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Lately I've been ramping up my blog for the upcoming world cup, and was interested in buying the domain. These days blogger/Google doesn't let you buy the domain through them anymore (a couple of years ago I bought a different domain super easily for about 10$ a year), so I have to figure out where to buy a domain. I would very much like to continue using Blogger's platform to write/publish my posts, and I'm not completely sure how to do that. Does anyone have any recommendations? Do you use a particular domain registrar?

Google's support provides this quick list:

I'm completely clueless in regards to this, and my first impulse would be to use GoDaddy just because I've heard the name before and they seem to be running a pretty slick operation. I'll still give it a few days before deciding anything, and any advice/insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Name cheap is usually considered the best of the bunch these days. Once you've purchased the domain you'll just need to point the DNS over. Google will give you some A records to point to. You'll do this at namecheap.

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The whole process should take no more than 10 minutes after you've bought the domain and as long as you follow the instructions on this page it should be easy. https://support.google.com/blogger/troubleshooter/1233381?hl=en#ts=1734115

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@snide: Hmm, do you know if Name Cheap also provides custom emails that match your site's domain (not necessary, but they'd be cool to have)?

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I've heard that hover.com is good

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This seems like the most random place for Dave to randomly comment, but what the hell do I know. Its randomness like this that make Hardcore Dave my hero.