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Please lock.

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#2 Posted by NegativeCero (3151 posts) -

If it is a disorder then I'm fucked too. Although I have awful vision so it isn't based on that. Also, what brought this on?

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#3 Posted by Still_I_Cry (2521 posts) -

Zoning out?

Happens to me all the time when a Professor is blathering on and there is no note taking to be done :P

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#4 Posted by Neferon (269 posts) -

It's done by relaxing the muscles controlling your eye lenses and/or looking off in the distance, like you're looking at something behind your tv/monitor. It usually happens when you're tired or bored. I'm not entirely sure why people do it, some do it more than others. Maybe it's something a way to relax the muscles in your eyes so your vision doesn't deteriorate.

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#5 Posted by Niall_Sg1 (379 posts) -

Isn't that crossing your eyes? I think everyone can do it.

It useful when you have to spot the differences between two near identical pictures. Cross your eyes and the differences really stand out.

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#6 Posted by NTM (10379 posts) -

@NegativeCero: No, it's no eye problem. I think everyone can do it. I think it's just to relax a part of your vision, though it's not really that relaxing. It makes it so your eyes don't focus on any one thing. I want to know what it's called. I also just wondered, is it possible to get 20/8 vision? Huh. Oh, the reason it came up with it was because I was watching a YouTube video of some Modern Warfare 3 gameplay; I started thinking about the game and not so much on what I was watching, then I noticed my vision blurred the video out, as if my brain didn't want to multitask in a way.

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#7 Posted by NTM (10379 posts) -

@Niall_Sg1: No, it's not the same thing.

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It's eye cancer, your eyes will slowly pop out of their sockets and be replaced by pussy tumors spewing pus.

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I'm pretty sure that's just letting your eyes go out of focus. There's no special name for it, other than any special name given to regular focus mechanisms. You understand that you're constantly focusing and re-focusing your eyesight when you look at things at different distances, right? It's like with a pair of binoculars, or a microscope; the lenses can be perfectly shaped and aligned, but only for a very specific range. Anything else is blurry, until you adjust the focus to fit what you're trying to see.

And yes, as you've found, if you concentrate, it's something you can consciously adjust. Close one eye, and hold a hand in front of your face so it half covers your field of view. If you look at your hand, you can make yourself see it clearly, but everything behind it will be blurry. If you look at the monitor, your hand will go out of focus instead. That's all that's happening when you notice yourself zoning out in front of Uncharted 2. Instead of focusing on the screen, your eyes are relaxing, and looking into the middle distance.

You only really need especially fine control over your focus when looking at stereograms or magic eye pictures. Your eyes try to focus at the distance the 3D illusion presents itself, but you have to force them to adjust to the flat surface of the image, instead. The effort involved is one of the reasons why people complain about 3D effects giving them headaches or eye strain.

This was a way more serious answer than I wanted to give, but oh well.

ETA: And theoretically, yes, it may be possible for some people to focus their eyes independently. Most people can't, for much the same reason that most people can't make their eyes look in two different directions. You kind of treat both of your eyes as a single object, most of the time, and it's exceptionally unusual for people to do otherwise to any significant degree.

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#10 Posted by Neferon (269 posts) -
Look, pictures!
Look, pictures!
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#11 Posted by NTM (10379 posts) -

@gale: Wow. No, I guess I was a little too serious with my post to. I guess I don't want to know what it is in detail since I know why it happens, I just want to know what it's called. And no, actually the reason it happens when I played Uncharted 2 was because for me personally, it was kind of a sign that I was bored with the game and I'd rather focus on something more exciting. For games that bore me, it doesn't blur just an area, it blurs the whole screen. I know I said I don't know why it happens or what it is, but I was just curious for a while. Now I feel kind of stupid. It was a terrible question. I guess that's what I get for waking up and not thinking straight. How do I erase a thread? :P

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#13 Posted by fini_fly (789 posts) -
@Neferon said:
Look, pictures!
Look, pictures!
Can't seem to focus on it...
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#14 Posted by SpunkyHePanda (2128 posts) -

We developed this ability in order to properly see Magic Eyes.

