Are you ready to spend a lot of money on your style?

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Posted by Deo_Brando (54 posts) 7 months, 12 days ago

Poll: Are you ready to spend a lot of money on your style? (99 votes)

Need to dress expensive in brands 11%
I don't care about clothes 87%

Recently, I met people who do not spare money to buy branded items and generally spend a lot on shopping. In their opinion, it is indecent to dress poorly. And I thought about it. Maybe i should spend more money on your wardrobe?

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#1 Posted by Sahalarious (788 posts) -

This feels like a terrible thread already, spend a few hundred on suits but everything else just make sure it looks good and fits right, fuck a brand.

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#2 Posted by nutter (2190 posts) -

I wish this wasn’t binary...

I certainly don’t throw all kinds of money on clothes, but I don’t dress like I’m 15 and going to see Screaming Trees open for Nirvana, either.

Keep your clothes fresh. Cycle worn stuff out before it gets tattered. Hang onto some iffy stuff for dirty work like painting and yard work.

I try to dress well-ish, but within societal norms. I’ll usually wear a decent pair of jeans. Maybe the shoes are a bit nicer. Shirts range from t-shirts (usually fitted, some junky/fun band stuff), to various short or long sleeve button downs or sweaters...I have some polos for biz-cas stuff.

I have a few hoodies to support my kid’s sports teams. I have some workout gear. I have a couple of pairs of fleece pants for when I’m sick as a dog and cold as fuck.

I think wearing pajamas and uggs out of the house should be a criminal offense and perpetrators should be shot on sight (just kidding). While I won’t go out in pajamas/fleece pants and whatnot (I don’t even wear that stuff unless I’m sick, jeans are comfortable and casual enough), I will rarely go out in workout gear if I’m short on time.

I have a number of suits, blazers, etc. as I sometimes need to get all formal for a trip or a function. I have a decent supply of outdoor/hiking/backpacking clothes for getting away from shit.

I dunno. I live my life and try to have clothes for the things I need to do.

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#3 Posted by imhungry (1131 posts) -

Those are two pretty extreme options.

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#4 Posted by htr10 (1060 posts) -

I’m still wearing the same clothes that I was wearing when this site launched.

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#5 Posted by someoneproud (604 posts) -

Nope, I couldn't care less. I wouldn't bother at all if the weather was warm enough and it wouldn't get me put on some sort of list.

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#6 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2083 posts) -

I generally wear pretty cheap clothing. My kids wear the more expensive stuff, but still reasonably priced. I 100% do not care about branded clothing or having all designer gear. I wear what is fits well, is comfortable, and is practical, in that order. I do sometimes think to myself, "I'll buy some better cloths", but there is always more pressing matters to spend money on that I never do.

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#7 Posted by OmegaDef (19 posts) -

I don’t usually give out fashion tips for free, but it’s the holidays, so here’s the secret to looking and feeling your best.

First, go through a series of mind crippling traumatic events. The worse the better. It’s gonna be rough, but you’re not a coward, and you DO want to be cool, right? Okay, now that you’ve broken down and been reduced to human rubble, you’re almost ready for your new look!

It's time to put on black pants, a black shirt, and a black hoodie that you never remove. You might think you’d also need monochromatic black shoes to complete the look, but you’d be wrong. Shoes are the only place you add color. But not too much color. And most importantly, make sure your shoes don’t light up when you walk. What are you, five years old?

Finally, people are going to mistake you for a goth or a terrorist. Just let them. Because you know the truth lies somewhere in the middle, and it’s not worth getting banned from another Taco Bell for another knife fight you probably could’ve avoided.

Congratulations. You have now branded yourself as unbranded.

Just remember to stay on brand.

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#8 Posted by sub_o (1159 posts) -

Well, sometimes, I wanna buy something that cost bit more, but in the long run it saves me more money.

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#9 Edited by pappafost (230 posts) -

Speaking of brands. Has anyone gone to a mall lately? Holy $%^& is it a ghost town over there! It's almost as if there has been a fundamental sea change in retail, or something.

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#10 Posted by nutter (2190 posts) -

@pappafost: First mall trip in a decade? ;)

Ours are better now (I’m in central CT), but they were mostly empty husks for about 5-6 years...there was one near Farmington that always did pretty well, but it’s all high-end stuff.

I’m shocked malls still exist, frankly.

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#11 Edited by Efesell (4536 posts) -

My ever present style is Clothes That Won't be Destroyed At Work.

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#12 Posted by MrGreenMan (222 posts) -

As long as they dont look like trash and fit me, I don't really care to much. The only thing I have to spend money on are shoes, as i have small, wide, flat feet and rarely will find anything that will last me long without paying $100+ dollars for shoes if I want them to last me more then a few months.

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#13 Edited by ghost_cat (2288 posts) -

I'm one who spends a hefty amount on a few pieces of clothes. But the key phrase is "a few pieces".

