they forgave Shaw after just one car-sword fight.

Kayfabe aside: Yeah, Rock and Vin got beef and Tyrese is the kid caught in the middle of it. But I watch FF films to be entertained and everything about the Hobbes and Shaw trailers have be me grinning like an idiot from an incredulous badass Idris Elba to Statham going full comedy to Dwayne The Rock Johnson. As long as I don't find out one of them is murdering puppies then I really don't care about whatever drama they have over who is the biggest draw and whose head gets the first jar of wax and whatever.

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I haven't seen a Fast and Furious movie since FF2 in theatre back when it first came out.

Unfortunately these flicks do nothing for me, and I am more than fine with that. That said Idris Elba is beyond cool.

Enjoy it if it is something that you enjoy.

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Much like F8, I'm just treating is as non-canonical. The movie looks insanely dumb and fun in the best way, but I hate that they just let Shaw in the way they did, because I'm dumb and take this way too seriously. HAN FOREVER

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#5 Posted by KillEm_Dafoe (2666 posts) -

Definitely. This movie looks like insane fun. The Rock and Statham had great chemistry together in F&F8 and a whole movie of that, with even better action sequences, sounds great to me.

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#6 Posted by Relkin (1222 posts) -

Like others have said, the series stopped being about family with the release of 8. I'll watch Hobbs and Shaw some time after it becomes available digitally.

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Nope. I feel like I’ve already seen it from the long trailers being played before movies.

Also, it looks pretty dumb.

If the trailers were 30 seconds and established Idris Elba, The Rock, Jason Statham, and hinted at the action, I might be watch-it-on-HBO interested.

For the record, I’ve never seen a Fast and Furious movie.

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I don't care about Fast and the Furious; never have, and this doesn't change that. I don't mean I think they're bad (well, Tokyo Drift was bad from what I remember), I just don't care for them. So, I won't see it in theaters and I probably just won't see it period even if its free on Netflix or something unless everyone is like 'damn, that's the best movie ever', then I'll have to see. Ha ha.

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#9 Posted by Nodima (2654 posts) -

It looks like a total trainwreck from the previews, and I feel I've spent enough time recovering from Batman v. Superman that I'm ready for another one of those. That said, I'm also not so convinced it'll be as bad/egregious/stupifying (in bad ways) as the trailers make it seem, because it's David Leitch directing with Statham, Johnson and Vanessa Kirby starring, all four of which I have a good deal of faith in to deliver good action set pieces and performances.

Whichever way it goes, I didn't see Fast 8 in theaters but I'm fairly excited for this one, so that's where I stand on the family feud I guess.

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#10 Posted by BoOzak (2681 posts) -

I'll probably end up seeing it but I'm not very excited by it. I agree with pretty much everything the OP said, it feels like a betrayal and the movie looks like it lacks any of the soul the F&F films ever had.

But to be honest I only really liked the first film, they've been dumb, uneven and real stupid for awhile now. I agree with everyone about the Shaw thing, I like Statham but he didnt deserve forgiveness. I'm not saying he couldnt have attoned but they/he didnt even acknowledge that he killed Han for basically no reason and bringing his brother back because... hijinx? Fuck off.

I get it, these movies are stupid and I shouldnt care but like with the best stupid things they only really excel if I do care and at least take some of this shit seriously. I'll point to MGS and Yakuza for stupid shit done right.

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#11 Posted by melondog (3 posts) -

The trailers look so fucking weird, from Black Superman to Hawaiian ritual stuff. Who the hell are writing these Hollywood movies nowadays?

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Yes, because I'm too much of a F&F fan not to, but I don't have high hopes. I also don't like how easily they let Statham into the crew in 8 and the trailers don't look great but eh. F&F is one of the only things that gets me into theaters these days.

F&F 9 looks to be shaping up nicely though. Justin Lin back in the director's chair (he did Tokyo Drift through 6), the return of Jordana Brewster as Mia, Helen Mirren and Charlize Theron reprising their F&F 8 roles, no drama with the Rock...

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#13 Posted by probablytuna (5010 posts) -

I'll watch any and everything Fast and Furious throws at me so yes definitely.

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#14 Posted by PhilipDuck (762 posts) -

Wasn't it only Tyrese that went in a huff about this? Rock & Jason are better than him in the movies any way!

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I dunno looks pretty fun except I’m not a fan of the whole second act they already spoiled in the trailers where they’re fighting attack choppers with wooden sticks and pickup trucks.

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I don't need a theater for this. I will watch this, but peak enjoyment for me will be at home while drinking too much. This seems like an ideal movie for that.

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Sadly, the series lost me with the release of 7, which I found extremely disappointing with all of the hype behind it. It felt like they just lost the soul of the series and turned into a generic action franchise. Not only did they get rid of the cool car-based action scenes the franchise is known for and finally crank the stupid-meter too high for me, but now they're giving Idris Elba actual superpowers. It's not even Fast and Furious anymore. Skipped 8 and probably skipping this too.