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#15 Posted by Jams (3043 posts) -

@SpunkyHePanda said:

We developed this ability in order to properly see Magic Eyes.


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#16 Posted by Neferon (269 posts) -

@fini_fly said:

Can't seem to focus on it...

Hehehe, I think we all SAW that one coming! *crickets*

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#17 Posted by BlinkyTM (1057 posts) -

@Neferon said:

@fini_fly said:

Can't seem to focus on it...

Hehehe, I think we all SAW that one coming! *crickets*

I SEE what you did there.

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#18 Posted by Synaptic (313 posts) -

It's not unusual. Unfocusing your eyes isn't exactly a talent, it's just something no one talks about.

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#19 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

When I squint my eyes enough the text gets blurrier.

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#20 Edited by Still_I_Cry (2521 posts) -

@BlinkyTM said:

@Neferon said:

@fini_fly said:

Can't seem to focus on it...

Hehehe, I think we all SAW that one coming! *crickets*

I SEE what you did there.

What has been seen cannot be unseen :D ... D:

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#21 Posted by Kazzurak (395 posts) -

i can do it on purpose is that weird? also i use glasses normally (can do it both wearing glasses and without)

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#22 Posted by durailcolvin (2 posts) -

Look, I know exactly what you're talking about I don't believe that the rest of you truly understands what he means when he says "blurring his vision" he means that it goes completely fuzzy and when you look at lights from a distance they have the color of the light surrounded in a rainbow kind of like you're separating the colors? Is that what you mean? Because if so I know what you're going through I've looked and looked and I can't find any REAL answers it frustrates me. It's at will there is no specific time when it just happens for me I can do it whenever, my eyes don't just relax or slowly start to blur its instant. I don't wear glasses and I've always have 20/20 it is something completely unreal, and another thing when I do it I can hear EVERYTHING and I mean everything, sometimes even the electric buzz from an appliance that is turned off or the sizzle in a light bulb, yes everything. I need answers and I want them. I know how you feel.

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#23 Posted by TyCobb (2032 posts) -

@durailcolvin: What the hell did you search on to find this old ass thread? I really want to know how people find these random threads that are 1-4 years old and always have 1 post.

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#24 Posted by Oobir (101 posts) -

@tycobb: Google searches, usually. When you're looking up some obscure question, you'll frequently find threads on forums with strings of 1-post users spaced apart by months or years, asking the same question. It's most common in medical and tech-support questions, I've found.

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Definitely, absolutely, unquestionably cancer lupus.

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#26 Edited by unordinarily (113 posts) -

I do this when I don't want to look someone in the eye but want them to think I am.

I am strange?

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#27 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19835 posts) -

I do this when I don't want to look someone in the eye but want them to think I am.

I am strange?

Hell, that sounds like a great strategy.

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#28 Posted by joshwent (2897 posts) -

I know it might be early in the judging, but c'mon, this is clearly...


Don't let the fun die now folks. I know, with our powers combined, we can keep this going way past a burger debate or an Anita argument. We haven't even scratched the surface of this sexxxy, controversial topic of eye blurring and the ability to or not thereof.

Dig in deep,

blur dat shit.

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@joshwent: I'm amazed at how quickly that skill came back to me, having not looked at a Magic Eye in years.

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@shagge: Yep magic eye still doesn't fuckin work. What am I looking at here?

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#32 Posted by joshwent (2897 posts) -
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#33 Posted by ShaggE (8621 posts) -

@shagge: Yep magic eye still doesn't fuckin work. What am I looking at here?

Hell if I know, I can just see a 3D shape of something. :P

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#34 Edited by TrafalgarLaw (1715 posts) -

It's called non-refractory divergent, hypermetropic Graves ophthalmopathy with a relative afferent pupil defect.

Don't worry, normal people call it crossing the eyes.

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#35 Posted by CAVECOLA (2 posts) -

This is not simply crossing your eyes I've been able to do this since I was a child and I can do it while staring at myself in the mirror. I looked at that brown picture a few posts up and blurred it as well. This is very strange I've never met another person who quite understands what I'm talking about when I describe it so until now I just don't ever bring it up.