It's of three reasons:

1) Beautiful clothes are like art, and I'm of the type who collects that kind of art.

2) If you shop smart, you can get a shirt/pants/outfit that will last years in terms of durability and style. My closet is very old, but none of the pieces are ripped or warped, and people continue to compliment on my threads. Never get anything too flashy, and think about how fluid it is for one piece to mix with others.

3) Cheap and fast fashion contribute to a large amount of waste on this planet, even with fabric-recycling programs. If you care about that stuff and looking good, please spend more to waste less.

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#14 Posted by cmblasko (2941 posts) -

I spent $70 on jeans earlier this year, possibly the most I've ever spent on a piece of clothing in my adult life, and I still feel bad about it. So no, I really am not ready to drop lots of money on my style.

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#15 Posted by PatODay (395 posts) -

My old job allowed me to dress, as my girlfriend put it "like I'm always on my way to a pickup basketball game", basketball/gym shorts and a t-shirt and hoodie. I just got a new job however, and in the interest in seeming like a functioning and responsible adult I've bought some new jeans, button-up shirts, and quarter-zip sweaters. I have not been able to find any piece of clothing for less than $55, and have probably spent $400-$500 on 3 pairs of jeans, 2 quarter-zips, and 2 shirts. Adult clothes can be expensive as hell.

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#16 Edited by FlashFlood_29 (4444 posts) -

HA I can count on one hand the amount of clothing items I've bought in the past year. There's a hell of a lot more things I value than style of clothes (myself and others). Do I think about it? Sure but I'm certainly not preoccupied or willing to spend more than I have to.

Edit: I go out of my way to make sure I stay away from brand logos on my clothes because fuck that shit. I only have a couple of sports related shirts that have an Adida's logo but used in a stylish way.

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#17 Posted by Rejizzle (1124 posts) -

I ask for clothes for birthdays and Christmas. My friends and family all have better fashion sense than I do, so I trust their judgement.

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#18 Posted by warpr (213 posts) -
@nutter said:

I think wearing pajamas and uggs out of the house should be a criminal offense and perpetrators should be shot on sight (just kidding). While I won’t go out in pajamas/fleece pants and whatnot (I don’t even wear that stuff unless I’m sick, jeans are comfortable and casual enough), I will rarely go out in workout gear if I’m short on time.

How about out of the house but still on your property, like e.g. taking out the trash? :)

(I don't own any pajamas. But I work from home, so it's sweatpants all day and I'll change into jeans when I go somewhere).

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#19 Posted by FacelessVixen (2636 posts) -

To quote Joyner Lucas: "Gucci gang, Fendi gang, Prada gang... I don't really fuck with no brand names."

Old Navy jeans with graphic t-shits representing various death metal bands work well enough for me.

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#20 Posted by Stonyman65 (3809 posts) -

I can understand spending some cash on a good jacket or a pair of boots or even sunglasses or a nice watch because these are things that tend to last a long time and good quality usually costs money so... yeah I can see spending some dough on stuff like that but I don't get people spending tons of money on everyday clothes from designer brands because that stuff usually doesn't last and, if you are following fashion trends, probably will be out of style and never worn again after a year or two.

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#21 Posted by nutter (2190 posts) -

@warpr: If I’m going to be totally honest, I’ve let the dog out and taken the trash out in boxer briefs, but only very early in the morning, when the odds of crossing paths are low.

So who am I to throw stones?

I’ve only done this a few times and when in...inoffensive shape.


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#22 Edited by SloppyDetective (1613 posts) -

I think it is important to look like you put some thought and effort into how you look, no matter your style - whether you like it or not everyone judges people on appearance (even those that say they don't). I have a few expensive coats (winter jacket) and some leather boots that certain people would probably consider expensive but are actually mid-range. I'm actually looking to minimize my wardrobe and have it be more focused now that I have more or less landed on the styles I like. When I do this I will want to get some better - so slightly more expensive - versions of the standard so they last longer. Most american clothing is so poorly made now a days though, but there is a bit of a renaissance of quality clothing online if you know where to look.

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#23 Posted by TheRealTurk (547 posts) -

I'll admit to being more than a little style conscious - mostly as a result of working in a profession where dressing nicely is kind of expected.

Having said that, do you need to spend a ton of money on brand name clothes? No. Should you invest some money in having the basics to look nice when you need to? Absolutely. I deeply believe every single guy on the planet should own at least the stuff below - it'll get you through 99% of Important Life Situations from job interviews, funerals, weddings, and more formal workplaces. Even if you only take it out of the closet like once a year, you'll have it and won't need to be scrambling around at the last minute and getting something that obviously doesn't fit you.

1. Two suits. They don't need to be Gucci or whatever other big brand name, but you should get them tailored. Blue, black, or charcoal grey. Avoid wacky colors - you'll just look like this guy.

