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Posted by liquiddragon (3332 posts) 2 years, 2 months ago

Poll: Are you going to see the live-action Ghost in the Shell? (261 votes)

Yes, I'm a sucker for anything GitS (and I'm excited) 11%
Yes, I'm a sucker for anything GitS (and I hate myself) 10%
If the reviews aren't abysmal 7%
If the reviews are decent 15%
Yes, but not cause I care about GitS but I'll watch anything Scarlett is in 4%
I'm not planning on it but I won't put up a fight if someone asks me 15%
I'll for it to come home 15%
No, it's a complete disgrace 13%
Wait, there is a live-action GitS movie coming? 2%
What's a Ghost in the Shell? 2%
Anime is for jerks and so are live-action adaptations of them 6%

Ok, so ever since this thing became a reality and they hire Rupert Sanders, I straight up dismissed it. And though I like Scarlett Johansson a lot, I became even more pouty about whole situation when she was cast as Major. Finally, I said "fuck this shit" when the first trailer came out.

But something changed last week...

I went to see A Cure for Wellness and the trailer for Ghost in the Shell came on and seeing it in big screen, seeing how much money they were dumping into this thing made me kinda go "ehh fuck it, why the fuck not, I'll go see that shit." I still don't have any faith in it but what the hell, I see bad movies all the time and one more couldn't hurt, right? I've been demanding live-action Anime films for ages and here is one right under my nose next month. So yeah...that's where I'm at. I'm gonna go see it, it'll probably, mostly definitely won't be good but I must know, and I have to see it in theaters 'cause if I hate it and people try to defend it with the whole "you had to see it in theater man" bs, I can tell them to stfu.

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#51 Posted by BojackHorseman (690 posts) -

Looks weird as fuck, and not in a good way.

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#52 Posted by SamanthaK (225 posts) -

No i won't go see it because i have 0 interest in it just like i have 0 interest in the Anime.

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#53 Edited by RetroMetal (870 posts) -

Yes, but not cause I care about GitS but I'll watch anything Scarlett is in (Your vote) 4%

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#54 Posted by viking_funeral (2881 posts) -

I'm not going to boycott the film, but I have no interest in seeing it unless I get dragged to it. It looks like they applied the Hollywood finishing touches to the film, especially with the Major now being an amnesiac who doesn't remember her past and wants to uncover the truth. That's... eh, Hollywood has gone back to that well a few too many times for me. I would prefer the original, confident and competent Major.

That said, I don't think it's going to be as bad as, say, the Dragon Ball or The Last Airbender films.

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#55 Posted by OurSin_360 (6162 posts) -

I haven't seen much in previews of the film and i like scarlet but the corporate white washing of everything in Hollywood rubs me the wrong way.

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#56 Posted by datarez (861 posts) -

A couple weeks ago a local theater was showing the original in Japanese in the theater and I had never seen the original on the big screen so I went. Turned out they were doing it as a promotion for the new movie. It had a featurette and trailer for the new movie before it. I had successfully avoided seeing anything except a still from it before then. It felt like a time share bait and switch. :( The original was awesome to see in a theater though.

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#57 Posted by WeyounNumber6 (157 posts) -

Huge GITS fan.

Waiting for the 4K blu-ray.

Cautiously optimistic.

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#58 Posted by matoya (775 posts) -

I did my university thesis on Ghost in the Shell, so I guess I'm obliged to see it

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#59 Edited by Zelyre (1900 posts) -

I was big into anime in the 90's and was extremely excited when Ghost in the Shell came out. I went to my local Suncoast, glanced at all the Tenchi Muyo laser discs, and then picked up my Ghost in the Shell and Slayers or Macross Plus VHS tapes and went home excitedly.

If the movie was about a half hour shorter, I think I would have really liked it. But it dragged and it really kind of killed it for me. I tried getting into Stand Alone Complex when it first came out, but my mind remembers the art work of the movie and SAC's animation doesn't line up with how I remember the characters looking and it's kind of budget looking...

So, without any real horse in the GiTS race, if reviews are okay and reviewers are perhaps pleasantly surprised, sure. I might see it in theatres, especially if there are some great special effects. There are some things, like in Rogue One, when the camera looks through the glass bottom of the Mon Calamari ship at the battle below that just won't have that same effect at home. Or Doctor Strange. The theaters near me are nice, but going to them is expensive as hell...

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#60 Posted by WynnDuffy (1289 posts) -

I'll watch anything with Takeshi Kitano in it.

Well, almost.

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#61 Edited by JohnyMyko (1870 posts) -

I don't know much about GITS but it's themes always seemed interesting to me and I like it's style. From the trailers the movie seems to have some cool parts and some parts that make me doubt of it's quality. But i'll watch anyway because I'm curious about it and also because I'm a fan of one of the concept artists behind the visuals of this live action adaptation.

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#62 Posted by glots (4297 posts) -
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#63 Edited by SensibleParty (70 posts) -

I really liked the original manga, and the Stand Alone Complex series was interesting too. I feel like the hollywood movie will only be comparable in terms of visuals, and otherwise it'll be straight up a different thing entirely. I don't think I'll see it, but then again I feel too old for those "appeal to the lowest common denominator" type Hollywood movies these days, so nothing against this film in particular.

@monkeyking1969: As far as the non-white casting thing... all I know is people here in Japan really don't really care what so ever so long as she's right for the role. Also casting an asian actress is just as "bad" as casting a white woman. If she's not Japanese she's not Japanese, you know? That aside it seems like a uniquely American issue, so I'll say nothing more.

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#64 Edited by Crysack (567 posts) -

I love the first two movies and SAC but I have approximately zero faith that the live-action will be anything but terrible. It sort of looks like the plot is a weird amalgam of SAC and the original movie.

I'll probably end up seeing it anyway. I suffered through Arise so I can probably deal with the live-action.

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#65 Posted by Ezekiel (2257 posts) -

I don't have a problem with the non-Japanese actors, but I have a problem with them having Japanese names. The writers should have adapted it to their own culture.

For the major, I probably would have auditioned unknown actresses and cast whoever passed for the major, whether she's Japanese or non-Japanese.

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#66 Posted by deactivated-5ba16609964d9 (3361 posts) -

I've been rewatching GitS: SAC and man that is such a great show. The movie trailers look visually impressive but what plot they give away seem to miss the entire point of GitS. Plus the PG-13 rating pretty much confirms my fears of Hollywood playing this extremely safe.

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#67 Posted by burncoat (558 posts) -

Bad poll. It should have been 4 options, Yes, No, Maybe, and Anime is for Jenks. The No option being thebonly one worded as a knee-jerk reaction is itself a disgrace.

Also, it's been a while since I saw the original movie, Stand Alone Complex, and the manga, but I really don't remember this generic "I never asked for this" plot. Are they severely rewriting the entire story?

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#68 Posted by WMoyer83 (1026 posts) -

I will probably just watch the original again, maybe red box the live action one when it comes out in 6 monthes