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#36 Posted by flasaltine (2512 posts) -

Old thread bumped by a person with 1 post. The theorem holds true.

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#37 Posted by DeadpanCakes (1136 posts) -

Looks like this thread is persistent.

Good thing, too, 'cause if this didn't come back up I never woulda known my vision-blurring powers aren't actually unique.

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#38 Posted by jeremy_washington_9 (2 posts) -

@ntm: pretty late for a response but I know exactly what your talking about. You can blur your eyes at any point and move around, look at other things like normal but while blurring your eyes right? It feels like the muscles in my eyes are pushing forward or flexing like I would my biceps. For me I believe it make me near sighted as everything in the distance is blurred but things about 4 inches away are clear. The only thing I've found it to be useful when I look at those pictures where it's just black and white lines and you have to shake your head to see the hidden picture I don't need to if I blur my eyes. Anyways I get you unlike most of the comments on here.

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#39 Posted by Scrawnto (2555 posts) -

Why would anyone think this was a unique ability? It's just unfocusing your eyes. I do it all the time while drawing from a figure. It helps me look at a scene as areas of light and dark instead of as three dimensional objects.

For real, though, every human with properly functioning eyes can do this. Your eye changes its focal length all the time.

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#40 Posted by super2j (2112 posts) -

I do this too, I actually started when I was a kid, it was my way of "enhancing the image" that the terminator and or Robocop did, or a sniper scope/binoculars. Good times, I have on occasion thought about it but ya, never heard anyone talk about it.

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#41 Posted by zg1 (2 posts) -

Ok people, its not the same as focusing on one thing and blurring everything else out. Its simply blurring EVERYTHING. Near and far. I was just having a convo with people who thought it was strange that I can do this and had to look it up. I have 20/20 vision too. Thats the similarity I've found in all those who have posted that they can blur everything.

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#42 Posted by armaan8014 (6231 posts) -

This is a good necro! I sometimes do this (blurring) when there's a disgusting scene in a film or something and I don't wanna turn away completely either :P

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#43 Posted by TyCobb (2032 posts) -

Holy shit. This thread is necro'd all the damn time. I count four times. WHY!!??

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#44 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5098 posts) -

@tycobb said:

Holy shit. This thread is necro'd all the damn time. I count four times. WHY!!??

It's the first result when you Google "blur your own vision".

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#45 Posted by Sinusoidal (3561 posts) -

I can't believe people think this is a thing. Anyone and everyone is capable of defocusing their eyes.

More interesting question: can anyone else vibrate their eyes back and forth very rapidly such that everything is a blurry mess bouncing left to right? I can do it, I have a couple of cousins who can do it, but otherwise I've never met anyone else who could. Not that I normally go around asking strangers if they can vibrate their eyes back and forth...

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#46 Posted by ch3burashka (6087 posts) -

Are you talking about adjusting your focus?

You shouldn't make forum threads when tripping balls...

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#47 Posted by SgtSphynx (2510 posts) -

Holy shit, like fucking clockwork with the necros. Also that magic eye picture says China Don't Care.

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#48 Posted by joshwent (2897 posts) -

Oh, cool. I'd forgotten I made that sweet magic eye image for this thread. Necro-mantic!

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#49 Posted by 8TeKeNt3 (3 posts) -

Hello internet, google brought me here. I was curious why I would have a skill of blurring my eyes. It's not like crossing your eyes I see it like unfocusing but who knows how to explain how to do it. Funny I think of it like eagle vision but of course by ubfocusing its only blurry. 20/20 vision left eye is 20/15 lol learned at Meps and color deficiant. Maybe just a useless skill to do.

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#50 Posted by TheHT (14894 posts) -

@BlinkyTM said:

@Neferon said:

@fini_fly said:

Can't seem to focus on it...

Hehehe, I think we all SAW that one coming! *crickets*

I SEE what you did there.

What has been seen cannot be unseen :D ... D:

You guys are so cornea.