2. At least three ties. Get a nice blue, black/dark grey, and red tie. Get more colors if you want, but those three will be good for just about any situation. I've found that having at least a subtle pattern generally looks better than having it a solid color, but go with what looks good on you. A good tie clip is optional, but kind of a nice accessory, and it stops your tie from flapping around all over the place.

Also learn to tie a real knot. Like, at least a Windsor. None of that Four-in-Hand crap- that's for school pictures and people who still need their parents to tie their tie for them.

3. Two nice belts. Brown and black. Personally I prefer a really good single color leather belt. There's nothing inherently wrong with a nicer reversible - and that's probably fine if you wear it only a couple of times a year. But I've found they don't really hold up if you're wearing them consistently.

4. A good pair of leather shoes. If you can afford it and you're going to wear them a lot, it's worth looking into having them custom fitted. I've got really wide feet with high arches so it's tough for me to find shoes that fit comfortably off the rack. On the other hand, my dress shoes are probably among the most comfortable I have because they were actually made to fit my feet.

5. A nice watch. This means looking nice, not necessarily how expensive it is. For example, I've got a nice Esquire watch that ran me about $150.

And if all that sounds expensive, the answer is yes, it can be. You don't need to do it all at once - you can do it in phases if you need to. Just think of it as an investment - if you take good care if it, it will last you forever.

Beyond that, just wear whatever makes you comfortable. The stuff above will get you through situations where appearance actually matters. Eff everything after that.

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#24 Edited by ghost_cat (2288 posts) -

@sloppydetective: Actually there are quite a few American clothing companies who make some solid clothes (mostly) here in America. Since they are made in America - speaking more about labor costs - and often use higher quality materials, the price can be expensive, but the product often comes out unique and highly durable. Levi's has two other lines that are very nice and live up to their reputation: Made & Crafted and Vintage Clothing.

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#25 Posted by Nev (778 posts) -

I wear whatever garbage I find at a Walmart for cheap. T-shirt with bands or comic book characters, track pants or leggings, 15-20 dollar shoes.

Makes no difference to me, and ironically this year I’ve had multiple people compliment me over my T-shirts, for whatever reason. Hell, I wore the same to my fathers funeral earlier this year, and so did everyone else at it, funny enough.

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#26 Posted by someoneproud (604 posts) -
@nutter said:

@warpr: If I’m going to be totally honest, I’ve let the dog out and taken the trash out in boxer briefs, but only very early in the morning, when the odds of crossing paths are low.

Nice. I leave the house all the time in just my boxers, only to take bins out / bring them in / have a smoke when I can't be arsed getting dressed / talk to brief visitors that aren't staying. I don't go and do a weekly shop or anything :) Pretty sure as long as no one can see my dick it's pretty much legal.

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#27 Posted by ajamafalous (13818 posts) -

Your options are bad.

I don't give a shit about what 'brand' it is, but I also am fairly fashionable and wear clothes that both look nice and accentuate my figure. If I look in the mirror and don't think I look good, I probably won't leave my apartment.

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#28 Posted by JohnyMyko (1892 posts) -

I don’t need to dress in expensive brands but I care about my clothes, so there really isn’t an option for me on that poll. It’s not really that binary.

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#29 Posted by SloppyDetective (1613 posts) -

@ghost_cat: yes you are absolutely right. I was talking about department store clothes, so made in China, Taiwan, etc. There are some great American made companies and other companies that don't produce in America but have good manufacturing practices. I think online store fronts has opened a decent amount of higher quality products. You just have to find them.

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#30 Posted by nutter (2190 posts) -

@someoneproud: I think the same can be said for most exposed dick, you must acquit.

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#31 Edited by avantegardener (2374 posts) -

Silk and gold or sack cloth are the choices, might want to check in on 20th century mass production and globalisation, you don’t need a chest of emeralds or rely on expensive branded items to dress well.

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#32 Posted by someoneproud (604 posts) -

@nutter: That's my defence and I'm sticking to it, I'll wear a little johnson balaclava if I have to.

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#33 Posted by harinosho (748 posts) -

Not much of a fashion man, I dont go for a particular brand but I do prefer quality over quantity. Luckily there is a place i can get both, so I usually buy like 10 or so Black tshirts and some hoodies from them. Replace whatever is either damaged or fading badly. The quality is nice and the hoods last me a long time.

90% of my time is Jeans and a TShirt (long or short) other times is a shirt for something important.

My only real brand specific thing is my footwear. I stick to New Balance because of my feet. Pretty expensive but I dont suffer.

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#34 Posted by Sahalarious (788 posts) -

I have worn nothing but Air Force 1s for the past decade and dont plan to change. Have to wear slacks/button ups at work and oyu can really see the quality difference with the cheap stuff, but I wont spend more than 45 on a shirt or 80 on pants.