Best way to enjoy coffee???

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#52 Posted by wollywoo (302 posts) -

Light roast, black, very early in the morning, with the heat on high while staring out the window into a rainy vista, with a good book and/or some music.

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#53 Posted by jondan (140 posts) -

Through an AeroPress, two brown sugars, some milk (evaporated is best 🤤) and yeah, like @wollywoo just before me, nice and early in the morning.

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I drank some through a Tim Tam once. That was pretty wild.

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At home it's usually a strong cup of regular black coffe from our Moccamaster, preferrably using freshly ground beans, while enjoying the day's first hit of nicotine. Having your own grinder really makes a world of difference. When I am out and about I tend to think most regular cups of coffee tastes crap by comparison so I'll usually go for a Cappuccino or Latte at that point. Maybe with some cinnamon or cardamom on top.

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My suggestion?


I respect people who have their own choices, but i don't respect people who say other's choices are wrong. I like some cream in mine. Little splenda. Straight black is to bitter to me.

Try different ways to make it. French Press gives you oil, which really makes the same bean different from a drip or aeropress or something. If youve got an Ikea near you they sell big and little presses for DIRT cheap (unlike the bodums you get at a target/department store that are 50 bucks for the 2 cents of chrome they stick on it).

Try fruity blends. Try chocolate tinged. Try dark, try light. Try cold brew. Try iced. Half the fun of coffee is just figuring out what you like!

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#58 Posted by geirr (3796 posts) -

I quit coffee some years ago - my tummy didn't want it anymore. :C

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I'm in my 30s and have never had a single cup of coffee.

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Aeropress or Chemex, no sugar (and good beans of course).

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Greek/Turkish style. Sketo (black with no sugar) with a nice kaimaki (foam) on top.