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@philipduck said:

Wasn't it only Tyrese that went in a huff about this? Rock & Jason are better than him in the movies any way!

No, not exactly. The main beef appears to be between Vin Diesel and the Rock. There were apparently lots of tension between the two during the filming of F&F 8 to the extent that they wouldn't film a scene together. Diesel seems to think that the Rock is attempting to displace him as the central figure of the series, as evidenced in part by this new Hobbs & Shaw film, which strikes me as both somewhat paranoid and not entirely unwarranted. Tyrese kind of just got caught in the middle and picked Diesel's side because Hobbs & Shaw is delaying F&F9 and Tyrese wants to get his.

I don't need a theater for this. I will watch this, but peak enjoyment for me will be at home while drinking too much. This seems like an ideal movie for that.

Peak enjoyment is drinking too much and then seeing the movie in theaters with other F&F fans ;)

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#19 Posted by jeremyf (416 posts) -

This is one of those movies you watch on a plane. That said, JUSTICE FOR HAN!!

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#20 Posted by chaser324 (8719 posts) -

I'm too committed to the FF franchise to skip this. I have faith in Justin Lin to do right by la familia and get things back on track with FF9.

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#22 Posted by flatblack (139 posts) -

I have a strong feeling that Han is still alive somehow

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#23 Posted by DarkeyeHails (607 posts) -

I'm legit confused that fans of the F&F franchise have drawn the line on stupidity at Statham being hastily forgiven for killing one of the crew. I mean, F&F fandom is in and of itself fairly baffling to me because it was a series that only got entertaining in the last 1/4 of its cinematic existence and a large part of that is to newer, better arrivals to the franchise.

So, yeah, not only will I be seeing Hobbs and Shaw, it will be the first F&F movie that I actually pay to see. Come at me with some half-brained, up its own butt monologue about family, Vin.

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#24 Posted by doombot13 (353 posts) -

I once had a guy give me a bad Lyft rating because I had never seen any F&F movies. Since then I have refused to see any others just to spite him.

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#25 Posted by dudeglove (13792 posts) -

I once had a guy give me a bad Lyft rating because I had never seen any F&F movies. Since then I have refused to see any others just to spite him.

wait were you the driver or the passenger?

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#26 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (7691 posts) -

Looks fun...I'd say not seeing it is what would hurt the fam.

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#27 Posted by Gundato (367 posts) -

@darkeyehails: The thing is that the FF series, even the bad ones, are fairly consistent on a few themes.

They do bad shit. Letty got brainwashed and became a terrorist. Dom got blackmailed and became a terrorist. Hobbs is a fucking cop. Brian was not only a fucking cop but he also was a narc back when they stole DVD players and got Dom arrested again

But they are Family and Family forgives Family.

Shaw murdered a member of that family. He retroactively ran Han off the road and then finished him off. He also tried to murder Brian, Dom's Sister, and their kid. He almost murdered Hobbs and the girl Dom briefly banged.

I don't think anyone has a significant problem with the idea of eventually forgiving Shaw because he learned his ways through the power of Family. But less than one movie after killing Han he was their best friend and they invited him to the rooftop barbecue.

Kayfabe? It would be like if Batman just walked up, said "yolo", and busted a cap in someone's ass. It goes against all the logic of the series and damages one of the few pillars on which all the insanity of people who steal DVD players having car-sword fights rests on.

And the meta aspect is that it is clear the studio loves Statham (rightfully so) and The Rock (also rightfully so) and Vin don't like that. So you have a case of what is almost assuredly executive meddling coupled with beef between the actors and delays to the core FF series.

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#28 Posted by tds418 (524 posts) -

I'm legit confused that fans of the F&F franchise have drawn the line on stupidity at Statham being hastily forgiven for killing one of the crew.

Yeah, as the above poster said, it's not so much that it's "stupid" but that it betrays the only value/principle that F&F has consistently stuck with since the first film - "family." It's the secret heart and soul of the franchise and letting Statham into the crew just kind of gives a middle finger to it.

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#29 Posted by liquiddragon (3553 posts) -

Soooo, who saw it? Any good?

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#30 Posted by billmcneal (1278 posts) -

I watched it. It's a fun summer movie. But it has a dumb plot and bad dialogue. It's not winning any oscars

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#31 Posted by Gundato (367 posts) -

I meant to go see it but was busy the first week or two of release. And by the time I had a chance to go to theatres there were a lot of "this is kind of... not good" and my preferred theatre no longer had showings with good legroom.

I'll definitely buy it on Amazon or Google when it hits VOD.

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#32 Posted by psmgamer (132 posts) -

I saw it with my nephew and he enjoyed it. Hobbs and Shaw are definitely good though without the rest of the Fast and Furious cast the movie just feels like Saints Row 4 if was made into a movie.